Nokia R10 upcoming Android phone in 2018

Nokia upcoming concert android phone 2017 Nokia already comeback in 2017 with Nokia 6 but this time company change his old policy and doing something innovative or new for increase company's brand again. Nokia also adopt Android operating because of time demand or don't repeat his mistakes. According to the rumors Nokia working on The Next flagship smartphone series - R series. We also inform you that the first phone of this series will be Nokia R10. We show you first look of the upcoming Nokia smartphone.

Nokia 11(Express music) upcoming smartphone

Few years ago Nokia stopped production of new smartphone because of facing vast fineness loss. But 2017 come with the good news for Nokia fan. Company launch a premium phone the Nokia 6 with grand event at CES 2017. Sill Nokia has millions of fans world wide and waiting for Nokia comeback. In 2017 or 2018 company also unveil many flagship device of R series.

Specifications of Upcoming Nokia R10

Nokia r10 upcoming Android concept smartphone 2017-18

According to news source the Nokia R10 will be comes with a 5.5 inch 4K display with advance color generator technology. It powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 840 CPU with 8 GB of RAM. Nokia R10 will be featured 24 MP rear camera. If you know Nokia was the company which first time used Wireless charging and According to latest rumors Nokia do innovative with battery.

Nokia R10 price

  • Nokia Phone price in in USA- 489$
  • Nokia phone price in India - 49,999 Rs
  • Nokia phone price in pakistan - 48,599 Rs
  • Nokia phone price in bangladesh- 51,099 Rs
  • nokia phone price in UK - 450€

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