Best Currency Converter Apps for Android to Quick Currency exchange

best free currency converter app for android

Position of a country’s currency is up or down frequently and You already know that every country’s currency is compare with dollar(US$ official currency of the United States), but we don’t need to learn this economic methodology. there are lots of currency converter apps available for Android’s Phone that allows you the real time currency conversion with exact accuracy and it will be update exchange rate information time to time.

The currency conversion apps are very beneficial for tourist and the people who has to travel a lot in abroad country. But if you making a deal, foreign transactions, hotel room bill or paying travel expenses then you need a currency conversion calculator app. This app also useful in Money exchange booths because it is critical to learn all nations currency value.

best currency converter app android

You know that making money is very difficult and we have also heard it – “If the matter of money then you should think twice” Which means that when we are buying or selling goods to a foreign customer, then we should be very careful. But it is very difficult to memorizing every currency exchange rate. Do not worry, various best currency converter apps are available for free for android smartphones, which makes currency conversion easier & quicker than before.

Best Android apps for Quick Currency Conversion – 2020

1) Currency Converter

As its name suggests, this is a Free simple currency converter app for android users. App’s interface is as friendly as possible to understand. In this app you will not get any currency that can not make this Convert, It has many helping tool for tourists and travelers.
If you are traveling to a place where the internet connection is not available, do not worry, it does not need an internet connection to calculate the exchange rate, which is the best feature of this currency app.

Download : Currency Converter(free)

2) XE Currency Pro

XE is another best currency Convert app available on Google’s appstore. With this app you can convert each country currency to other country’s currency. This money converter application’s interface is easy to use and It is Free from Annoying ads. the app offers proprietary rates, charts, and even stores and precious metals updated rates. we also informed you, the XE currency is an One of the best website to exchange currency rates. Results of the app depends on accuracy with truthful information. It also allows you to Add a widget to your smartphone’s home screen.

Download : XE currency converter

3) Easy Currency Converter

The Easy Currency Converter App is a powerful package for interchange currency of more than 180 country with live exchange rates. This app also run on Offline mode and provide a Historic graphs of currency fluctuations. Another great feature of Easy Currency app is that You can Convert multiple currencies at once place. This is an ideal app for Merchant and business man who travel from one country another.

Download : Easy Currency Converter (free)

4) All Currency Converter

This is an another Currency exchange app with more than 151 of currency exchange rates. It show you the results with nice graphics themes and give you the ability to change the background theme. This app not only runs on the latest Android Oreo but also Gingerbread, which is one of the oldest versions of Android. Overall all it is great app for tourists and people trading in foreign currencies.

Download : All Currency Converter

5) Forex Currency Rates

Forex Currency Rates is an ultimate app available on Android’s AppStore that quickly convert currency. It offers correct result of currency conversion with detailed comprehensive data. The Forex currency app is ideal for international traders because it supporting all major global currencies. This app also provide premium metals rate & excellent for major metals such as Gold, Silver and more.

Download : Forex Currency Rates

6) Currency FX Exchange Rates

The currency FX exchange is one of the best app that provide the Live currency exchange rates for more than 150 world currencies with 5 luxury metals. This app comes with simple and clear user Interface. Its Offline mode feature to allow currency conversion without internet connection. News section keep you upto-date with the latest currency updates.

Download : Currency FX Exchange Rates

Best Unit Converter app for Android

1) Unit Converter

The unit converter is the complete solution of all types unit reciprocation. This app comes with 4 category of essential unit sets for your daily life uses. Unit converter tool allow you to convert Currency rates but also length, area, weight, temperature, time, speed, pressure, force, work (energy), power, torque, flow, current, voltage, density, viscosity, concentration, angle, data, fuel efficiency, cooking, illuminance, radiation, prefix, binary, time zone and more. So it is helpful in education as well as the professional purpose.

Download : Unit Converter

2) Travel Calculator

The travel calculator is a great app for travelers, it convert currency with realtime and support more than 100 currencies. it works without internet connection and you can Update anytime, just small bandwidth of internet connection. If you plans to visit different country that we are recommended this app to download on your smartphone.

Download : Travel Calculator

Recommend Financial Support App for Android

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