Samsung Galaxy X specification with Price in USA, India (New 2018)

Samsung Galaxy x price, specification

Samsung is one of the best company which innovate the smartphone world. Samsung reveal two flagship phone every year with revolutionary features. After launching the iPhone X, there are many rumors come from different sources and according to these rumours Samsung is working on foldable smartphones flagship device that would be Galaxy X. Now it seems that we are closer to the Samsung X than before because the new leaks suggest that the Galaxy X will appear in 2018. This phone will be the rival of iPhone X.

Samsung is taking this device seriously and will try to change the entire smartphone scenario. We are inspired by the dedication of Samsung to the Galaxy X device and we have created a realistic design of the Galaxy X phone based on the information from the leaks.

Samsung Galaxy X Price specifications, concept

Samsung galaxy x Price and features

Samsung Galaxy X Design

As you can see, we have conceptualized a foldable phone with three separate Screens. The first one is a 6.4-inch ultra HD display that works on a folded mode and in this mode the user can easily use the Samsung Galaxy X as a normal smartphone. The second & 3rd both are 6.5 inch QHD display that can be revealed on unfolding it, and use the Galaxy X as a Laptop. You can unfold it at 360 degrees on laptop mode, it has a fully functional keypad which helps the smartphone to behave like a proper laptop and provides a complete laptop experience. When you turn on the laptop mode of Samsung Galaxy X which is runs on light version of windows 10 then the whole UI is changed into Samsung Dex.

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    Samsung Galaxy X Specification

    Taking about the specification of This Samsung Galaxy X will features 6.4 inch ultra HD super AMOLED display and two foldable 6.5 inch QHD display both protected by gorilla glass. The Concept of Samsung Galaxy will comes with 12MP + 16MP dual rear camera setup with super slow motion video capture ability and f/1.5 + f/2.4 dual aperture, while the rear camera work as a front-facing camera for great selfies(How it works You can see in the video below). The Galaxy X will be powered by Exynos 9820 chipset paired with 8GB of RAM.

    Galaxy X Key Specifications

  • display- 6.4 inches & 6.5 inche dual curved display
  • Processor- Exynos 9820 CPU
  • RAM- 8GB DDR4
  • Camera- (16MP+12MP) rear
  • Battery- 3500mAh
  • storage- 256GB

  • Samsung Galaxy X expected price list

  • Galaxy X Price in USA- $890
  • Galaxy X price in UK- £879
  • Galaxy X price in India- Rs 85,999
  • Samsung Galaxy X introduction video

    Xiaomi Mi7 New Design with Specification and Price (2018 Concept)

    Xiaomi Mi7 concept with price

    Xiaomi Mi7 Plus price specification

    There is No doubt that Xiaomi has created many great smartphone with amazing design, example is Mi mix 3, but the design of Xiaomi Mi6 has been disappointing for those MI fans, who were expecting huge screen phone with less bezels.
    In 2018 other smartphone brands are implementing full-view display with optimized screen-to-body ratio. But with optimistic outlook, we expect that Xiaomi will return in 2018 with a magnificent change in its flagship MI7 design. So here we have created a realistic concept of the xiaomi Mi7 that is inspired by iPhone X, as you could see it has a notch at the top of the display with very thin bezels.

    Xiaomi Mi7 specification, price

    Xiaomi Mi7 specification and price

    Xiaomi Mi7 specification

    As far as the specifications are concerned our xiaomi mi7 has 6.3 inch AMOLED display with QHD resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. The Mi 7 Phone will be powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 850 CPU paired with 8GB of RAM. Talking about camera department, it is confirmed that Mi7 comes with a dual rear camera at the back. This xiaomi phone will comes with (16MP + 13MP) dual rear camera at the back side and 13MP front facing camera.

    The Mi7 phone will be featured a large 4050mAh battery with fast charge technology. it is expected that Xiaomi Mi7 is going to has wireless charging. This xiaomi smartphone will run on MIUI 10 and Xiaomi's software developers have to add many outstanding features to make this amazing.

    Xiaomi Mi7 specifications

  • Display- 6.3 inch QHD super AMOLED
  • Processor- snapdragon 850 processor
  • RAM- 8GB DDR4
  • Camera Rear- 16MP + 13MP dual camera
  • Camera front - 13 Megapixel
  • Battery- 4000 mAh large battery
  • 3D Fingerprint sensor
  • Storage - 256GB internal memory
  • OS - MIUI 10 based on Android 9.0

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  • Xiaomi Mi7 price

    Xiaomi's price strategy is very aggressive in budget segments but story is different in premium range phone. The company will decide the price of the Xiamei i7 phone by keeping its rival oneplus in mind. The expected price of xiaomi Mi7 is 3250 yuan and 419 dollars in China and international market respectively.

    Xiaomi Mi7 expected price

  • Expected price of mi7 price in China- Rs 32
  • Expected price of Mi7 price in USA - $419
  • Expected price of Mi7 price in UK- 399 pounds
  • Expected price of xiaomi mi7 price in India - Rs 35,999

  • Xiaomi Mi7 release date

    However, xiaomi mi7's launch date has not been confirmed by the company. According to latest leaked information, company will be launch Mi7 in the end of June 2018. We are hoping that xiaomi could be enter into US smartphone market with Xiaomi Mi7.

    xiaomi mi7 introduction video

    xiaomi mi7 specification, release date, price in USA & India

    Xiaomi Mi7 feature, release date, price

    Xiaomi is a big Brand in China now expanding business with this device and today become the fourth largest leading brand of Android smartphone producer today. Xiaomi jump in every field of electronic devices like - Xiaomi laptop, flagship smartphone(Mi6), Xiaomi LED TV and drone. Now company is working on his next flagship device that is Mi7.

    Xiaomi Mi7 with MIUI9

    According to rumors, Xiaomi will be launch Mi7 in the end of May 2018 and hope This time company give some extraordinary feature in the mi7 device. Recently news comes that company did a pact with a IT(software developer) based company and also take action for improving MIUI 10 custom user interface.

    Xiaomi Mi7 specification, release date, price

    Xiaomi Mi7 feature

    Xiaomi will feature a full metallic body for premium look, where company also launch a high-end Ceramic version. Another feature is confirmed that xiaomi mi7 comes with a dual rear camera at the back. The mi7 phone comes many amazing features such as latest snapdragon 850 ultra fast processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM for fastest multitasking and 5.9 inch 4k display with gorilla glass protection 6 protection at the top. it is expected that Xiaomi Mi7 is going to has 21 Megapixel dual rear camera and 16 Megapixel front facing camera.

    the mi7 phone will come with 4050mAh battery capacity with Qualcomm fast charge 5 technology and jointly integrated wireless charging, which is you get 70% of your phone charged in less than 50minutes. A new report shows that Xiaomi could deliver a fingerprint sensor under its screen and then Mi7 will look more beautiful.

    Xiaomi Mi7 specifications

  • Display- 5.9 inch 4K super AMOLED
  • Processor- snapdragon 850 processor
  • RAM- 8GB DDR5
  • Camera Rear- 21MP dual camera
  • Camera front - 16 Megapixel
  • Battery- 4050 mAh large battery
  • metallic or Ceramic body
  • 3D Fingerprint sensor
  • Storage - 256GB internal memory
  • OS - MIUI9 based on Android 8.0

  • Xiaomi Mi7 price

    The company's top marketing executive will be sell the Xiaomi Mi7 with the price tag of Rs 42,000 in India, and USD $499 in international markets.

    Xiaomi Mi7 price, specification

    Xiaomi Mi7 price index

  • Expected price of xiaomi Mi7 price in USA - $499
  • Expected price of xiaomi Mi7 price in UK- 420 pounds
  • Expected Price of xiaomi Mi7 price in sir Lanka - Rs 42,999
  • Expected price of xiaomi mi7 price in India - Rs 42,000

  • Xiaomi Mi7 release date

    The Xiaomi Mi7 will be Launching soon in India on Flipkart, Amazon, but firstly launch in China and then launch international markets such as USA, Japan, united Kingdom. However, xiaomi mi7's launch date has not been confirmed by the company, but the expected launch date is the end of the month of May.

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    we hope that you have successfully understood about the Upcoming xiaomi Mi7 2018, Friends I'm also waiting for Xiaomi next flagship Mi7 for what significant changes do in Mi7 and hope Xiaomi Mi7 will be the best phone in 2018 because of its great design and Xiaomi also think about phone price, that can be easily afforded by the customers. When Xiaomi Mi7 officially launched we will compare with xiaomi mi6 mobile.

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    How to improve fingerprint sensor accuracy and speed

    these days fingerprint sensor is very popular biometric technology for security purposes. it appears in every mid-range smartphone and few budget phone like- Samsung Galaxy nxt and Moto G5. If your smartphone's fingerprint sensor doesn't work, or slow speed of fingerprint sensor then we collect three useful tips for you. These tips help you to improve fingerprint sensor accuracy and fix slow speed problem.

    best way to increase fingerprint sensor speed

    how to improve fingerprint sensor speed

    1: Clean your smartphone surface

    This is one of the major cause of slow speed of fingerprint sensor. When the dust sticks to the surface of a smartphone, then the dust sticks to the fingerprint sensor through your hand oil, so that the fingerprint sensor can not read your fingerprint properly and decrease the speed of your fingerprint sensor.

    This problem worsens even more when the fingerprint sensor come in the back side of the phone. Because when you keep your phone in a dusted place, the dust sticks easily on the fingerprint sensor.

    2: Scan the Same Finger Multiple Times

    increase fingerprint sensor speed

    This tips actually helps you when you get the "No Match" message while trying to unlock the phone. If you scan the same finger two or more time then you would probably never get this problem again. These days all smartphone support more than four fingerprints, then you can scan both hands fingers twice and that would also work. with this method you will also notice that the unlocking speed of fingerprint scanner will be increased extremely.

    3: position of thumb on fingerprint sensor

    right methodology of fingerprint sensor

    Every device works fine if and only if your methodology is correct. Smartphone's fingerprint scanner size is slightly smaller and is almost the same as the size of your thumb. The phone's scanner works only on a specific area, In other words, if you touch the finger in the right place, then the function of your smartphone's fingerprint sensor will be ideal. With the help of graphic image, we show both correct and wrong ways for fingerprint sensor.


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  • If you follow the right technique then you can unlock your smartphone at once and there will not be any trouble related to fingerprint sensor.

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 specification, release date, price in India

    xiaomi mi mix 3 price and specification

    If we think of the Xiaomi Mi Mix phone, the first thing that comes to our mind is the concept of full view display phone. MI mixing device has made a new standard for smartphone design, and the upper body frame of this phone is completely disappear, which is unique and attractive. Xiaomi has remarkable improvements on the design of Mi Mix 2 in terms of "screen from body ratio".
    Now the design of the xiaomi Mi mix device has inspired us to imagine what would the third generation mi mix 3 would look like, and we created new mi mix 3 concept which is more beautiful compare to the previous mi mix phone. the concept comes with improve design and better screen to body ratio.

    Xiaomi mi max 3 specifications

    Talking about the specification the Screen of xiaomi mi mix 3 come with a size of 6.4 QHD inches with the protected by Gorilla Glass 6 and improved 95% screen to body ratio. This phone will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset paired with 6/8GB RAM. the Mi Mix 3 features 16MP + 13MP dual camera setup with F/1.9 & OIS at back side while the front camera will be 8MP at the bottom bezel. Mi mix 3’s Battery would be 4500mAh with fast charging technology.


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  • xiaomi mi mix 3 price and concept

    xiaomi mi mix 3 price, features

    Xiaomi mi max 3 feature

  • display- 6.4 inches QHD screen
  • Processor- snapdragon 845
  • RAM- 6/8GB DDR4
  • Camera- (16MP+13MP) rear/ 8MP front
  • Battery- 4500mAh
  • storage- 128GB

  • Xiaomi mi mix 3 price

    Xiaomi always launched his smartphone on very aggressive price to rule on budget smartphone market. I hope the company will reduce its price as much as possible. The expected price of mi mix 3 in some countries are given below.

    Mi mix 3 price list

  • price in India- Rs 34,999
  • Price in Pakistan- Rs 35,999
  • price in Bangladeshi- 43,344 BDT

  • Xiaomi mi mi3 introduction video

    Best Currency converter apps for android - to quick currency exchange (2018)

    best free currency converter app for android

    Position of a country's currency is up or down frequently and You already know that every country's currency is compare with dollar(US$ official currency of theUnited States), but we don't need to learn this economic methodology. there are lots of currency converter apps available for Android's Phone that allows you the real time currency conversion with exact accuracy and it will be update exchange rate information time to time.

    The currency conversion apps are very beneficial for tourist and the people who has to travel a lot in abroad country. But if you making a deal, foreign transactions, hotel room bill or paying travel expenses then you need a currency conversion calculator app. This app also useful in Money exchange booths because it is critical to learn all nations currency value.

    best currency converter app android

    You know that making money is very difficult and we have also heard it - "If the matter of money then you should think twice" Which means that when we are buying or selling goods to a foreign customer, then we should be very careful. But it is very difficult to memorizing every currency exchange rate. Do not worry, various best currency converter apps are available for free for android smartphones, which makes currency conversion easier & quicker than before.

    best Android apps for Quick currency conversion

    Currency Converter

    As its name suggests, this is a Free simple currency converter app for android users. App's interface is as friendly as possible to understand. In this app you will not get any currency that can not make this Convert, It has many helping tool for tourists and travelers.
    If you are traveling to a place where the internet connection is not available, do not worry, it does not need an internet connection to calculate the exchange rate, which is the best feature of this currency app.

    Download : Currency Converter(free)

    XE Currency Pro

    XE is another best currency Convert app available on Google's appstore. With this app you can convert each country currency to other country's currency. This money converter application's interface is easy to use and It is Free from Annoying ads. the app offers proprietary rates, charts, and even stores and precious metals updated rates. we also informed you, the XE currency is an One of the best website to exchange currency rates. Results of the app depends on accuracy with truthful information. It also allows you to Add a widget to your smartphone's home screen.

    Download : XE currency converter

    Easy Currency Converter

    The Easy Currency Converter App is a powerful package for interchange currency of more than 180 country with live exchange rates. This app also run on Offline mode and provide a Historic graphs of currency fluctuations. Another great feature of Easy Currency app is that You can Convert multiple currencies at once place. This is an ideal app for Merchant and business man who travel from one country another.

    Download : Easy Currency Converter (free)

    All Currency Converter

    This is an another Currency exchange app with more than 151 of currency exchange rates. It show you the results with nice graphics themes and give you the ability to change the background theme. This app not only runs on the latest Android Oreo but also Gingerbread, which is one of the oldest versions of Android. Overall all it is great app for tourists and people trading in foreign currencies.

    Download : All Currency Converter

    Forex Currency Rates

    Forex Currency Rates is an ultimate app available on Android's AppStore that quickly convert currency. It offers correct result of currency conversion with detailed comprehensive data. The Forex currency app is ideal for international traders because it supporting all major global currencies. This app also provide premium metals rate & excellent for major metals such as Gold, Silver and more.

    Download : Forex Currency Rates

    Currency FX Exchange Rates

    The currency FX exchange is one of the best app that provide the Live currency exchange rates for more than 150 world currencies with 5 luxury metals. This app comes with simple and clear user Interface. Its Offline mode feature to allow currency conversion without internet connection. News section keep you upto-date with the latest currency updates.

    Download : Currency FX Exchange Rates

    best Unit Converter app for android

    Unit Converter

    The unit converter is the complete solution of all types unit reciprocation. This app comes with 4 category of essential unit sets for your daily life uses. Unit converter tool allow you to convert Currency rates but also length, area, weight, temperature, time, speed, pressure, force, work (energy), power, torque, flow, current, voltage, density, viscosity, concentration, angle, data, fuel efficiency, cooking, illuminance, radiation, prefix, binary, time zone and more. So it is helpful in education as well as the professional purpose.

    Download : Unit Converter

    Travel Calculator

    The travel calculator is a great app for travelers, it convert currency with realtime and support more than 100 currencies. it works without internet connection and you can Update anytime, just small bandwidth of internet connection. If you plans to visit different country that we are recommended this app to download on your smartphone.

    Download : Travel Calculator

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    Do you know any other best currency converter app? Must share with us using the comment box below.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept with Price and specifications

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept smartphone

    Samsung is one of biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world and every year with innovative features a new Galaxy Note device is reveale. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 proof that Samsung is still leader of flagship smartphone market. There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 8 has been a great success for Samsung, we are inspired by this great success of Note 8 and imagine ​​a concept of Galaxy Note 9 that would be explain the next generation note, What would the Galaxy Note 9 look like, and how the future phones will be.

    All smartphone company minimise screen-border in their flagship phone models, We also put "button-free, bezel-free infinity displays" in the Galaxy Note 9 concept with 96% screen to body ratio and As much as possible has improved the design of mobile. we also added the fingerprint sensor under its screen, which is the next big thing in smartphone evolution and Samsung is working on giving this phenomenal feature to the next Galaxy Note 9. We also expect to see the face recognition feature as an additional safety feature and that can be used to unlock the phone. It will take smartphone security to the next level.

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  • Galaxy Note 9 Specification

    Taking about the specification of This Samsung Note 9 concept features a large 6.4 inches with Ultra HD dual curved display. This concept phone comes with dual camera setup on the back with both lenses sporting 12MP sensors. while the front-facing camera features two 8MP + 8MP sensor for great selfies. The rear camera sports new dual aperture(F1.5/F2.4) technology for capturing amazing pictures in low light and Excess of light. The note 9 concept will be powered by Snapdragon 850 chipset paired with 8GB/10GB of RAM.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 specifications, concept

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept Price


  • DISPLAYS- 6.4 inches dual curved display
  • PROCESSOR- snapdragon 850 CPU
  • RAM- 8GB/10GB DDR4
  • CAMERAS- (12MP+12MP) rear/(8MP+8MP) front
  • BATTERY- 3500mAh
  • STORAGE- 256GB

  • Samsung Note 9 price list

  • Note 9 Expected Price in USA- $730
  • Note 9 Expected price in UK- £749
  • Note 9 Expected price in India- Rs 69,999
  • Samsung Note 9 introduction