benefits of Samsung Phones

What are the benefits of Samsung Phones?

Samsung is a very well-known electronic company, which is a leading in the production of smartphones, along with it is also the top in other electronic products, then the question arises that how Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone is different from other brands and What are the benefits of a Samsung phone?

The Android operating system is the most popular OS in the world, due to which most manufacturers make smartphones based on Android, in this series, Samsung also unveils phones based on Android like other brands and then it becomes difficult to know How is Samsung different from other companies and what can be the advantages of Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Note : Samsung launched its first android smartphone in the year 2009 while the company developed its own mobile operating system Tizen, based on it a different Z-series devices unveiled, which is now officially discontinued.

How is Samsung’s phone different from other brands?

The difference between Samsung and other companies is in some way and on many levels. Where other companies depend on other from the hardware components and software of their smartphones, in which some hardware parts are produced by Samsung, although South Korean tech giant Samsung itself produces most of the components used in its Galaxy phones. Another major difference is the brand value in which Samsung ranks among the best companies in the world, which gives it a lot of credibility, while Chinese companies have been accused of spying in phones for a long time.

 5 Benefits of a Samsung Phones?

1. Better After sales service

Companies do not pay attention to their mobiles after selling them, in which Chinese companies are the top ones who sell their devices through online e-commerce platform and after that the consumer does not get any proper solution for the service. Whereas Samsung is known for the after sales service of its smartphones.

Samsung provides a service center close to home for its consumers, where you will get a good experience of phone service as well as updates received on the phone are also given from time to time.

2. Ground-Breaking Hardware

Samsung installs an advanced quality hardware in its smartphones. As we mentioned above, most of which are manufactured by itself, using quality and up to date technology, the main components of which are made by Samsung – Display, Battery, Memory Chip, RAM, Camera Sensor etc. This is where Samsung uses Exynos processor for its Galaxy devices, which is produced and developed in-house.

3. Best cutting-edge Technology

Samsung launches its smartphones in all ranges in which the A-series, M-series and F-series comes in the budget category, while the S-series and the foldable Z-series come in the premium flagships. The company uses cutting edge technology in its flagship devices which is another One step ahead of others.

In which the tech giant proved that they are at the forefront of innovation after launched the world’s first foldable with a tablet size foldable display that can fold and then fit in pocket. including other premium features such as IP68 water proofing, wireless charging and wireless power sharing.

4. Advanced Protection

Other Android devices rely only on the security provided by Android, although some extra security layer is installed by Samsung itself so that the user’s data can be saved. It uses Knox Security in its Galaxy device which provides hardware level protection to your all-important data so that your personal and important data like fingerprint, PIN code etc are stored at the chip level.

5. Find My Mobile service

Another advantage on Galaxy devices is that here you get the Find My Mobile service so that you can find your Galaxy phone in case of theft, for which you need to have a Samsung account login in your mobile. It also provides other facility when it is not possible to unlock the smartphone by forgetting the password or PIN code of the phone, in this case you can unlock any Galaxy device using the Find My Mobile service.

6. AMOLED display

The Samsung Galaxy devices comes comes with a super AMOLED display, AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode, a type of OLED panel that comes with advantage such as High contrast ratio, Lower power consumption when compared against other display technology. an AMOLED display are brighter and more vivid than the pictures displayed on typical IPS and TN panels.

There are other small benefits as well, including, Samsung Health, App Store, Secure folder, and Samsung DeX which lets you easily show the phone’s files on a smart TV, monitor and pairing a keyboard and mouse.

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