SDifference between Samsung F series and M series

Samsung Galaxy M vs F series | Difference between Samsung F series and M series

If you are thinking of getting a budget smartphone of Samsung Brand and are confused that what is the difference between Samsung Galaxy F-series and Galaxy M-series then here can be the right place for you.

Samsung manufactures phones from entry-level to high-end class, mainly the company has classified its smartphones into three categories, which include keypad mobile, budget, and flagships. South Korean tech giant has created a sub-category in budget smartphones through these series. the main objective behind for this to compete with Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi Oppo and Vivo, also provide more options to its customers.

Samsung Galaxy F-series :- Samsung debuted its first F series phones in early 2020. This line-up is mainly made keeping India in mind, which will be sold through e-commerce platform only.The series is now starts at a price point of Rs 8,999 (around $120). According to the Samsung, its M series and F series have been coexisting and growing simultaneously.

it have full working knox security and complete One UI version support just like A series devices. Whether it is the technology of the display or the quality of the camera it has been about best experience. it also features a great design and style.

Samsung Galaxy M series :- The M series was launched by the company a few years back and it has gained a lot of fame in such a short span of time. It is a battery center series which provides a big battery and all other great features in the phone at an affordable price. this lineup offers a great display, camera performance, and built quality.

The Samsung Galaxy m series does not support the full version of One UI nor does it fully work with Knox security. It is also a price difference between the two lineup where the M series phones are slightly cheaper than the F-series. Although both are sold online by the company.

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