Difference between Samsung A series and F series

Samsung Galaxy F series vs A series | Difference between Samsung A and F series

Samsung is a tech giant of South Korea that produces entry-level to high-end smartphones and has a range of phones categories including basic phones (keypad mobile), budget phones and high-end flagship devices. If you are thinking of getting a mid-range smartphone from Samsung, then you must be confused like others, what is the difference between Galaxy A series and f-series and Which is better A series and F series?

As we have mentioned above that both fall under the affordable category and if you don’t look closely then you will find them to be the same though there is some difference between the company’s A series and F series which you can get below. However, the main objective behind creating all this subcategory by the Samsung has been to strengthen its hold in the affordable smartphone sector and to compete with Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Oppo etc.

Samsung Galaxy A-serise :- The biggest difference between these two is some of their features, which you will get to see only in Galaxy A series smartphones, in which 5G connectivity and IP67 are the main ones. It offers a great camera performance. Also, there can be some variation in the design as well, in which the Galaxy F-series lags behind, although not all A-series smartphones have these specifications and many of its phones are available with less range facility.

Samsung Galaxy F-series :- On the other hand, if you look at the f-series, it seems that this series has been made keeping in mind the people of India. Under the F-series phones, the South Korean tech giant has recently launched some new smartphones that offer good camera outcome and have great battery and display performance.

an additional, Fingerprint sensor has been given in both lineup but one main difference is their position, where in-display fingerprint sensor has been used in the a series, while till now the company has given a side mounted fingerprint sensor in the f-series, although the future I can also use the fingerprint sensor by Brand.

Although there are many similarities such as both have a stable version of One UI, and support Samsung Pay, when it comes to hardware, both have good cameras, large battery capacity and high resolution display.

In the end, if we come to the result of comparison, then A series is somewhat better than F-series but it is not so easy to say because everyone’s requirement is different, someone needs a bigger battery, then someone needs a bigger display, so now You can decide through this article which series is better for you as per your requirement.

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