Difference between flagship smartphone camera and budget phone camera

Budget vs Flagship Phone Camera : factors for the difference in image quality between the both

In today’s time, a budget smartphone is being given all the specifications that you want, there is a lot of competition among the smartphone manufacturers, due to which many great features are being given in the budget segment as well. The purpose of your coming here is to know what is the difference between a camera setup in a budget smartphone and a camera setup in a flagship device, you are at the right place.

You will get a lot of information through the Internet, in which many articles are available on “best camera smartphones or best budget phones with good camera” which are made for the purpose of selling camera centric smartphones, here you can know that What is the difference between the camera configurations provided by the company in its budget and flagship.

Camera configuration in Budget Smartphone

Many Chinese smartphone manufacturers as well as top-of-the-line brands are offering a good triple or quad camera setup on the rear in android smartphone carriers under $150 that includes a primary sensor, an ultra-wide sensor, a depth sensor, and a macro sensor. In this arrangement of camera sensors, it is not always necessary that this lens should be given a bunch, the tech giant can also change it.

All camera lenses are made for a specific task and they work according to that property such as When a depth lens is used it helps to achieve depth of field, determining how much of the image is acceptably clear and how much remains blurred.

Camera configuration in Premium Flagship Smartphone

The flagship smartphones features a quad-camera cluster on the back including a main camera sensor, a periscope lens, telephoto lens, and a ultrawide lens. All this on paper would seem similar to the camera specifications of a midrange phone, but with a lot of improvements, extra hardware support is provided so that the camera quality can be improved.

Difference between Flagship Phone and Budget Phone camera

Talking about the main point, some special features are inserted inside the high-end device, such as optical image stabilization for recording stable videos and photos, which provides stable photos even when the phone is slightly shaken. Another major difference between a budget camera and a flagship smartphone camera is the size of the camera sensor, while the flagship phones has a larger camera sensor size so that more light can hit the phone camera’s sensor and a better detailed picture can be obtained.


The above mentioned periscope sensor which is helpful for zooming in on far away objects is being given only in premium segment smartphones. A periscope lens is a system that uses a series of prisms and lenses to increase the optical zoom capabilities of a smartphone without bulking up the device.


There is also a difference in the lens protector of both, in a budget Android smartphone, the use of simple lens protector glass is given on its real camera setup, which does not remain clear as before after a year, scratches start emerging in it. While premium smartphones use highly scratch resistance glass such as Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass to protect the rear camera setup. These glasses are very tough so that they do not appear scratched or tarnished even after years of use.