How To Take Perfect Selfie

Today Selfie is most popular in his life. every one take a selfie and upload it on social media. we wants looking beautiful and fancy in selfie.
5 poses and tips for perfect selfie. 

How to take a perfect selfie

perfect selfie

  • Use smartphone camera Timer – if your smartphone do not support blink feature , you can turn on
    camer timer and take a beautiful and perfect selfie without any
  • noise.

  • Camera Position -holding your camera at a higher angle. this tip is perfect in group selfie

  • Make a distance from your camera – when click a selfie make distance from your phone camera because
    when you click a selfie from very close to your face, you look ugly.
  • perfect selfie art

  • Do not take selfie in extrem sun light – Do not take selfie in extrem sun light because when you take a selfie
    in extrem light your eyes are blink and your face expression is change.

  • Use selfie stick – selfie stick is help in taking large group selfie.
  • take perfect selfie

  • selfie with safety (selfie death) – In year 2015 , more people have been killed taking selfie so play safe.
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