Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for Android Phones 2019

best android alarm app

A decade ago, the physical alarm clock was very useful, who slept long time at morning. But now the alarm clock has been replaced by the smartphone alarm app and it helps to wake up before sunrise. Sometimes, the Stock Alarm Clock app does not have all the features and you need something better. We have shortlisted the best Android Alarm app for them, which always wakes up late.

After a restful night of sleep, everyone wants to wake up at right time. you’ve come to the right place if you always oversleeping at the morning or searching an amazing alarm clock App.

Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

1. Alarm Clock Xtreme

best alarm clock App

Alarm Clock Extreme is one of the most popular apps available on Google store. This app loaded with lot more features such as Random song alarm, Auto-snooze, snooze button customization and inbuilt timer. It is the most trusted app because it developed by AVG, The alarm Xtreme app comes with Sleep Tracker tool which monitors your sleep cycle and also Analyzes your sleep behavior. If you prefer to use the app without annoying ads, upgrade to Alarm Clock Xtreme Pro version.

Download: Alarm Clock Xtreme

2. Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

best free alarm app for Android

It is the best alarm clock app for Android users. The app helps you to wake up at morning even if you have a very deep sleep. To avoid oversleep you need to go to bed timely. This will make you aware of the sleep notification at bedtime so your sleep will be complete. The app has all major features required by the alarm Application. The heavy sleeper support Android Wear integration that makes it different from the other alarm app.

Download: Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers


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3. Alarmy

The Alarmy is another free alarm app for Android devices. In one line we can describe it as “the world’s most annoying alarm”. Alarmy is the great app for those who can not get up on time and lose their jobs without the alarm app. With this app, you can turn off alarm by shake your phone. This app also offers an interesting “puzzle feature”, which give a math problem to stop alarm sound.

alarmy is the Highest rating app among top alarm apps in the Play Store and More than 1.3 million people use it before bedtime.

Download: Alarmy

4. Good Morning Alarm Clock

best alarm clock app free

It is Another similar popular alarm App for Android as well as iPhone users. this app provides the statistics of your quality sleep hours and converts into useful graphics. The good morning alarm clock App has many great features including a nightstand mode, white noise generator, weather update features, and more. The alarm app offers very beautiful user interface.

Download: Good Morning Alarm

5. Timely Alarm App

Timely is the most powerful and free alarm app which features a colorful and fun design. This app has an inbuilt Timer, Clock, and theme. The best thing about this alarm system app is that it is available for all devices whether it be Android, iPhone or PC. Some of the more unusual features include an online backup of your alarms with multiple devices.

Download: Timely


  • the traditional clock offers only one alarm in a day, where Android alarm apps allow unlimited alarms in a single day.
  • you can not change irritate sound of the alarm clock but in android alarm app you can choose your favorite alarm tone.
  • the alarm clocks are ugly but smartphone is not.