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Best 5 QR Code and Bar code Scanner Apps for Android & iPhone(2019)

QR Code is a new technology which is converted your website links, numbers and long alphabets list in a readable tiny dotted black and white image. both QR code and Bar code system is very responsible & fast technology. When we search QR scanner on play store I am surprised because a large list of QR or Barcode reader apps are available then we decided to accommodate a short list of best QR/Bar code scanner for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices.

Best QR/Bar code Reader for Android & iPhone

Your smartphone’s camera will not be able to scan the QR by itself, then You need a software that enables them to translate the information in the actual form. Few smartphone is already equipped with a pre-installed QR code scanner apps.

Please read below article if your device’s camera isn’t able to read QR code and Barcode.


best QR code scanner apps for Android, iPhone
The NeoReader an excellent app for converting your mobile phone into a QR Reader and works with the most mobile platform like iOS, android, windows etc. This app only occupying approximately 4 MB space on internal storage memory.

The software allows you to scan almost every type of QR/Barcodes like one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and QR, Data Matrix, Aztec, PDF, etc. With this scanner, you can Create your own QR codes in few seconds. It is a very user-friendly app and The accuracy of this QR-code scanner is impressive.

Download : Android, iPhone


best bar code scanner apps android, iPhone
i-nigma is a most powerful QR code reader app and it’s available on all popular operating systems. This app developed by 3gvision LTD and You can realize its fame with the fact that over 5 million downloads on the PlayStore. I am personally like this free QR reader application because it offers a lot of features in the just 3.5MB package.
This code reader app supports the all-important code types. it has an overall user rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on iOS and google’s AppStore. It also provides “i-nigma Shopper” feature that allows You to compare prices of various products at popular online retailer sites such as eBay & Amazon.

Download : iPhone

Barcode Scanner

free best bar and qr code scanner apps android
the overall best-liked Reader app for both iPhone and Android as it scans QR-Codes as well as barcodes. It comes with a very simple user interface and Doesn’t request a bunch of weird permissions. This application allows you to share apps, contacts, and bookmarks in a QR Code. This scanner app available for almost all mobile Operating System but works well especially on the Google’s Android platform.

Download : Android

QR Droid Scanner

top qr code reader Android, iPhone
QR Droid is an another top-rated scanner app on play store. With this app, you can decode almost every type of QR code, matrix, and barcode Data. This app takes approximately 12 MB of your mobile device’s internal storage. It will also turn your mobile device into a powerful QR code generator.
Another good feature of this app is that it is AD-free and you will not have to pay any fee for it.

Download : Android

Best Bar code scanner for Android

  1.  Barcode Scanner Pro- As its name suggests, this is a complete suite of Bar & QR code Recognize tool. It also offers QR code generator feature for your smartphones. This scanner app quickly & successfully uses the mobile’s camera to recognize barCodes. You can download this app from play store free of cost.
  2. QR & Barcode Scanner – This is the fastest bar/QR code scanner app from all others. With this app, You can simply Scan barcode or QR code in one step. It also facilitates creating barcodes and QR codes of various different formats like Geographic Locations, Email Addresses, Contact Records, URLs, Phone Numbers, Text, SMS etc.

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  1. epic fail. i-Nigma does not work on mt Samsung Android phone. The very small area that is highlighted on the screen is to small and even though you can hold the camera over a foot away the code is never read. Immediately uninstalled.

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