Best free Business Card Scanner for Android

Best Free Business Card Scanner Apps For Android [2020]

These days internet user increase too fast and everything is going online. We are buying or selling products online, definitely it gives new direction to business, it is only possible by mobile, internet and technology. but today’s topic is business cards reader. A normal business card made by paper or cardboard with printed information of a concerned person. It is very difficult to learn each and every detail about someone without a business card.

But it is an old fashioned practice to carry business card in wallet where modern world really isn’t made for paper business cards. so many app of Android phone should be replace paper business cards. The business cards scanner allow you to scan and save business cards in your phone. Don’t worry we’ve compiled a list of the best business cards reader for all Android devices.

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Best free Business Card Scanner for Android

1. CamCard Free

best business cards app app for mobile

The camcard is best business card mobile app for android and iPhone. This app is much convenient for scanning and saving your business card contact. you can take a picture of a paper business card & all details will be scanned into a contact folder. the perfect fit for entrepreneurs, business developers or marketing experts, with this app you can Access contact information across multiple devices.
The popularity of this free business card app can be understood by the fact that it has more than 100 million installs.

Download : CamCard Free

2. Business Card Reader- free

free business cards app for mobile

As its name suggests, this is a business card reader apps for Android OS based mobile. This app allows you to convert your old paper cards into digital contacts. This business card app is ideal for entrepreneurs and corporate world. It increases you working efficacy with lots of cool features and easy to use UI. The apk application supports more than 60 languages.

Download : Business Card Reader (free) 

3. ABBYY Business Card Reader

It is most popular android business cards scanner software. As you would expect, this app comes with the standard scanning & storing of business cards info. It also allows you to option to annotate notes for each card, you can Sync cards details across different platforms via ABBYY’s cloud storage which also help in backup. The ABBYY business cards scanner app work in 25 worldwide languages.

Download : ABBYY Business Card Reader (Free)

4. Business Card Reader Sugar CRM

unique business card Reader app for phone

This is a unique business card Reader app on Android platform. It has Simple and intuitive interface for unlocking features. Business Card Reader allows scanning and reading of cards but also instantly exports them to your SugarCRM account. You can Add text and even voice notes for each business card. So this business app allows you to store more additional information like company name, Position, Address and Social network profiles(Linkedln).

Download : Business Card Reader SugarCRM

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5. Business Cards Info

business card Reader android

It is another business card Reader app which helps you to manage all your business card electronic format. Business Cards Info (BCi) app doesn’t offer much features like the above mentioned card Reader apps but a unique feature of this app is the ability to search for stored cars via an interactive map.

Download : Business Cards Info (BCi)

6. QR Droid Code Scanner

tricks for business card app for android

QR Droid Code Scanner is a free android scanning app that can scan QR codes, bar codes and data matrixes. This is a unique business card Reader app because you can store your business card with privacy or encryption via QR codes. It’s work with you smartphone device’s camera or mobile browser or SD card. The app allows Auto-sync your data on your own Google Drive account. It also utilize in other day today tasks which is magazine.

Download : QR DroidCode Scanner

7. EverCard

best business card Reader free

EverCard is yet another free business card scanner app with no limitations of card scanning, evercard allows you business standard of accuracy. It is a nice app to digitize and manage all your business cards in one place.
This card scanner app Supports four international languages- English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. Minimum requirement for scanner tool is Android 2.2 and up.

Download : EverCard

8. Business Card Reader Highrise

best strong password manager app for mobile

The app makers is same as Business Card Reader SugarCRM and another free business card Reader app for android but free version has limited number of business cards recognitions. business owner can choose $99.99 per year plan for 1000 business cards recognitions for corporate account. If you are a small business owner then free version offers much features.
This dedicated business card app work with all popular international language like – Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and more.

Download : Business Card Reader Highrise

9. Card Scanner

best strong password manager app for mobile

The Card Scanner is paid business card Reader for android phone and made by Zoho Corporation. It take a Snap of a business card using your Android camera, lets you save the extracted information to Zoho CRM as a Contact. The app is localized in French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portugal and Russian.

Download : Zoho Corporation(paid)

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