Best 4 Hairstyle Apps for Android Phone 2019

In this world everyone wants extra attention and why not? It is the tendency of human. In the party or wedding we wants to see more attractive and beautiful, no matter you are boy or girl. Your personality are the combination of the your style and dressing sense, but don’t neglect hairstyle. It is an important part of our personalty, hairstyle decides whether you look good or not. Here is list of the best hairstyle apps for Android users.

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Best Android apps to change hairstyle

These apps help you to easily changing haircuts and virtually try a different hairstyle. So choose the best hairstyle which is suitable for your face before cutting hair.

Hair Style Changer

This is one of the best hairstyle application on Android app Store with a wide range of hairstyles. This app gives the ability to change your hair color, it made for both man and woman. First you upload a picture and then pick your favorite hairstyle virtually so save money of a costly hair salon and stop experiment on hairstyle. With app’s sharing feature, you can share your new stylish via photo with your friends and family member.

Download : hair style changer

HairStyle Mirror

best Android apps for hairstyles

It is the best hairstyle app that simulates various hairstyles in real-time with live face tracking. You can resize these hairstyles & even change the color to fit you perfectly. This easy to use app has more than a hundred different hairstyles which are divided into five categories – short, medium, long, special and crazy.
This hairstyle app is available free of cost but you need a working front facing camera on your smartphone.

Download : HairStyle Mirror

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Virtual Makeover

best hairstyle app

Virtual Makeover is one of the most popular and highly rated app for hairstyle on Android platform. This is a multipurpose user-friendly application that offers realistic cosmetics, hairstyles, and Apply makeup products such as eye shadow, lipstick, blush, foundation. This app helps you to change your overall look and improve face beauty with Over 80 celebrity hairstyles. This app uses Latest Facial Recognition algorithm to realistically simulate shine and intensities of the makeup products. The best part is that this app is completely free.

Download : Virtual Makeover

Celebrity Hairstyle Salon

what is the best hairstyle app android

This is the powerful hairstyle simulation software which allows you to virtually try on tons of different superstar hairstyles. With this app, you can see how you look like with popular celebrity hairstyles before actually going to the luxury hair-salon. The app has an ultimate rotary dialer menu on the right side of the display which allows you to decorate the photo with different accessories and jewels.

Download : Celebrity Hairstyle Salon

How-to-Use a hairstyle app

How to use a hairstyle app Step by step Complete guide.

  • Choose a photo (from gallery or take a new picture)
  • select a hairstyle which is cool for you
  • Adjust the fit of the hairstyle & Apply a hair color
  • you can improve overall beauty in the final step.
  • Share your new look with friends

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