buy Flagship Phone over budget Smartphone

Is it worth to buy Flagship Phone over budget Smartphone

You are here so that you can pick a better phone that will meet your needs in the years to come, with some stuck between a flagship and a budget smartphone just can’t figure out which one is right. It is certain that you want better features in a limited budget and are considering a flagship by expanding your budget and second thoughts are also to get a mid-range smartphone.

The beauty of an Android OS is that it is available here in every range of phones, including the high-cost devices of the S-series from companies like Samsung, as well as a wide range of budget phones. This is a very complicated question whose answer is not so easy, here we will will explain the difference between as well as advantages of a flagship smartphone as compared to a low-cost.

If we talk about expensive phones, then here the cutting edge technology is used by the company, where the design uses a metallic body keeping premium quality at the center, along with scratch proof glass for beauty. An advanced camera setup is equipped here where some select features are added so that it can capture the best photos and videos. In the battery department, a lithium-ion battery is included with top-of-the-light specifications such as wireless charging, fast charger and reverse charging.

On the other hand, all the necessary features are offering in a mid-range android device, so you get to see a good quality display, average camera setup, a lithium ion battery and use of plastic body. All brands at this price are focused on quality not quantity. The main motive of the manufacturer is to sell its mobiles on the on-paper specification. They go unnoticed after the product is sold, these devices have started to have problems over the years due to average build.

Whenever flagships and budget phones are compared, people will always be seen saying that budget phone is the best, but here some other aspect should not be ignored.

  • The company makes every effort to make its flagships the best, thereby maintaining its brand value.
  • A 12-MP camera sensor of a high-end mobile can easily beat 64-Mp or 48-MP sensor on a budget device.
  • Lifespan of premium phones almost 2 times compared to budget.
  • Even both Phones have same size of RAM, the experience will be totally different.

The Flagships are so expensive that for what price we can buy two or three budget smartphones, in this way we can also say that instead of buying one flagship, we can use 3 budget phones in such a time period, then Is it worth buying a flagship phone?

by the experience, a low-end phones after just 12 to 18 months of use it started lagging, it start hurting after software update, couldn’t handle high-end games and after 2 years its battery discharge quickly and heating issues. as we previously mentioned, a flagship have more powerful chipset, good camera package, wireless charging, NFC and more. It also will get timely OS update for period of 3–5 years on android and for iOS it will be more then 5 Year.

The price of the premium smartphone starts at $799 (approximately Rs 49,999), which includes not only the production cost but also the brand name. finally, if You are a gamer, an intensive processor use, need the best camera and user experience but above all, if you have a lot of money to spend, then you should buy a flagship smartphone over a budget one.

in second case, if you use smartphone only for using internet, run apps, music and other basic functions then you should go for budget. It would be better to save your hard earned money.

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