5 Most underrated smartphone brands in the world

There are countless brands of smartphones in the world, some brands are familiar to all, such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc. The main purpose of your visit here is to find out which are the good smartphone manufacturing companies whose products are top-of-the-line but not as popular or famous. In this article, we have selected five such companies which are one of the most underrated smartphone brands in the world.

What is the most unknown phone brand?


Meziu is not a popular brand in the international smartphone market, it is a Chinese company that manufactures android based smartphones and other devices. This company provides great devices with affordable prices and impressive specifications. MEZIU’s products are durable in quality, they also have some unique features to make them stand out in the crowd from other devices. Despite everything being fine, Meziu is limited to a few countries in Asia and is still untouchable to most of the audience.

ASUS Smartphone

ASUS is a huge brand in the electronics market and many people will be familiar with it if you are a gamer, but few people know this name in the field of smartphones. Asus is an computer hardware manufacturing company from Taiwan which has been manufacturing smartphones for a very long time, it was jumped in budget and premium flagship smartphones, due to not being able to perform well, the company was confined to the flagship segment only. In today’s time, Asus releases only a few flagship devices in a year, in which gaming enthusiasts are looking forward to the device operating under its ROG name.


HTC is another brand in this list that lives up to the name today. There was a time when the company’s smartphones were known for their quality. The series with its Desire name used to perform very well, even after good hardware quality and durability, the company is not at all dominated.


ZTE is one of the most underrated phone manufacturer company, it is a Chinese company which also focuses on the telecom sector, ZTE sends its service and smartphones to many countries, including countries in Europe and USA. Top-of-the-line features are provided by the company in the smartphone, which competes Samsung to a great extent in the premium segment, yet the company could not earn much respect in the field of phones.


Sony is one of the best electronic homeĀ  appliances manufacturers whose products are known for their premium quality. This reputation of the company is intact even in the field of smartphones, but among very few people who have used Sony smartphones. Sony has been producing and designing phones for the past several decades in association with Xperia, today the company is limited to premium flagships with the main aim of targeting camera centric devices only.

LifeSpan of Asus Zenfone Phones : is Asus phone good?

The ASUS is a Taiwanese company that is active in the production of electronic parts, its main scope is the production of all types of hardware related to computers, laptops and smartphones, because your main purpose of coming here is related to Asus Zenfone, then will focus mainly on the life span of Asus zenfone smartphone.

Asus smartphones are available in all ranges where the brand launched its flagship and budget phones. These smartphones run on Android operating system. Asus smartphones are available in all ranges where the brand launched its flagship and budget phones. These smartphones run on Android operating system. The Zenfone series comes with a high quality hardware and cutting edge technology, due to which the lifespan of the phone is much better than other Chinese smartphones.

The ASUS brings both cheap and expensive phones in the market, because of the difference in the cost of production of both as well as in the technology used. in view of, the build quality of the smartphone improves with the increasing price, It’s only natural that the premium will have a longer lifespan than even a cheap phone. then there is some difference in the lifespan of budget and expensive devices, about which it would be appropriate to describe them separately, which can be read below.

LifeSpan of ASUS’ Budget Phone – First we describe the lifespan of budget device of asus zenfone, the company provides a good hardware in its budget smartphone where the lifespan on budget device in normal usage is 2 to 3 years this is completely on the usage of phone. Depends on if the user has more usage than a normal person and he uses high intensive apps like games on him then the lifespan of the phone is generally less.

Components in Zenfone devices gradually start causing problems over time, the main ones that attract the most attention are the battery, which after 2 years, its battery backup starts decreasing continuously, which need for frequent charging and After a while you will be able to use the phone only after installing the new battery.

The Lifespan of Premium Phones – Asus unveils a premium flagship smartphone every year. This follows good build quality where as a fairly durable device based on glass work with metallic body, which offers good lifespan, Zenfone flagship Contains an advanced camera configuration, a top-level Snapdragon processor, high resolution display etc. The average lifespan of a Zenfone flagship is around 4 years and as we mentioned above it depends on the usage of the user.

Another smartphone series by Asus is running in the market, which has been launched in the name of ROG phone, it is a gaming series in which some selected features are added separately. Here along with all the features of the flagship smartphone, some modifications are done in it and the handset is made keeping the Gamer in mind.

These phones are made to use more processor extensive games, so here both CPU and GPU are used at their top level, this has a direct effect on the battery of the phone, for which the company divides the battery into two parts. So that the device’s battery life can be good and the cooling system is also provided in it to prevent the phone from getting hot. however the average lifespan of the Asus ROG devices will be the same as that of its flagship if you don’t play more games on it.

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Will Asus zenfone 5Z get Android 11 update?

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer Asus was launched its flagship, Zenfone 5Z in 2018 with android 8 version on which till now two major Android OS updates have been given by the company as per its promise as well as security updates have also been provided from time to time so the question arises. Whether or not the Asus Zenfone 5Z will get more Android updates in the future.


This phone is powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 845 SoC which is paired with 6GB and 8GB RAM. This chipset belongs to Qualcomm 8 series which is included in a flagship chip lineup and also support update of Android 11, However, more than a year has passed since the company provided its Android 10 update.

It is difficult to say whether the company will bring another major update on the zenfone 5z. It is completely up to the company that by when the Android 11 update is received on Zenfone 5Z, although the stable ZenUI 7 based on Android 11 update has been received on Zenfone 6z as well, then it can be expected that we will definitely have an update on Zenfone 5Z in the future.

Because this phone is currently running on ZenUI 6 which is almost based on stock Android and in the next update for Asus the new android 11 update can be given on the phone with very few modification.

On the other hand, it is a flagship device which is priced higher than a budget smartphone. Where all the companies try to save their reputation, for which they try to give convenience to the flagship smartphone for a long time.

As we mentioned above, ever since the Zenfone 6z update to ZenUI 7 and android 11 has been received, users on Zentalk have been demanding that the Zenfone 5z update be rolled out soon. On which it has been replied by moderators that the company is working on it.

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