Fastest Torrent Downloader For Android Phone – (Updated)

best torrent downloader apps for android mobile

Torrent is one of the largest file-sharing platforms. Which can be used to download large files from the Internet. Below is the list of Best Torrent Downloading apps that let you download torrents files and everything you want, for example – TV show, songs, movies, software. If you are bibliophile or bookworm don’t worry you can download e-books, PDF note, e-magazine and lots more. So Here are the six fastest torrent downloader applications which you can use on your Android device.

Best torrent downloader apps for android


best mobile torrent downloader apps android
The BitTorrent is the best torrent downloader for Windows PC and now it is also available for android mobile. This torrent downloader(Torrent client) is free of cost and no limit for downloading files. This app comes with an integrated music player which allows you to access audio or music files directly from the app.
BitTorrent is an easy-to-use app with a soft and beautiful user interface. when you select downloading path of the file then you have both internal as well as SDcard options.

Download : BitTorrent

Flud- torrent client

torrent downloader apps for android
Flud is a new client app for the torrent, But do not take this app lightly. This is the best torrent client apk Android app and it has quickly become one of the most popular choices with its easy, nice color combinations and super speed. This app comes with all basic features such as display real-time speed, multiple parallel downloading.
The flud app support µTorrent Transport Protocol and Peer Exchange.

Download : Flud- downloader


best torrent downloader apps for android free
adownloader is a complete solution for torrent file downloading, it is the fastest BitTorrent download manager with light graphics UI that’s helpful in battery saving. this torrent app comes search dialog box option where you can search your torrent files without the use of any browser. You can set downloading speed, and pause or start any file anytime. it is based on libtorrent, P2P protocol, and use OpenSSL. It also supports magnet links and some vital protocols. Another good element of this is that the Downloader app does not ask for any unwanted permissions.

Download : Adownloader

Vuze download manager

best torrent for Android smartphone to download
Vuze The Most Powerful BitTorrent Software on Android Google playstore. this utorrent client is a Complete torrent file management that brings the joyful torrent experience directly to your smartphone or tablet. This app has many advanced features like – Control torrent download & upload speed, Task completion alerts, multitask manager etc. it is a very lightweight application that provides you an Ad-free nice user experience, if you buy Vuze pro version then you can access all premium features.

Download : Vuze

tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client

fastest ttorrent downloader for Android phone
tTorrent is another torrent client Which you can use in mobile as a torrent downloader. Features of this app are same as PC application and it helps you to download HD movies on your Android phone, it also supports RSS which means – automatically download torrents published in feeds. For better performance(internet speed) High-Speed Internet connection is necessary.

Download : tTorrent Lite


Are torrents legal?

Torrent is used to download piracy or illegal copying kind of stuff and it have been banned in many places but the question is “Is torrents legal or illegal?”. It all depends on the content you’re downloading. If the torrent contains copyright materials and you don’t have copyright, then downloading it (for free) via torrent is illegal.

If we talk about torrent sites then, Recently many of the Torrent websites like KickAss and PirateBay etc has been shut down forever, but there are some torrent websites like extratorrent and IsoHunt which are still active.

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torrent at a glance

Torrent is a different type of file sharing that can download or upload large files from the internet. a torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed with a list of the network locations of trackers. Torrent file extension name is .torrent and if you want to download this file, you need a torrent download manager software. The torrent system works by dividing the target file into small chunks of information. This way, users can download large files quickly.
Note: On Android KitKat (Android 4.4), Google has removed the ability for apps to write to external SD card.

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5 Best Download Manager App for Android [2019 Updated]

This advance generation people want everything fast and don’t wait for pizza then why you wait for downloading movies, songs, software and more. Now many downloader apps are appear on Android store, but few apps offer turbo downloading speed so we’ve compiled a list of the best download manager apps for Android devices.

Best Download Manager Apps for Android 2019

1. Advanced Download Manager

advance download manager app for mobile

The Advanced Download Manager(ADM) is a best and fastest downloader app for android phone. This downloader app comes lost of Customizable and very user friendly interface, with this app you can accelerate downloading by using multithreading (file segmentation technology) up to 5 times. It offers autoresume after errors or break of connection and also has a Built-in ADM Browser which is ultimately offer. ADM also features turbo mode for speed up downloading & simultaneously parallel download. This downloader app is perfect for large files download and you’ll not find an app on Android’s app market that offers more features than Advanced Download Manager.

Download : Advanced Download Manager(ADM)

2. Turbo Download Manager

turbo best download manager app for android

The Turbo Download Manager is a free powerful downloader apps for Android. TDM app makes use of multiple connections to optimize your downloading speed and support FTP & HTTPS server. It has many advance features, settings or Customisation which help you maximize your speed and save you precious time. TDM supports all popular browsers like Dolphin HD, Firefox, Skyfire, Miren, UC Browser and Boat Browser to let you easily Download File Faster from WebPages.
Turbo downloader is an excellent tool for those who are constantly download too much files from internet.

Download : Turbo Download Manager (TDM) (free)

3. Download Manager for Android

It is another best download manager for Android mobile and tablet. efficiently download files of almost every type like APK, exe, RAR, ZIP, DOC, MP3, XLS and many others. This downloader app Overcomes the limitations of the default downloader and provide turbo boost powers to minimize your download time. The download manager app Supports HTML 5 web pages, Java Scripts and you can download video from facebook. This fast downloader comes with easy-to-use graphic and highly downloaded manger app on Android playstore.

Download : Download Manager for Android

4. Loader Droid download manager

ultra fast download manager for android

LoaderDroid is a Download Manager apk software made for the Android platform. It easy download any size and all type of files like – software, mp3 song, doc, PDF, e-books, video streams, audio, zip files, etc. This downloader splitting the downloading files into parts for faster download. Also offers interrupted downloads with Auto resume when your connection reappears. You can manually download files with enter a link.

Download : Loader Droid downloader

Other Popular Downloader Apps

Note– The All Apps for download files are only support FTP sever, where FTP stand for file transfer protocol. So We have shown another download manager apps to download other files such as Videos.

best apps for downloading youtube video's

this is a most popular YouTube video downloading Android app that download YouTube videos directly on SDcard, also offers all YouTube officially app like search videos, play, like or dislike. This app is easy to install and simple design to use, it is also packed with Multiple download resolution options. It also come Fast download mode with multiple connections for a download.

Note– A downloader application will not boost your download speed beyond the maximum bandwidth provided by your Internet service Provider or the maximum speed provided by the downloading file server.

Final verdict

this list of best ultra fast download manager application for your Android devices. If you frequently download large files then you need a downloader tool which helps you to pause, start, multi-download and more. All app is good for extreme downloading and i hope when you using these apps you feel the same speed experience like Lamborghini Car.

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