Nokia Infinity Pro Phone -Specifications, Release date, Price

The tech giant Nokia is one of the oldest smartphone manufacturers which is known for its durable hardware. Nokia has made many unique phones. Adding to this, the company is working on another ground breaking device which is named Nokia Infinity Pro. And here we have the information about the release date, specification and expected price of this smartphone.

An infinity shaped display has been installed in the front of the phone, whose size will be 6.3 inches and This is an AMOLED panel which will support Full-HD+ resolution as well as top-of-the-line gorilla glass protection. Nokia infinity Pro will powered by Snapdragon’s latest 8 series chipset. This device will include 16GB of RAM and 512GB of on-board storage in its top model.

Nokia infinity pro feature and price

As can be seen in the above image, the design of Nokia Infinity Pro is different from all the others till now. It follows a round design in which its display is made without edges. The phone is very comfortable to hold, a circular titanium metal chassis will be used to increase its strength. A dual camera setup will be seen in the rear of the phone, below which a circular fully functioning secondary display has been installed. It also uses a disk-shaped user interface and display icons in discoid format.

Nokia infinity pro phone design and specifications

The Nokia Infinity Pro will comes with a dual camera module including a 50-megapixel ultra wide lens and a 50-megapixel telephoto lens. It also features an 32MP front facing camera sensor. To power the smartphone, there will be a 5000mAh lithium ion battery which can be charged through fast charging.

Nokia infinity pro phone unboxing

It may take time for the phone to be launched. According to an estimate, Nokia infinity Pro may be launched in early 2025. According to a leaked information about its pricing, the base model of Nokia infinity pro can be priced with a price tag of $399 and the high-end model can be priced with $449, although similar variant will price in India at Rs 35,999.

Nokia infinity Pro price with specs
Nokia infinity phone price and specifications
Nokia infinity pro specifications, price
Nokia infinity pro release date, camera
Nokia circle phone design, price

The Trending Smartphone Brands

Currently, many companies are designing and manufacturing smartphones and their production is mainly done within China. Every brand has different principles and quality parameters on the basis of which the price of the phone is determined. It is surprising that within a few years a company like Nothing Phone gets included in the list of top companies for bringing a unique concept.

If you are interested in buying an Android smartphone in the recent times, then here is a list of trending smartphone manufacturers. Here’s a brief overview of the company that will act as a guide to purchasing your next phone.

1. Xiaomi

xiaomi is a designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances. It is the second-largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world. Smartphone Giant Xiaomi is also entered in automotive segment and Officially Reveals Its First EV. it has applied for a license to sell EV vehicles . however Mi has also launched HyperOS to remotely operate all smart devices.

2. Samsung

Samsung has always been the backbone of the smartphone market. South Korean tech giant remains in the headlines recently and throughout the year. The newly launched A-Series model by it has created a new heat and excitement in the tech industry and the company is adding some economical Phones in the foldable smartphone portfolio. This year will continue to shine with Samsung’s new devices and innovative technology.

3. Google pixel

Google Pixel is an Android based smartphone device by Google which is successful in managing an excellent quality in the mid range. Recently it is in the news due to the unique camera features and editing tools available on the new generation Pixel devices. the combination of excellent software and AI, the productivity of these devices is unmatched.

4. Nokia

Nokia is an oldest telecommunication and consumer electronics corporation. The Finland tech giant has recently focused a lot on its rebranding, under which the Nokia logo was also changed and according to a leaked report, Nokia is working on amazing phones which will be able to regain its position in the market.

5. Nothing Phone

Nothing Phone is an emerging smartphone brand which has reached a different position due to its unique design. Its products are based on a different concept which promises to provide a good user interface along with good hardware. The company manufacturers top-of-the-line Android smartphones but a recent rumor has it that it is going to launch a budget phone which will be a watchable Android machine.

6. Motorola

Motorola is one of the oldest players in the list which is a trusted brand in the telecom industry which produces smartphones and other communication devices. It has a good hold of foldable phones in the market and a unique foldable concept design was recently unveiled by Motorola. There is a portfolio of Android mobiles with great specification sheet available even in the budget segment.

Nokia N96 5G Phone Specifications, Release Date, Price

Nokia is one of the phone companies that fans still trust. Nokia is trying to revive its image. According to a latest report, Nokia is preparing to re-design and launch another one of its old legendary N-series smartphones. This phone will be Nokia N96 5G and in this article we will be able to know the price, release date and specification of the phone.

Nokia N96 5G will have a 5.5-inch full HD display which will be protected by Gorilla Glass. The phone has a multi functional keypad which also functions as a trackpad. On the front of the phone, a dual front facing camera is installed with one in the top center. Some modern graphic options will be available in the dynamic island at the top of the display. The latest top-of-the-line Snapdragon processor is likely to be used to power the phone.

Nokia N96 5G Phone Images

Nokia N96 5G Phone Release Date, Price
Nokia N96 5G Phone Specifications, Release Date, Price
Nokia N96 5G Phone Release Date, Price
Nokia N96 5G Phone Specifications, Release Date, Price
Nokia N96 5G - Specifications, Release Date, Price
Nokia N96 5G Phone Specifications, Release Date, Price
Nokia N96 Phone Specifications, Release Date, Price
Nokia N96 5G Phone Specifications, Price
Nokia N96 5G Phone Specifications, Release Date,
Nokia N96 5G Specifications, Release Date, Price

Focusing on the storage department, Nokia n96 5G will have 512 GB on board storage with 16GB RAM available in its top variant, however Nokia will also launch its 8GB and 12GB variants whose price will be as per expectations. The phone will use a 5000mAh Lithium Ion battery which will be able to accommodate fast wired charging as well as wireless charging. it will be water proofed, then divice will come with IP68 certification. This Nokia device will feature a 200-Megapixel camera sensor on the rear with xenon flash. although it has a 50MP dual front facing camera in dynamic island house. On the right edge it has a 3.5 mm audio jack and on bottom, phone comes with a stereo speaker and USB type-C port.

The price of the phone can be given quite as per your wish, the company can start the price of the standard variant of Nokia N96 from $309 dollars (around Rs 24,999 in India) while the price of the top model of the phone can go up to $399 dollars. No official information has been released yet regarding the launch of the phone. According to an estimate, Nokia n96 5G will be made available for purchase in the market by the end of this year.