Does the camera quality of smartphones decrease over time?

Your smartphone is old and you feel that the quality of the camera has degraded or deteriorated over time, trying to find the answer as well as comparing it with the camera of other phone but the answer is not so simple. To understand this, you are at the right place where you can know what affects the phone’s camera over time, including physical effects and software changes, the main reasons that affect the phone’s camera lens and which we will discuss below.

1. Scratches on Camera’s lens

One of the main effects on the phone’s camera over time is physical in which the lens gets scratched, which makes the camera lens and sensor dirty, which is impossible to remove, but by taking some precautions, it can be reduced in which the use of mobile cover is most beneficial.

After the scratch on the glass of the camera, and in that case, the camera app is open, then the photo of the object in front is going to be taken, then the light that falls on the sensor after hitting the object, that light gets distracted due to those scratches and As the result, the quality or sharpness are not visible in the pictures as before. In normal conditions phone’s camera cannot beĀ  disassemble like a digital camera, so these scratches become permanent.


2. Software updates

The second effect on the quality of the phone’s camera is also its software update, which is a bit difficult to understand. It depends on the type of software update, on the company and range of smartphone. In easy words, camera quality is decrease after software update.

when you buy a new smartphone, the output file of the photo is less compressed by the company on its camera app, which outcome in more clearly and sharpness in the picture, resulting in a higher file size of the photo.

Yet when your device gets old, it starts bothering or struggling the smartphone due to the large size of picture files, in response to this, some changes are made in the camera app by the company through the update on the phone, in which the compression of the photo is increased, and the quality of the picture decreases, also reduces the file size of the picture, however all the companies work differently so this change may or may not happen in the default camera app of some smartphones.

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As we mentioned above, it also depends on the range of the smartphone. on a budget device the effect is more visible, while the compression in the camera app is kept normal despite the update in flagships. In addition, the RAW file format option is also available in the settings of the camera app on the flagship device, By implementing this, you can increase the camera quality of the smartphone again. so that you can shoot high-quality pictures in completely uncompressed file format.

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Smartphone Camera Sensor Size affect image quality | Does Sensor size Matter

We see that the phones have become very expansive these days in which a good camera is also being given, it is getting a lot of megapixels like 64 megapixels 102 megapixels in the small sensor itself and for the same money a DSLR or Mirrorless camera comes In which only few megapixels can be found. here will also give details on whether the size of a camera’s sensor really matters or should we keep in mind only the megapixels.

Another question you would like to answer, when we are getting such a good photo sensor of such a small smartphone, why do we need such an expensive dedicated camera whose sensor size is so big and the megapixels are less.

Camera Sensor Sizes Explained : How does Sensor size affect image quality

Smartphone users and a lot of photographers think that more megapixels gives better photo quality whereas more megapixels means bigger photo, it doesn’t mean that the photo is clean and its quality is good, it just increases the image size.

If we come to the main point, which is the sensor size, then smartphones usually come with a sensor of 1/2.55 inch while flagship smartphones are paired with some larger size 1/.33 inch sensor, however now The biggest sensor till date was the 1/1.2 inch sensor in Nokia’s PureView 808 launched in 2012. The sensor size in DSLR camera is above 1 inch which can be more than 5 to 6 times than that of phone, however sensor size in high-end digital camera is also available in much large size which will not be appropriate to compare with smartphone camera.

how does sensor size affect image quality

The Photo quality depends on certain elements like sensor and lens material file type. Photo sensor is made by receiving light from the sensor, only the light coming into the sensor makes a difference to the photo, if the sensor is bigger then it will accept more light and smaller sensor will receive less light than it.

The main effect of this will be that the larger sensor will take less time to expose the pictures well, And the smaller sensor will take more time, as well as the it will develop more noise and in the larger sensor because the light is coming more, thumping Images are captured even at night and the flicker noise is also less. There’s another feature that doesn’t make much of an impact with smaller sensors, which is greater tonal accuracy and better natural color in the pictures.

If you want a good background blur in the picture, then the it helps you a lot in this, due to the big sensor, there is a good bokeh effect in the photo. And it is also another strength of a large sensor that when it is wide size, the crop factor decreases, due to which we get more field of view than smaller sensors from the same distance, we cover more area in the image.

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In the end, if we come to the conclusion, the way the number of megapixels in smart phones is increasing continuously, it does not mean that the picture quality will be good. It depends on the size of the sensor, and the technology used in manufacturing the sensor.

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