Important Questions of Computer for Exam

important questions of computer, MS office, operating system, windows 10 and computer revolution gen for all government exams like IBPS, BANK PO, UPSC, PCS, RBI, RAILWAY , POLICE/DEFENCE, SSC and interview.

very important question for gov and private interview, information and technology

very important of computer and MS office

Q- C is what kind of language ?
Ans : A third generation high level language

Q- Which of the following is a non-volatile memory ?
Ans : ROM

Q- Computer resolution measures ?
Ans : Number of pixels

Q- in dos which command help to hidden a file?
Ans :Attrib+H

Q- in MS world which is the shortcut key for increase the font size ?
Ans : Ctrl + Shift + >

Q- in MS world which is the shortcut key for decrease the font size ?
Ans :Ctrl + Shift + <

Q- Who invented keyboard ?
Ans : Christoper Latham Sholes

Q- Microsoft office is type of ?
Ans : Application software

Q- How do I increase the font size via shortcut or button?
Ans : Ctrl+]

Q- How do I decrease the font size via shortcut or button?
Ans :Ctrl+[

Q- which of the following is not a valid data type in Excel?
Ans :Character

Q- in MS excel hatting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called?
Ans :Referencing

Q- Internet work on which type of switching?
Ans :Packet switching

Q- Saving is a process ?
Ans :To copy the document from memory to storage medium.

Q- Where are the data and program are stored when the processor uses them?
Ans :Main memory

Q- WWW stands for ?
Answer -World Wide Web

Q- To send another station a message, the main thing a user has to know is
Ans :The other station’s address

Q- What is an “Internet’?
Ans :Internal internet used to transfer information internally

Q- Storing same data in many places is called
Ans :Redundancy

Q- What is full form of CAM ?
Ans : Computer Aided Manufacturing

Q- Which are the main parts of central processing unit ?
Ans : Control unit and Arithmetic Logic Unit

Q- What is full form of TIFF ?
Ans : Tagged Image File Format

Q- Charles Babbage designed the first mechanical computer named ?
Ans : Analytical Engine

Q- What is the name of a device that converts digital signals to analog signals?
Ans : Modem

Q- What is full form of HTTP ?
Ans : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Q- Who invented Java ?
Ans : James Gosling

Q- Which is following is not an operating System ?
Ans : Java

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