Nokia Transparent Phone Price, Specifications, Release Date

Nokia Transparent Phone – Price, Specifications, Release Date, Rumors

Nokia has always been a great smartphone manufacturing company whose all products are top of the line. This is the reason why even today Nokia’s fans prefer its products. To further connect this link, the tech giant is working on a new type of smartphone. In which the top of the phone will have a transparent glass display and at the bottom there will be a small-scale metal box which will contain all the important components of the device.

The Nokia Transparent Phone will be the true glimpse of the future smartphone. According to a report, Nokia has solved all the problems and challenges faced in transparent mobile design, company also has applied to register the patent of its prototype. Its testing phase is almost complete and soon brand can give approval for production.

Nokia Transparent Phone - Price, Specs, Release Date
Nokia Transparent Phone - Price, Specifications

As can be seen in the picture given below, because this is a futuristic technology which will completely change the way of interacting with smartphones. Its display will use transparent pixels in which light can pass through each pixel of screen. Whenever electricity flows through the display’s pixel, then its transparency will change to a certain colour and this could be the first phone to be launched with this type of display. This transpicuous display allowing you to view the smartphone’s media files and also look the world around you.

Nokia Transparent Phone - Price, Release Date
Nokia Transparent Phone Specifications, Release Date

Nokia Transparent Phone Specifications

As you have seen, the phone is not completely transparent. The display above it will be completely crystal clear and there will be a metal box at the bottom. A photovoltaic layer has been added to the display, which will help in charging the smartphone. Talking about its optical department, the Nokia Transparent phone will have a 200-megapixel main camera sensor at the bottom-back.
it could be featured a nano-cell battery to power this Nokia transparent device. This is a removable battery, meaning you can replace it easily, It is easily providing life span of up to 150 hours after a single charge. However the handset has a type-C port at the bottom for charging and data transfer. At the bottom, a SIM port is installed.