Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specifications with Price -(New 2018)

Saturday, 12 May 2018

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept with price

Samsung is one of biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world and every year with innovative features a new Galaxy Note device is reveale. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 proof that Samsung is still leader of flagship smartphone market. There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 8 has been a great success for Samsung, we are inspired by this great success of Note 8 and imagine ​​a concept of Galaxy Note 9 that would be explain the next generation note, What would the Galaxy Note 9 look like, and how the future phones will be.

Galaxy Note 9 Design

All smartphone company minimise screen-border in their flagship phone models, We also put "button-free, bezel-free infinity displays" in the Galaxy Note 9 concept with 96% screen to body ratio and As much as possible has improved the design of mobile. we also added the fingerprint sensor under its screen, which is the next big thing in smartphone evolution and Samsung is working on giving this phenomenal feature to the next Galaxy Note 9. We also expect to see the face recognition feature as an additional safety feature and that can be used to unlock the phone. It will take smartphone security to the next level.

Galaxy Note 9 specifications with price

Samsung Note 9 price, Release date

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  • Galaxy Note 9 Specification

    Taking about the specification of This Samsung Note 9 features a large 6.4 inches with Ultra HD dual curved display. This concept phone comes with dual camera setup on the back with both lenses sporting 12MP sensors. while the front-facing camera features two 8MP + 8MP sensor for great selfies. The rear camera sports new dual aperture(F1.5/F2.4) technology for capturing amazing pictures in low light and Excess of light. The note 9 phone will be powered by Snapdragon 850 chipset paired with 8GB/10GB of RAM. It also featured 3900mAh battery to operate a big screen.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept Price


  • DISPLAYS- 6.4 inches dual curved display
  • PROCESSOR- snapdragon 850 CPU
  • RAM- 8GB/10GB DDR4
  • CAMERAS- (12MP+12MP) rear/(8MP+8MP) front
  • BATTERY- 3900mAh
  • STORAGE- 128GB/256GB
  • Sensor- In-display Fingerprint

  • Samsung Note 9 Price

    We have noticed that the price of the Galaxy Note device is always lower than Apple's iPhone and more than Sony Xperia, LG G-Series and Huawei Honor phones. We are not saying that the Note smartphone is expensive, just trying to tell that Samsung phones offer more features at a lower cost compared to the iPhone. at the below you get the expected price list of Galaxy Note 9 of few countries.

    Galaxy Note 9 Plus Price- 2018

  • Galaxy Note 9 Expected Price in USA- $730
  • Galaxy Note 9 Expected price in UK- £749
  • Galaxy Note 9 Expected price in India- Rs 69,999
  • Samsung Note 9 Expected price in UAE(Dubai)- AED 2,669
  • Samsung Note 9 Release Date

    Samsung Launch a new Note device every year at the IFA show, which takes place at end of month of August. Previous year, the company launched Note 8 on 32 August in a separate event at New York City. We are hoping that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 9 in London or New York.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 introduction

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    1. awesome..wish me luck
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    2. Aisa Dekha Samsung Koi ganda nahi hai Khoobsurat set hai Khoobsurat Seth nikalta bhi hai bulky sabse ganda Cheez Hai lagta hai hang karne ka Bimari Samsung Galaxy Mein karna chahta Hoon Ki bhaiya Paisa late ho to koi baat nahi yaar sabse Pehle problem batao hang hone ka

    3. I have buy this phone definitely


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