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How To Copy Unselectable Text from Any Android App [Full Guide]

Copy and paste is now very trending feature on smartphone and mostly used in social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many others. but many Android apps don’t allow you to copy texts and As the default options of Android system doesn’t allow you to copy unselectable text. then you need a useful third party application for copy unselectable text on android phone. Today I want to introduce you a powerful app which helps you to easily copy text from android apps.

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Best Way to Copy Texts on any Android app using Universal Copy

There is no doubt that Android is one of the most popular platforms for mobile device and Google update his Android operating system every year with new pixel devices, But in some places we feel lack of facilities on Android and it Still not give the ability to copy and paste texts from android application. For example, When you play YouTube videos on the official app and want to copy a video’s description, But can not?
Where the Universal Copy app has ultimate ability to copy any YouTube video title, description as well as comment. The apps of top social sites such as facebook, reddit, Twitter, Tumblr and message application don’t let you copy the text. Even e-commerce site Amazon has not allowed to copy the name of their products to the clipboard. in this post we will tell you about universal copy application and how to select text using this app.

Universal Copy –Today a large list of people that use copy-paste in internet browser and save time in write it again, This is limited to only the browser and much of the text on your device can’t actually be copied. however, No One app development want that texts are copy from my application, but now it is possible with the third party app.
The Universal Copy is a very easy to use app that provides you the ability to copy texts. First, you need to activate it and give accessibility permission.
When application is on, you have a notification, when tapped, enables all the texts on your device screen to be copied.

It is impossible to copy any single text on YouTube app with your stock clipboard feature. So we test this app to copy texts on popular android apps such as YouTube, facebook, Twitter, instagram, reddit.

1- Copy Video Text on YouTube App

copy texts from YouTube android apps

It is very simple to copy all text part of YouTube videos. In the above example you can see how to copy a video title, description and comment.

2- Copy Text From reddit App

copy texts from reddit Android apps

You can also test it on reddit app for copy friends Post. When you activate universal copy and then press on facebook post subsequently click on copy option visible in new window and that text has been copied in your clipboard.

3- Copy Text From instagram

copy texts from instagram Android apps

if you want to copy any instagram post. Therefore, just open that instagram app, and tap on that Universal Copy button to activate it. To select any text, just tap on hold on that text. You will get copy and share option, Just tap on copy button and That text is saved in the clipboard. After that, you can paste that anywhere.

4- Copy Text on Facebook Apps

If you carefully read the section above the article, you already know what will be the next step. The same operation applies to Facebook.

Universal Copy: Download

Note: The Universal Copy don’t work with few app because of different programme language are used in such app like – facebook lite, telegram and some web browser. If you found this article is helpful for other, then please share it on facebook, twitter and other platforms.