How to Improve Fingerprint Scanner Speed [Full Guide]

These days fingerprint sensor is very popular biometric technology for security purposes. it appears in every mid-range smartphone and premium flagship phones. If your smartphone’s fingerprint sensor doesn’t work, or slow speed of fingerprint sensor then you are in a right place, we collect three useful tips for you. These tips help you to improve fingerprint sensor accuracy and fix slow speed problem.

Best way to increase fingerprint sensor speed


1: Clean your smartphone surface

This is one of the major cause of slow speed of fingerprint reader. When the dust sticks to the surface of a phone, then the gummy particle also sticks to the fingerprint sensor through your hand oil, Keeping the screen clean is essential if your phone has an in-display fingerprint sensor. so that the fingerprint sensor can not read your biometric properly and decrease the speed of your fingerprint sensor.

This problem worsens even more when the fingerprint sensor come in the back side of the phone. Because when you keep your phone in a dusted place, the dust sticks easily on the fingerprint sensor.

2: Scan the Same Finger Multiple Times

increase fingerprint sensor speed
This tips actually helps you when you get the “No Match” message while trying to unlock the phone. If you scan the same finger two or more time then you would probably never get this problem again. These days all smartphone support more than four fingerprints, then you can scan both hands fingers twice and that would also work. with this method you will also notice that the unlocking speed of fingerprint scanner will be increased extremely.

3: Position of Thumb on Fingerprint Reader

right methodology of fingerprint sensor
Every device works fine if and only if your methodology is correct. Smartphone’s fingerprint scanner size is slightly smaller and is almost the same as the size of your thumb. The phone’s scanner works only on a specific area, In other words, if you touch the finger in the right place, then the function of your phone’s fingerprint sensor will be ideal. With the help of graphic image, we show both correct and wrong ways for fingerprint sensor.


If you follow the right technique then you can unlock your smartphone at once and there will not be any trouble related to fingerprint sensor.

How to Delete Recent History in VLC Player in Mac & Windows

We know that you are looking for the best way to remove video history from VLC player, which is a common issue among users. In today’s time, privacy can not be ignored and it is a major issue on each level.

This Article describes how to remove the recent viewing history from VLC media player in step-by-step.  VLC is a wonderful media player for almost every platform, like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. This software is free and offers a good job. It has the ability to run all types of audio and video formats. Use the following method to remove the most recent entries from the VLC media player.

Delete VLC Player Viewing History in Windows 7 and 10

First you have to open the VLC player, now click on “Media” Options in the upper-left corner of the player’s toolbar. Then select the “Open Recent Media” option which will show a list of your recently watched videos in chronological order. Follow our complete guide below to delete l the player’s history, as well as disabled the viewing history so that you do not have to worry about removing it again.

  1. Open VLC and Click on “Media”
  2. Select “Open recent media”
  3. Select “Clear” to delete the all recent Record.

how to delete vlc history in windows

The above process allows you to view and clean last ten media record you’ve visited on VLC. At the second step we will tell you about how to permanently turn off its history viewing feature.

  1. Navigate to “Tool” Option
  2. Select “Preferences”
  3. Search “Save recently played items” and uncheck the box.
  4. Select “Save” to disable History report

delete vlc player history

Delete VLC Viewing History on  Mac

The process of erasing the history of VLC in the Mac operating system is almost identical to the windows.

  1. Open VLC Player and click “File”
  2. Scroll down to “Open Recent”
  3. Click on “Clear Menu” to delete the current list.

To completely disable the OS X version of VLC from saving your watching history in the future, You must follow these steps.

  1. Select “VLC” in the navigation bar, then “Preferences”
  2. Click “Show all” in the left-Size column, then “Interface tab”
  3. Select “Main interfaces” and click “macosx”
  4. Find “Keep Recent Items” in the “Behaviour” section and  uncheck the box.

clean vlc history in mac

Delete VLC Watching History on  Android

if you want to clean the VLC history on an android phone, then you have two options. For the first method, you have to click on the menu bar on the left hand and then select history option. Now simple press the delete button at the top-right hand to delete the current list. For second method follow these steps.

  1. First open vlc on Android handset
  2. Click on Menu bar at the top-left side
  3. Select “Settings” and then “Advanced”
  4. Select “Clear playback history” and then click “Okay.”

To entirely switch off this feature of VLC app on android platform, you have to follow below steps.

  1. Open Player and then click on “menu icon” in the top-left.
  2. Click on “Settings” option.
  3. Search “History Playback” option and then deselect the box.


Unfortunately, there is no such option so that you can delete VLC’s history from your iPhone. However, You can take other steps to prevent it from being revealed.

  1. Open VLC App on your iPhone
  2. Select the VLC icon in the top-left.
  3. Click “Settings,” then Setup the “Passcode Lock” option.

Now if someone tries to open your VLC, then the user must enter the same passcode before opening the app.

To read other similar guiding posts, you can click on the link given below, as well as other articles related to VLC media will continue to be available our website.

How to Completely Delete Tiktok Account

If you don’t want Tiktok account any more or want to delete Tiktok’s account for any other reason, then there are some easy steps in this article which you can follow and delete your account through your Tiktok app.

Before proceeding with this task you should know that once your Tiktok account is deleted, you cannot get it back and deleting your account is a permanent and irreversible move. Also, even after deleting your account, the conversions you have done with others will still be visible to that person. Assuming you are okay with all of that, then the complete process of how to delete your Tiktok account is given below.

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How to delete Tiktok Account 2020

1. firstly open this app on your smartphone and make sure that the account you want to delete is logged in the tik tok app.

2. Click on the “Me” section which is at the right side of the bottom.

delete tiktok account in aap

3. Toggle over to the three dots in the top-right corner of the phone’s display.

4. Then tab on the “Manage my account” in the Account section.

how to remove tiktok aap

5. Tap “Delete account” at the bottom of the screen.

how to delete tiktok account


After this, you have to go through a verification process to close your Tiktok account, in which a verification code will come to your phone number, after entering this SMS code you have to click on “Continue” after which your account will be deleted completely.

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Hope this post helps you to delete your tiktok account, if you have any problem, please write in the comment box and if you find this post is informative then please share on facebook and other social networking sites.

How to change Tiktok Username in App

tiktok allows you to change the username of your account if you have not changed the username of your account from 30 days. on tiktok app you can change your username after every 30 days and we will tell you how to change user name in tiktok app.

  1. Go to the “Me” section which is at the right side of the bottom.
  2. then click on “Edit Profile” and select “username”
  3. Now here you can change your tiktok username and then save setting.

Note: As soon as you change the user name on tiktok, the link to your profile will also change.

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