samsung galaxy s50 dual display concept

Samsung Galaxy S50 Ultra will be featured a Rolling Display

Samsung is one of the best flagship smartphone manufacturers, whose s-series is one of the most popular series. This series of smartphones tries its best to innovate every year and encourages innovation.

In 2010, Samsung launched the Galaxy S series and in this decade the smartphone world has changed a lot. And this is beyond all expectations, one is going to come with a unique ground-breaking design, its features will never be seen before.

In this article we are going to share full info of Samsung Galaxy S50 Ultra – Price, Specs, Release Date, News, Rumor and here we have conceptualized how the Samsung Galaxy S50 Ultra smartphone would look like. Take a look.

Recently New smartphone design has been patented by the tech giant of South Korea, and the below Images of this dual screen phone will give you a lot of idea how it will work and what it looks like.

samsung dual screen smartphone

This phone will come with a cool design which includes a huge display that rolls up to the back of it. As you are seeing, all of Samsung’s flagship has an edge display on both sides whereas in Samsung S50 concept you will not find any one on the side. in addition, the Samsung Galaxy S50 Tipped to Sport ‘Sound on Display‘ Technology, company will likely be used its sound emitting OLED panels. The Panels which have equipped this technology emit sound directly from the display panel making the speaker redundant.

The Galaxy S50 Ultra will also provide the most anticipated in-display front facing camera, but other companies are also in the race. It would not be appropriate to discuss the usefulness of this phone and the problems with its dual screen design right now, although there is no doubt that this phone comes with an absolutely unique compact design.

samsung galaxy s50 dual display phone concept

samsung galaxy s50 dual screen concept

there is another feature of the Samsung S50 Ultra phone in which if you keep the front of the phone towards your face, then its front side display works while if you keep its wear side towards your face then its real display works.

The Samsung Galaxy S50 Ultra comes with a massive 10.2 inch rolling OLED Panel with Ultra HD resolution, In which there will be a 6.2 inch display on the front side while there will be a 4 inch display on the back because both displays are connected together so both will have the same pixel density. This Samsung Device will powered by latest snapdragon processor that can be packed with up to 16GB RAM and up to 512GB on-board storage. it also equipped a 7000mAh huge battery capacity including wireless and super fast charging.

The optics department has a quad camera setup on the rear including a 150-MP primary sensor, a 48-MP telephoto sensor, a 8-MP ultra wide-angle sensor and an another 5MP depth sensor. as we previously mentioned, The handset will boasts a under display front camera.

samsung galaxy s50 dual display concept

And finally, if we talk about its price, then its price is estimated to be higher than all its flagship phones, according to which its price will be around $1,299, while in India, the Samsung Galaxy S50 Ultra will be priced at 99,990 Rupees for standard variant.

However, Samsung will not be the only brand to launch a dual-screen phone. Earlier in 2017, Chinese smartphone brands Meizu launched its dual-screen phone meizu Pro 7, along with another Chinese company, Vivo, launched its “vivo NEX Dual Display “phone that was equipped with dual screen.

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