samsung tizen os largest tv platform

Samsung’s Tizen is the World’s Largest TV Platform

According to the new report, Tizen has become one of the largest television platforms. it is a Linux based operating system being developed by Samsung and used by the company in Samsung’s Smart TV, Smart Monitor and Smart Watch. While tizen OS was also used by Samsung in its Z series smartphone which is currently discontinued. The Tizen currently accounts for 12.5% for connected TV devices worldwide.

According to a market research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung has sold 11.8 million TVs worldwide in the third quarter of 2020, which is the best quarterly performance ever by Samsung and other companies. this report also suggest that Samsung has sold 155 million Tizen OS Best Smart TVs worldwide so far. Which shows the company’s 23% growth over 2019. Although Google’s Android TV, LG WebOS, Sony’s PlayStation, Amazon’s Fire TV OS and Roku TV OS are the next big Smart TV platform in the world.

Smart TV market has increased by 19% compared to last year, till the third quarter of this year it has reached 81 million units, while it includes Smart-TVs, game console and streaming media players. Strategy Analytics also predicted overall connected TV sales will post 7% compare to 2019. adding that around 1.3 billion connected TV devices will be in use globally by the end of 2020. even so, strong home entertainment demand amid the pandemic and Work From Home are the main contributors behind this growth.

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Samsung, the world’s largest TV vendor, has been trying to make Tizen its “new revenue stream” As more and more consumers are moving from traditional TV to streaming platforms.

Samsung is now focusing on monetizing its fast growing Tizen-based TV platform to the content providers and advertisers. The company can launch its free linear TV streaming service, Samsung TV Plus worldwide, which is still available only on Galaxy smartphones.

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