best essential Security apps for android 2016

Today Security is essential for all fields that connect to internet like laptop, PC, desktop, smart TV and organizations like banking or share market are based on the security. This generation every smartphone do all day today - surfing internet, social networking, banking...etc, so security is essential not only laptop but also smartphone. these are some of the best security apps that safe your from theft, trojan, malware, virus and prevent your girlfriend msg, videos, private file.

top security apps for all android devices

best security apps for android mobile

360 Security

best antivirus apps for mobile 2016

The 360 security is a iconic antivirus apps with over 100 million downloads, 200 million trusted users antivirus apps available on Android market.
This security apps comes with tons of premium features like - Junk File, adware Cleaner, phone and SDcard scanner, Scan installed apps and provide Real time protection.
This antivirus app keeping your device safe from malware, vulnerabilities virus and trojan. Another cool features is Memory Boost that's all you One Tap Clean feature and boost mobile.

download best security apps apk

LEO Privacy security Guard

The LEO Privacy Guard is a most advance and trusted privacy app which protects your private information and private data. This security guard features - Lock your Gallery, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger also protect your private information. your also hiding images & videos by using app hide features. It guards your information and all data from leakage. It has a strong AppLock and Lock up Apps too. Besides, there is a Safe Box by which you can hide your gallery’s videos and photos.

download best security apps apk

AppLock security app

top security apps for android mobile

This is a best security app with over 100 million users. It is available in 24 languages, and it can help you remain safe, even when your Android device has been stolen. It can lock your social messenger - Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp and any other app you want. It can also hide pictures(PNG, JPEG, JPG) and videos of yours that you do not wish others to see. New Fingerprint lock added that only works in Android 6.0+ version, With random keyboard and invisible pattern lock, worrying about losing your password is not an option.

download best security apps apk

Avast mobile Security

best security apps free download

Avast is a trusted Brand of security market and everyone recognize avast because this is very popular antivirus protection software on windows PC. Avast is another best antivirus on Android with 100 million installs and 4.4 overall rating. This anti-Trojan Horses app comes with many advance features like - in case of theft - Remote lock and memory wipe features, largest Antivirus Engine that secures against unwanted privacy phishing, spyware, Worms and virus, scan installed apps and SDcard content. If you go pro, you’ll get more features including remote data recovery, geo-fencing, and app locking.

download best security apps apk

LastPass Password Manager

best security apps for password

As its name suggests, this is a password manager and generator. The lastpass stores all your passwords in a vault, and you only need to remember the password to open the vault. You can also use the fingerprint password activation feature for unique biological security, LastPass autofills web browser and app logins for you, and generates new, secure passwords instantly.
Your vault is encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption, which is more powerful. Vault keeps health insurance, legal paper, credit card info and other useful document more safe.

download best security apps apk

Quick Heal mob security

advance security apps for android mobile

Quick heal is best android antivirus app, this app protects your Android smartphone from malware, but it also secures it against theft or loss. When you lost your phone then Anti-Theft prevents your device from being misused by allowing remote lock and data wipe.
The antivirus engine scans the entire device for Trojan Horses, malware and other malicious programs, it also offers Schedule Scan options that are full customized and flexible. Another best feature is Call & SMS Filter that allows you to block unwanted mobile calls and Message.

mobile antivirus free Download

amazing apps category of Android in 2016

  • best antivirus app for Android mobile
  • fastest torrent downloader for android
  • best beautify apps for android
  • what is the best mobile Security app?

    List of best smartphone security app 2017
  • 360 security app
  • leo guard
  • applock
  • avast smartphone security
  • LastPass Security
  • Quick heal mobile Security

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    very important questions of computer GK for gov jobs, Banks, interview

    important questions of computer, MS office, operating system, windows 10 and computer revolution gen for all government exams like IBPS, BANK PO, UPSC, PCS, RBI, RAILWAY , POLICE/DEFENCE, SSC and interview.

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    Ans : A third generation high level language

    Q- Which of the following is a non-volatile memory ?
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    Q- Computer resolution measures ?
    Ans : Number of pixels

    Q- in dos which command help to hidden a file?
    Ans :Attrib+H

    Q- in MS world which is the shortcut key for increase the font size ?
    Ans : Ctrl + Shift + >

    Q- in MS world which is the shortcut key for decrease the font size ?
    Ans :Ctrl + Shift + <

    Q- Who invented keyboard ?
    Ans : Christoper Latham Sholes

    Q- Microsoft office is type of ?
    Ans : Application software

    Q- How do I increase the font size via shortcut or button?
    Ans : Ctrl+]

    Q- How do I decrease the font size via shortcut or button?
    Ans :Ctrl+[

    Q- which of the following is not a valid data type in Excel?
    Ans :Character

    Q- in MS excel hatting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called?
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    Q- Internet work on which type of switching?
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    Q- Saving is a process ?
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    Q- Where are the data and program are stored when the processor uses them?
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    Q- What is an “Internet’?
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    Q- What is full form of CAM ?
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    Q- Who invented Java ?
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    Q- Which is following is not an operating System ?
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    Fastest torrent downloader apps for android phones in 2016

    The Torrent is a type of largest file sharing platform that can download large files from the internet. Below is a simple list of the best torrent downloader apps that let you download torrents files and everything you want, for example - TV show, songs videos, full HD movies, premium software of windows, mac, and android, games. If you are bibliophile or bookworm don't worry you can download e-books, PDF note, e-magazine and lots more.

    top torrent downloader apps for all android devices

    best torrent downloader apps for android mobile


    best mtorrent downloader apps for android mobile

    The BitTorrent is best torrent downloader for windows PC and now it is available for android mobile. This torrent downloader(Torrent client) is free of cost and no limit for downloading files, also support Wi-Fi network. This app comes with an integrated music player which allows you to access audio or music files directly from the app.
    BitTorrent is a easy to use app with soft and beautiful user interface, when you select downloading path of the file you have both options- internal and SDcard.

    best torrent downloader apps for android, windows, mac


    best torrent downloader apps for android free

    aTorrent is a complete solution for torrent file downloading, it is a fastest bitorrent downloader with light graphics UI that's helpful in battery saving. this torrent app comes search dialog box option where you can search your torrent files without use of any browser. You can set downloading speed, multi download support and pause or start any file any time. it is based on libtorrent, P2P protocol, and use OpenSSL. It also support magnet links and some vital protocols Advanced DHT Bootstrap, BitTorrent, HTTP & UDP trackers.

    best torrent downloader apps for android apk

    Flud- mtorrent client

    best torrent downloader apps for android apk

    Flud is a new and best torrent client apk Android app. but it has quickly becoming one of the most popular choice with its easy, nice color combinations and super speed. This app comes with all basic features- display real time speed, multiple parallel downloading.
    The flud app support µTP (µTorrent Transport Protocol) , PeX (Peer Exchange), Wi-Fi and RRS feed, totally free of cost.

    top torrent downloader apps for all apk


    best torrent for Android smartphone to download

    Vuze The Most Powerful Bittorrent Software on Android Google playstore, this mtorrent client is a Complete torrent file management that brings the joyful torrent experience directly to your smartphone or tablet. It app has many advance features like - Control torrent download & upload speed, Task completion alerts, multitask manager, nice user interface and Ad-free experience(vuze pro version), it is very light weight and easy to use app.

    best Complete torrent file management

    tTorrent Lite - Torrent Client

    fastest ttorrent downloader for Android phone

    tTorrent is another torrent client that you should use as torrent downloader in mobile. This app features are same as PC application and it helps you to download large HD movies, mp3 songs, mac and windows software n more, it also support RSS which means - automatically download torrents published in feeds. For better performance(internet speed) High Speed Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 4G) necessary.

    best tTorrent for flagship device

    amazing apps category of Android in 2016

  • best antivirus app for mobile Security
  • fastest internet browser for android
  • best Personalization apps for android
  • torrent at a glance

    Torrent is a different type of file sharing that can download or upload large files from the internet. a torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed with list of the network locations of trackers. Torrent file extension name is .torrent and if you want to download this file you need a torrent client. The torrent system works by dividing the target file into small chunks of information. This way, users can download large files quickly.
    Note: On Android KitKat (Android 4.4), Google has removed the ability for apps to write to external SD card.
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    Best digital & analog clock widget for phone and tablets

    Everything on Android can be customized, you can customize every single part of your Android phone like - style of clock, date, notification, weather, alarm clock widget and lots more. many people grace his home screen with different different widgets, today we’re talking about clock widgets, There are tons of clock widgets available for Android — do not worry, we will be listing the best 7 clock widgets you can download on your Android phones and tablets.

    best clock widget for android tablet and phone

    best android clock weather battery widget

    Top 7 launcher apps for Android

    onca Clock Widget

    widget clock apps with weather top list

    onca Clock Widget is a best free unique Minimalist clock app for your tablet and phone, which offers combination of digital clock and analog clock. You might find reading the time a little bit difficult, but the widget brings a elegant, clean and modern style to your home screen. You can customize all element of clock like - Font size, adjusts color and Tranparency. It also shows current day on the home screen, This app Requires Android 4.1 and all upper version.

    download apk clock widget for phone tablet Android

    DashClock Widget

    widget clock apps with calendar

    The Dashclock widget is hero of Personalization category and one of the more enduring Android widgets out there. It’s is a best transparent clock widget with simple and clear view that displays information like the weather, Missed calls, your unread text messages, unread Gmail count, your next alarm, and other notification. there are enough customization options to keep you from getting bored.
    The dashclock widget runs on Android 4.2 and up, apk size of app is 1.9MB.

    tol 10 clock widget battery phone tablet Android

    Minimalistic Text Widgets

    Minimalistic Text is a widget app that displays information like - time, date, battery and weather in a minimalistic way, in other words minimalistic text is a best clock widget with weather widget, battery and date widgets. It is one of the most Customizable widget app, The layout of the widget is highly customizable through the layout editor and you'll spend almost as much time on customizing this widget as you spent on pimping your phone home display.

    download best clock widget alarm apk Android

    Chronus: Home & Lock Widget

    Chronus is one of the natural Customizable clock widget but offer not only time also – show your table/phone battery, gmail Message, Text Messages, Missed Calls and weather information. This widget app makes the system use less battery and CUP friendly, while still providing the user with rich information.
    You can Backup and restore widget settings, it is support Yahoo weather panel, colors and font size also changeable.

    download clock widget for phone tablet Android

    DIGI Clock Widget

    widget clock apps with battery widget

    DIGI is one of the best free Clock Widget on play store with classic and large clock fonts features, I’ve also set it up on my large 8 inch tablet for largest time preview. It clock widget app comes lots of editing tools for customization like- shadow effect, outlines of time, opaque (transparent) setting from 0% to 100% opacity.

    best android clock weather calendar  widget

    UCCW - Ultimate custom widget

    The UCCw is a unique widget which allows you to make your own widgets. You can create custom analog clocks, battery and weather info widget, this app comes tons of customization tool for edits - graphic, size, color and more. It's also offers a WYSIWYG editor allowing to customise layout, fonts, images, shapes.

    best android alarm clock widget

    amazing apps category of Android in 2016

  • best antivirus app for mobile
  • fastest internet browser for android
  • best Personalization apps for android
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    all Best launcher apps for Android in 2016 free

    Now lots of smartphone company develop a unique user interface then give a title like - MIUI, ZenUI, flyme, Color-OS, CyanogenMod and cover on latest Android OS and present as a different operating system. But Launchers are the new way Android users customize their phone experience when you are bored from old smartphone home launcher. There's superficial features - changing icons, display transition, customize home screen, changing background and also comes beautiful theme. you can simply download a launcher app to change all of it. But question is there are thousands of launcher available for Android

    which is the best Android launcher?

    There are tons of launchers available for Android — do not worry, these are some of the best customize launcher apps list.

    best free launcher apps 2016

    Top 7 launcher apps for Android

    Action launcher 3

    Action Launcher 3 is a most powerful launcher that equips your with tools that can make your device's desktop look more elegant. It is developed by Chris Lacy, Action Launcher 3 replaces your homescreen with a colorful, customizable and speedy app, which is really interesting. the launcher app comes with a stock Android kind of look but with some unique features make it elegant. It comes lots of features Some of these include the covers, which lets you substitute desktop folders with special shortcuts called covers. Tapping a Cover loads an app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder which you have easily customized. Another cool feature is Quicktheme which automatically match all the icon to background wallpaper, one of the best feature is the shutter option, which lets you create widgets for your favorite apps. This app Requires Android 4.1 and all upper version.

    download Android

    Nova Launcher

    Nova launcher is one of the best Android launcher and available free of cost. You can't talk about Android launchers without talking about Nova Launcher. It offers flatiron list of customization features in the smartphone. It comes gesture support, change the icon grid, layouts, animations customize themes, and Customize App Drawer(Vertical or Horizontal scrolling). how popular the app is, you'll find lots of other theme apps, guides and icon packs designed to work with this launcher. If buy Nova Launcher Prime app you get some extra features like - Hide Apps, Icon Swipes and more.

    download Android

    Smart Launcher 3

    The Smart Launcher is a SIMPLE, LIGHT and fastest launcher on play store. It occupied just 4MB space on our smartphone storage, which is a big plus. Smart Launcher 3 is completely different from any other launcher because its has a unique UI, which organize all the apps in category groups like - Games, internet, multimedia and other. Smart launcher also has Search bar for quick search in apps, contacts and web. It comes lots of free themes with icon packs for customization, on the home screen it shows six icons(changeable) in a circle (messages, music, camera, gallery, phone and browser), which looks nice and change full interface. It requires Low resource of phone, save RAM and battery, so it is the launcher of Old(weak/feeble) phones.

    download Android

    Apex Launcher

    The Apex Launcher is one of the best android launcher on playstore. it allows to you a stock Android look and feel with a few extra features thrown in for good measure. The surpass feature is highly apps icons customizing, you can Customizable app icons and folder icons, it also support, icons pack and theme engine with many themes available online. Another features are Customizable grid size and homescreens, Scrollable dock Excited transition effects, you can Backup/restore settings and Hide apps from the drawer. The Apex Launcher nuns on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) or all 4.0+ plus device.

    download Android

    Buzz Launcher

    top trending launchers apps 2017

    The Buzz Launcher is a free and truly customize launcher app for Android users and Available from Android 4.0.3+ versions. It is a newly app which popular very fast with a different kind of theming. The cool Launcher use Homepacks which allows you to not only customize your home screen, but actually change the complete home-screen itself. It is a custom launcher that has more than 1000,000+ free download themes, also comes with smooth Transition effects and you can Share home screens on Facebook, Twitter.

    download Android

    CM Launcher 3D - Stylish Boost

    best of best launcher of universal

    CM Launcher 3D is a best 3D launched for android and Powered by the most advanced 3D animation engine. The CM 3D launcher app is developed by the same developers who did CM Security which decorares our best 2016 Antivirus apps for Android, the advantage of this prettify app is built-in anti-virus engine which protects from virus and malware threat. It's also has apps Hide feature and Amazing or Elegant 3D transition effects on screens and folders switching.

    download Android

    GO Launcher EX

    super fast launcher for android 2.2 and 2.3

    Go launcher Ex is a most popular adorn app with 100 million installs, it is an oldest App among all and come tons of go launcher theme features support. In this app you can use thousands of icon packs and many customization feature that entirely change your phone user interface.

    download Android

    list of free launchers(personalize) apps in 2016

  • Action Launcher 3
  • nova launcher
  • Smart Launcher 3
  • Apex Launcher
  • Buzz Launcher
  • CM Launcher
  • go launcher Ex
  • best smartphone antivirus apps for Android

    best photography apps for Android

    turbo fast browses for android

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 totally seven new features and specifications

    Galaxy Note7 specs and specifications

    Today smartphone launched a innovative muscular superphone the Galaxy Note7 with a 5.7 large event held London, Rio de Janeiro and New York City. The highlight of Note 7 are water resistant body and S Pen with IP68 certified which means it works in 5 feet upto 30 minutes deep water, iris scanner for best security, it has expandable storage SDcard slot which happens only Samsung flagship and galaxy note 7 break barrier of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB versions, a slap on apple iPhones. The Galaxy note 7 come A dual-curved screen, same as galaxy S7 edge which gives a premium look same as six pack actor with pretty face and A rounded back so you can hold the 5.7-inch Note comfortably in the hand while using the S Pen. The galaxy Note 7 has a sleek design which allows for a more comfortable, ergonomic grip.

    Galaxy Note7 specs and water resistant test

    S-pen(stylus) Note7

    You can not imagine Samsung Galaxy note 7 without Spen, Samsung every year add some features and ameliorate performance, improved pressure sensitivity of S-pen. Galaxy note S pen is the world most popular stylus pen, This year Apple also copy the S pen formula in ipad air with the name of apple pencil. Creative and Innovative peoples are use S pen in write like a real pen, handwritten notes, convert languages by simply hovering, new Air Command functions, it tip size is only 0.7mm, another cool thing are water resistant feature and Users can bring ideas to life the moment inspiration strikes without unlocking the screen.

    Galaxy Note7 specs and full review

    what is new in galaxy note 7

  • dual edge screen with gorilla glass 5 protection
  • extendable memory option via MicroSD card slot
  • Water-resistant phone body and S Pen
  • Iris scanner to protect your phone on biometric level
  • USB-C charger port (Samsung's first phone to adopt the new standard)
  • More sensitive S Pen stylus
  • more accessories- external Camera lens, 3100mAh Backpack
  •  Samsung Galaxy Note7 series full history

    New in Note7's Display

    The Galaxy note 7 comes a large super AMOLED 5.7 quad HD 2,560x1,440 dual-edge display with pixel density of 518ppi protected by the Gorilla Glass 5 (the first phone with Corning's new screen tech) most advance in the world. Samsung also a new display technology - High Dynamic Range (HDR). It is latest developments that's improve picture quality. Next cool features is galaxy note 7 motion wallpapers.

    Camera, battery, processor same as the S7

    The Note7 has a 12 megapixel dual pixel rear camera with f/1.7, smart auto focus, ISO, slow motion video recording, HDR mode, specialist in low light or note 7 is the world best camera in low light, you can shot ultra clean 4k video recording, it also has a 5 MP selfies shooter camera with 1.7 aperture, picture quality of camera is very impressive, and colors, contrast are smartly balance. Few camera samples are taken in day and low light by galaxy note 7, you can see details in photos....

    Galaxy Note7 Camera sample in day light

    Samsung Galaxy Note7 camera sample in day light
    Galaxy Note7 camera sample in day light

    Note7 Camera sample in day light in low light

    Galaxy Note7 camera sample in low light

    Smartphone "7" powered by 2.15GHz + 1.6GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapgradon 820 (or Exynos, depending on region) processor couple with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM. The Galaxy Note7 come with 64GB internal memory and expandable upto 200GB via microSD card. Phone features a large 3500mAh battery with wireless charging and Fast USB Type-C charging.
    Google's Android Nougat software isn't launching with the Note 7, but expect an upgrade somewhere down the line. Galaxy Note7 is a Smart Phone powered by Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Samsung add some custom touch, different malodorous colors and seem a little more spaced out.

    price and accessories

    Price of a device or smartphone play a significant role, it's also decided the popularity of phone and consumer purchasing power. But this time Samsung Galaxy note 7 is priced $849 in US and £578 in UK which is affordable compare to apple iPhone 6s plus because Samsung add lots of Accessories in the boxes like- Keyboard Cover, S View Standing Cover, LED View Cover, Clear View Cover, Leather Cover, Clear Cover, Lens Cover, 3100mAh Backpack(water resistant) 10200mAh power bank, S Pen, USB Type-C Connector(USB Type-C to Type A), over all the samsung note 7 is lucrative deal. Phone will be appearing in India in September and expected price in India is Rupees 56,500 to 59,500.

    Galaxy Note7 full accessories

    The Note 7 has three security option - fingerprint sensor, password and Iris scanner to unlock the phone with your eyes it is the most advance security and Samsung also offer a Secure Folder that adds an extra layer of security to keep private information safe.

    Galaxy Note7 specifications

  • Display- 5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED dual edge with gorilla glass 5
  • Processor- 2.15GHz + 1.6GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapgradon 820
  • Camera Rear- 12 MP camera with f/1.7
  • Camera front - 5 Megapixel
  • storage- 64GB built-in storage, 32GB expandable via microSD
  • Battery- 3500mAh
  • OS- Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Hybrid SIM tray-
  • Weight 169g
  • Dimensions 153.5x73.9x7.9mm
  • special features - fingerprint sensor, water resistant
  • Network- 4G LTE cat9, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS(glonass, beidou), NFC

  • Samsung Galaxy note series is the world most famous smartphone and it also start trend of big display phone with first his note in 2011, where other phones make like apple and Nokia gave 4 inch display. Now every Chinese smartphone manufacturing company a big screen Note phone for example - Redmi Note 3, Meizu M3 note, lenovo K4 note, coolpad Note.......etc because of the popularity of Galaxy notes, note phones also win the title of "smartphone of the year " several years, only one company to compete with apple in terms of innovation, smartphone market share and best quality.
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