Best 6 apps for Samsung gear S3 watch

The flagship smartwatch of Samsung, the Gear S3 which is the successors to the last year’s Gear S2, Samsung's latest smart wearable is powered by Tizen operating system, the Gear S3 comes vital improvement such as built-in GPS for independent navigation and most important it has the ability to run third-party apps. Here are list of the best apps for Samsung’s flagship smartwatch.
best Samsung gear s3 apps 2017

This time Samsung add powerful rotating bezel to move apps, it makes gear S3 more classic, You only have to turn the bezel to respond to calls and read messages.

best apps for Samsung Gear S3

best apps for Samsung gear s3 watch
All Apps of gear S3 and S2 can be downloaded via the Galaxy App store.
Note: tpk file extension is used for gear S3(tizen OS) application package.


list of best apps for Samsung gear s3

Everybody knows about Uber and don't need to explain how it works, but in short the Uber is a cab-hailing service provider with quality, it find a nearby driver and tell you. The gear smartwatch has in starting stage so limited applications are available to download but good news is that uber app for gear S3, display size is enough that dragging the marker to your chosen pickup location. while the classic bezel allow you zoom in & out of the map. In few seconds user book a car for ride.


best application for gear s3

Glympse is a fast and easy way to share your location in real-time. You can share your accurate GPS location with friends and family member. let parent know where my children, you use this gear s3 app in different different ways, according to my suggestion share your location if you travelling a famous place.

Fruit Ninja

If you are a true gamer then playing games in a small watch give you unique experience. You already know fruit Ninja is a most popular game for smartphone but it is very difficult for developing a great graphic games for tiny device like Samsung gear s2 and s3. In this case game developer make a amazing game as good as possible.


list best apps for Samsung gear s3

If you are a health conscious person and buy a gear S3 for good health or fitness purpose then Samsung's S Health nice option, but if you find another option, Pear is one of the best Fitness Coach app that help you reach all of your fitness goals. It works without your phone and provide tracking heart rate, travel distance, burn calories details and more.

Here WeGo

Everyone know about Google Maps and it is also available for the Samsung Gear S3, google Maps is tedious on smart watch. Where Here WeGo offer you amazing maps experience, with this free apps You can set a route and have it cache to your watch, if you want more features then Mobiteka paid navigator will be good choice.

best features of Samsung gear S3

The new Samsung gear s3 comes equipped with a number of new improvements as well as features that are similar to other company's smart-watch. Samsung new smart watch comes 1.3-inch, 360x360 resolution (278ppi) Super AMOLED colour display. This wearable device powered by Samsung's dual-core 1GHz Exynos 7270 processor that is enough for running apps. It has 768MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. Gear S3 has a 380mAh battery with WPC wireless charging.

samsung gear S3 built-in apps

The built-in application of smart watch gear are music player, maps, navigation, contacts, S Voice, email client, and S Health apps. The features S3 gear watch include a barometer, heart-rate sensor, ambient light sensor, Wi-Fi, NFC, altitude sensor and Bluetooth connection with Android & IPhone smartphone. Other ultimate feature of the Samsung gear S3 is IP68 water and dust proof feature.

top Android apps for gear s3

  • Samsung gear S3 manager app for android
  • best contact manger application for mobile
  • Gear S3 Apps You Must Download

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    How to Copy & past Unselectable Text from Any Android App

    how to copy texts from apps apk
    Copy and paste is now very trending and mostly used in social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, google Plus and also YouTube, but many Android apps don't allow you to copy texts, then you need a useful apk application for Copy Unselectable Text from Any Android App. Today I want to introduce you a powerful app that helps you to easily copy texts from any android apps.

    copy texts from any Android App

    Google update Android operating system every year with nexus or pixel smartphone, but Still not give the ability to copy texts from Android apps. For example, When you play YouTube videos on official app and want to copy a comment, But can not? Where the app in the article has ultimate ability to copy-paste any YouTube video comment in your clipboard. The official apps of top social networking sites- facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and massage application don’t let you copy the text. Ever amazon online shopping app won’t let you copy texts it to your clipboard.

    Universal Copy

    Today a large list of people that smarty use copy-past in internet but much of the text on your device can’t actually be copied. Application like tumblr, Facebook & other has only TextView, however this amazing app fixed that.
    The Universal Copy is a very easy to use app that provide you the ability to copy texts. First you need to activate it and give accessibility permission.
    copy texts from any Android apps
    When application is on, you have a notification, when tapped, enables all the texts on your device screen to be copied.

    Download : Universal Copy

    It is impossible to copy any single text on YouTube app with your stock clipboard feature. So we test this app to copy texts (comment, title) on YouTube app.
    how to copy texts from any Android apps
    It is very simple to copy all text part of YouTube videos. I copied a YouTube title and comment.

    copy text(song title) from music app

    You can also test it on your music app form copy title of the song. When you activate universal copy and then press song title(do you know) for copy texts in your clipboard.
    how to copy texts from Android apps

    Universal Copy don't work with some app

    The Universal Copy don't work with few app because of different programme language are used in such app like - facebook lite, telegram and some web browser.

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    10 best 3D launcher apps for Android 2017

    best free 3d launcher apps

    If buy a new smartphone which runs on a boring Android customs theme or stock android home launcher, then you really need a cool launcher app that provide you full customization and beautiful theme. The Launcher is best tool to refresh your smartphone when you are bored from old home launcher. There's superficial features - changing icons, customize home screen, changing background and also comes beautiful theme. you can simply download a launcher app to change all of it.

    But question is there are thousands of launcher available for Android What are best 3d Launcher for Android? do not worry, these are list of the best customize launcher apps.

    top 3D launcher apps for Android

    Next Launcher 3D

    It is Best 3D launcher app for android With many amazing 3D theme and an interactive 3D interface that gives you feeling of the real world such as a 3D film. It's stunning 3 dimension dynamic effects force you to get rid of the average traditional launcher. It icon editor help you to edit or change icon's size and style. It Combine all good parts from different-different themes into a single theme. It is a most expensive 3d launcher application on Android platform with $17 price tag. But If you can't afford then i would suggest you to try its free version which has enough features for 3d optimization.

    Download : Next Launcher 3D

    CM Launcher 3D

    best Android 3d launcher application

    It is an one of the best 3D launched for android phone and Powered by the most advanced 3D animation engine. The CM 3D launcher software is developed by the same developers who did CM Security which decorares our best 2016 Antivirus apps for Android, the biggest advantage of this prettify app is built-in anti-virus software engine which protects from virus and malware threat. It's also has apps Hide feature and diverse 3D transition effects on screens and folders switching.

    Download : CM 3D launcher

    Yandex Shell launcher - free

    best 3d launcher app for mobile

    The Yandex Shell is an free iconic 3D launcher app for android with address book and dialer app. it enables you to add many useful widget, give you latest content feed and keep up to date with all the latest local news, weather, traffic & more. This Personalization app allow you to highly customise your device with custom-made themes and icons.

    Download : Yandex Shell


    Top 7 launcher apps for Android

    Action launcher 3

    Action Launcher 3 is a best launcher app for android that can make your device looks more elegant. It is developed by Chris Lacy, this Launcher application replaces your homescreen with a colorful & customizable theme. the launcher app comes with a stock Material Design look and with the same feel of Pixel Launcher, It comes lots of unique features Some of these include the covers, which lets you substitute desktop folders with special shortcuts called covers. Tapping a Cover loads an app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder which you have easily customized. Another cool feature is Quicktheme which automatically match all the icon to background wallpaper, one of the best feature is the shutter option, which allows you to create your favorite app widgets.

    Download : Action launcher 3

    Nova Launcher

    best launcher app for mobile

    Nova launcher is one of the best Android launcher app and available free of cost. You can't talk about Android launchers without talking about Nova Launcher. It offers flatiron list of customization features in the smartphone. It comes gesture support and give the ability to change the icon grid, layouts, animations themes, and Customize App Drawer(Vertical or Horizontal scrolling). The popularity of this free android launcher app can be understood by the fact that you'll find lots of other theme apps and icon packs designed to work with this launcher. If buy Nova Launcher Prime app you get some extra features like - Hide Apps, Icon Swipes and more.

    Download : Nova launcher

    Smart Launcher 3

    best customization apps for android

    The Smart Launcher is unique launcher app for android with tag of SIMPLE, LIGHT and fastest. It occupied just 4MB space on our smartphone storage, which is a big advantage. Smart Launcher 3 is completely different from any other launcher because its has a unique graphic design, which organize all the apps in category groups like - Games, internet, multimedia and other. Smart launcher also has Search bar for quick search in apps, contacts and web. It comes thousands of free themes with icon packs for customization, on the home screen it shows six icons(changeable) in a circle (messages, music, camera, gallery, phone and browser), which looks nice and best alternative solution of ugly stock launcher. It requires Low resource of phone, save RAM and optimize battery life, so it is easily run in Old(weak/feeble) phones. With this app You can hide apps from the apps grid and protect them with password, Overall this a simple launcher app that works on easy to use concept.

    Download : Smart Launcher 3

    Apex Launcher

    top launchers apps for android

    The Apex Launcher is a ultimate launcher app on Android playstore. it allows to you a stock Android look and grace you home screen with a few extra customizing features. The surpass feature is true icons customizing, you can Customizable every single app icons and folder icons, it also support, icons pack and theme engine with many themes available online. Another features are Customizable grid size and homescreens, you can Backup/restore settings and Hide apps from the drawer.

    Download : Apex Launcher

    Buzz Launcher - free tool

    top trending launchers apps 2017

    The Buzz Launcher is a free and advance launcher app for Android users. It is a newly app which popular very fast with a different kind of theme. This cool Launcher use Homepacks which allows you to not only customize your home screen, but actually change the complete home-screen itself. It is a custom launcher that has more than 1000,000+ free download themes, also comes with smooth Transition effects and you can Share home screens with friends on Facebook & Twitter.

    Download : Buzz Launcher

    GO Launcher EX

    super fast launcher for android

    Go launcher Ex is a most popular launcher app with 100 million installs, it is an oldest App among all and come tons of go launcher custom plugins. In this app you can download thousands of icon packs and many customization function that entirely change your phone user interface. If you finding phone's customization or beautify apps and then you see huge a list of Go launcher tools. In simple words its developes all app that makes you device more attractive. It also has a large variety of home screen looks.

    Download : GO Launcher EX

    Launcher 8 WP style

    if you are a windows phone lover or really like tiles user interface and Want to try a new style like Windows Phone, subsequently Searching How to convert Android phone into Windows phone? you answer is Launcher 8 app, it is innovative launcher app that make your Android home screen looks like a windows smartphone. This provider you a clean tiles UI with the ability to modify colors and icons of the tiles.

    Download : windows 8 launcher

    android launcher at a glance

    Most of people use android devices but don't know about launcher. Every android phone has a pre-installed home-launcher app. But there are many third party app that you can download from Android app Store, there app are designed for extra Customization and mainly focus on user interface. It definitely helps You to grace phone overall interface.

    advantage of Android launcher app

    A best launcher app allow you to customise you overall phone looks, and also helps you to remove Irritating home screen with an impressive GUI. An Android 3d launcher apps gives you a great amount of features for refresh your mode and automatically enhance colorful graphics.

    well here are a few benefits list

  • an excellent launcher apps comes many customization features than easily optimization your phone looks.
  • with Android launcher 3d app you can charge app icons and eliminate dull icons of the device.
  • it give you the ability to upgrade you phone user interface without update you phone operating system. In simple words, charge your Old gingerbread or kit Kat phone into latest marshmallow or nougat with one app.
  • all popular launcher apps comes many good looking themes and online download support
  • the launcher apps remove the limitations of a home-launcher as well as integrated with screen look and many cool widget.

  • Drawback of a android launcher app

    If you replace a pre-loaded home launcher with a 3rd party custom launcher app, in starting you apply lot of customizing feature or use custom icon packs and feel happy. But later launcher don't work very well and some time your phone hang or late responding because of large cache store by launcher and high graphics. If you use a android launcher for long periods, in that case i am recommended you to clean launcher cache in regular basis.
    disadvantage of 3d launcher apps for android Graphic sources
    In second case, 3D launcher software gives a rich 3 dimension graphical experience as well as consume lots GPU and CPU power, so that your battery discharge very fast.

    list of best HD 3D launchers apps

  • CM launcher 3D
  • Next launcher 3D m
  • Yandex Shell launcher

  • list of free android launchers apps

  • Action Launcher 3
  • nova launcher
  • Smart Launcher 3
  • Apex Launcher
  • Buzz Launcher
  • Launcher 8
  • go launcher Ex

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    7 best free antivirus apps for Android

    best antivirus app for hacking Today smartphone users download thousands of apps, Play games, download files, open email online, banking online and transfer money online, so some people like having that extra security and want more protection, there are always safe from theft, trojan, malware and virus. these are best antivirus and security apps for Android in 2016 .
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  • 360 Security – best malware protection

    360 security is most popular antivirus apps with over 100 million downloads, 200 million trusted users and 10.4 people ratings, with 4.6 overall rating this is highly rated antivirus Android apps on Android market.
    This antivirus apps comes with thousands of premium features like - Junk File Cleaner, phone and SDcard scanner, adware cleaner, Scan installed apps and provide Real time protection. This antivirus app keeping your device safe from virus, malware, vulnerabilities and trojan. Another cool features of Memory Boost that's all you One Tap Clean feature and boost mobile.

    Download : 360 security (free)

    CM Security

    best android antivirus app

    CM is a free antivirus app that provide best virus protection for smartphone. This antivirus app win many awards and ranked 1 by the AV-TEST many times, this app comes tons of features like- cloud based antivirus engines, Scan pre-installed and installed apps, keep your phone safe from adware, malware and spyware. CM Security app also comes a cool AppLock feature with fingerprint sensor support(- Samsung S6, S6 edge, S7 edge plus, Note 6, HTC A9), this app takes selfies of people trying to nose around in your business and privacy.

    Download : CM Security (free)

    AVAST Mobile Security

    best free antivirus app for android

    Avast is a big Brand of antivirus market and everyone recognize avast because this is very trusted antivirus on windows PC. Avast is another best antivirus on Android with 100 million installs and 4.4 overall rating. This antivirus app comes with many premium features like - in case of theft - Remote lock and memory wipe features, largest Antivirus Engine that secures against unwanted privacy phishing, spyware, and virus, scan installed apps and SDcard content. If you go pro, you’ll get more features including remote data recovery, geo-fencing, and app locking.

    Download : Avast (free)

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  • Avira Antivirus Security

    best android apps of antivirus 2016

    Avira is a one of oldest security brand on windows platform but on Android platform Avira mobile Security is a relatively newer. Avira antivirus comes with basic tool, real-time protection, malware removal, virus protection, Scan external storage and installed apps. This app also comes same advance features like ANTI-THEFT tools, safe Browsing, Blacklist, and Stagefright Advisor to help you work around that particular vulnerability.

    Download : Avira Antivirus tool (free)

    Bitdefender Antivirus Free

    top free antivirus app for android

    Bitdefender is an emerging antivirus company and provide award-winning product. Bitdefender Antivirus Free is a lightest Android app that comes two basic features - first real-time antivirus protection and second scan device with cloud scanning technology and catch more than 99% of all viruses. This antivirus app also comes with a great feature - zero configuration and runs as light as this one does. This antivirus app rins Without slowing down your Android or draining your battery.

    Download : Bitdefender (free)

    AVG Antivirus

    free virus protection for Android platform

    AVG AntiVirus app is most powerful antivirus app available on google play with Over 100 million people already installed AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps. The features include the usual device scanning, app scanning, remove malicious content and real-time protection. Also, if you lose your device, you can block or wipe your information and locate your device on maps via Google Maps . Pay for the Premium Version, and you get a whole load more features, such as, App Backup, app locking, call and message blocking and more.

    Download : AVG Antivirus protection (free)

    Kaspersky Internet Security

    best virus protection for Android OS

    Kaspersky is an international security group and Kaspersky lab ranks fourth in the global ranking of antivirus. On Android Kaspersky free version offers all the standard Advanced Anti-Theft Protection, anti-malware protection and Antivirus Scanner. while the paid version ( $9.99 per year) gets Anti-Phishing, real-time protection, cloud protection, and Privacy Protection when you surf on internet. This antivirus app is quite heavy so old smartphone face same problem by using the full version of this app.

    Download : Kaspersky Internet Security (free)

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    best Anti-Spyware apps for Android phone
    Malwarebytes built its reputation as one of the most lightweight PC protection application. And also built reputation on Android OS with 4.2 over all rating on play store. This antivirus has enough features for protect you smartphone or tablet, like - Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, antivirus and Privacy Manager. Main focus of this app provide best antivirus protection, malware scanning and real-time protection. Over all Malwarebytes Antivirus app comes with effective antivirus tools, easy to use and run on old smartphone device.

    Download : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Quick Heal security

    advance virus killer apps for android mobile

    Quick heal is best virus killer app for Android, this virus-doctor app enable you to scan all types of harmful virus from your smartphone, The antivirus engine scans the entire device to delete Trojan Horses, silent spy, malware, auto-run virus and other malicious programs, it also allows you an automatic Schedule Scan options that are full customized and flexible. but it also secures it against theft or loss. When you lost your phone then Anti-Theft prevents your device from being misused by allowing remote lock and data wipe. Overall it is a stress free antivirus apps on Android market.

    Download : quickheal total security

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  • best video editing and converter apps for android

    best pro professional video editing app for android

    best video editor, converter, collage and compressor apps for android

    Today many Android phone comes good quality camera and capable of shooting videos full HD quality. But to create a eye catching video you need the best video editor that makes your video's viewable & enhance your video quality. For all of this editing operations you don't need a computer and a costly windows video editor software, now many Android video editor apps are available that allow you professional video editing features like - video collages, merge videos, trim clips, add stickers, converter & compress video file, apply various magical effects and more. Here is a list of top 5 freeware Videos app for Android.

    video editor apps

    vivavideo editor app

    VivaVideo is one of the best video editor apps for Android. It has over 200 million users all over the world, This great video app allows an user to create a slow motion video, make photo to video and converter movie, this easy to use video tool provide very smoother or comfortable video editing experience. It's comes tons of basic and advance features for change a video completely and provide you the ability to edit a single frame of the video file. With this app you can Enhance videos with various texts, fonts, animated stickers, music and merge video clips.
    this editor can make a wonderful Video Collage. It also support download filter pack by one-tap. Share your creative work to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, google+, WhatsApp, Vine, Vimeo, Wechat and email.

    Download : VivaVideo Editor

    Adobe Premiere Clip

    Premiere Clip is an another best Android video editor that helps you to Create beautiful videos in minutes using photos and clips. It is developed by adobe but this app is not enough Powerful than VivaVideo because the Premiere Clip is newborn app, this video editor is prefect in tree basic functions - easily trim your video, Add your own music soundtrack and converter video. You can Save finished videos to your SD card, also share directly to social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, google+ and YouTube.

    Download : Adobe Premiere Clip

    KineMaster – Video Editor

    best Android video editing apk app

    This is a powerful video converter and editing app for Android operating system. It you are a extra creative people then KineMaster full support your creativity. With this app you can add Multiple layers for video, add amazing song, variety of themes and animations, text in video clips, another beneficial feature of this video editor tool is Instant preview of video project. This amazing app of video editing is comes free of cost tag so it's really love by youtubers.
    KineMaster mobile video editing app run on Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean MR2) and above version.

    Download : KineMaster – Video Editor

    Video Editor Music

    top video editing apps for instagram

    If you want to rapidly popular on instagram, the Video Editor Music app is works like black magic. It is Best Instagram video editor and photo editor with adding music, add text on video, blur border on video, best for vine videos, Make your dubsmash musically video and lip sync videos.
    Other basic features are - video trim, video cut and video compress.

    Download : Video Editor Music

    video converter and compressor

    VidTrim video trimmer

    best video converter or editor apps

    VidTrim is a best video converters application for Android. It includes multiple features like Trim video clips, Merge video clips and Join multiple clips into one video, Convert video files to MP3 audio files, Frame grabber, The transcoder allows you to convert video to MP4, resize and compress video in small size. It has lot for options for compress a video subsequently you can use small resolution or low quality options for smartly compress a video file.
    You can also Add music audiotrack to your videos through transcoding feature.

    Download : VidTrim video trimmer

    Video Converter Android

    best video converter apps

    As it is name suggests, it is a total video converter apps for Android, the biggest advantage you get with this is that you can convert all video formats to mpeg4 and h264 videos, including avi, divx, flv, m4v, mkv, mov, wmv, dv4 and more. It also convert mp4 and all video format to mp3 or aac audio file.
    This apk application powered by a video compressor that reduce video file size.

    Download : Video Converter

    Video Collage app

    PicPlayPost - Video Collage

    best video collage apps

    PicPlayPost is a best Video Collage maker app for Android with advance editing tools that delivers you lots customization options to build magical video collage. This video application enables you to create a mixed collage video by using your With Videos, Gifs, Photos and Music. Acapella maker and GIF maker made a collage video by your phone camera and gif videos respectively. It also allows you to add watermark on video and also adjust video ratio with a variety of frames ratios- 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9, it is Best Instagram editing apps because of 1:1 frame ratio.

    Download : PicPlayPost

    top multimedia apps for Android in 2016

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  • best pdf editor and converter apps for Android

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    best music player apps for android with equalizer

    top free music apps
    Music is a part of life and everyone love a different type of music, now technology changes the way of songs recording, composition, editing, effects and also music playing. Old music system are replaced by new gadget, new iPod, wireless headphones and smartphone make songs listening very easy and comfortable. Definitely Modern phone hardware enhance your music quality but you need a best music software for properly run your hardware and also optimize battery sound quality. We've spent many hours to curative the best free Android music player with music equalizer..

    best music player with equalizer for android

    jetAudio Music Player

    best music player with equalizer for android

    jetAudio is a best music player for Android mobile that comes with tons of features like- many sounds effects, themes and more. Plugins include the AM3D Audio Enhancer and Bongiovi DPS, which enhances sound processing and improve sound. this music app also features a powerful graphic equalizer which comes many editing options for deeply customization of track songs.
    If you pay £3.29 / US$4.99 for pro version and get more premium features like - Display lyrics in Tag(Unsynchronized lyrics), app widgets, Pitch shifter, no advertisement and more.

    Download : jetAudio


    n7player Music Player

    n7player is an another best Music app with volume equalizer for android platform and comes with all standard audio features. highlight of this app is different user interface and easy to use. You can Use a built-in album art grabber to beautify your music library. This music application allows you to change music rhythm with inbuilt advanced equalizer and you can edit the characteristics of music like - pitch, surround effects, Tune bass & treble. This app automatically balance volume, and adjust channel.
    It UI revolves around multi-sized artist or album names and it brings with it a very elegant and different design. It Plays all popular file formats - mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, mkv and aac. Over all n7player is a nice and different looking music app and you can try it.

    Download : n7player

    Poweramp music player

    poweramp music player for android

    Poweramp is another best android music player app with powerful equalizer. It is very highly rated music app with 4.7 rating on the Android PlayStore. This app comes with strong musical Features like gapless play, an unmatched equalization system, great crossfade. It's equalizer booster enables you to modify the sound of your tracks. This Top Quality Audio Player is recommend by many people but it not free and The trial version will give you 15 days of the uninterrupted music experience. Pay $3.99 for unlock all features of Poweramp and enjoy a melodious life.

    Download : poweramp

    best music player for android

    Musixmatch music player

    free music player apk download app

    Musixmatch is a solid music player with world’s largest lyrics catalogue that allows you enjoy diverse music with synced lyrics, so You can also enjoy synced lyrics while playing your favorite songs, it comes with the FloatingLyrics widget with cool user interface provides best music experience. It's this unique lyric widget that makes Musixmatch a real winner. you’ll not find an app on playstore that offers more features than Musixmatch.

    Download : Musixmatch player

    Z Players: free player

    z player with full customization

    Z player is a best looking music player app on android platform. If you love Microsoft smartphone because of tiles user interface, you can download z player and enjoy its unique metro or tile graphic, which is inspired by Microsoft Phone music app. This app features - download Metadata, artist biographies, similar albums, Podcast Features, Online Radio and more. Another cool features of the app are Album editor, you can edit artist name, song picture Pick from Gallery. This song app enable you to play high quality video.

    Download : Z music player

    Google Play Music

    best music app on Android

    Google play music is a official music app of google with vast collection of online songs. if you have a subscription then you can stream on different platform. In this music app you can upload up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection and then available to stream at any times. It also play your local(phone/sdcard memory) audio track and songs. Google Play Music offers customized recommendations based on mood, activity and also access popular international radio stations.

    Download : Google play music

    Music equalizer at a glance

    A music equalizer is tool that helps you to modify a song in your style. It allows you to adjust a song volume, presets in different ways, many popular presets (Electro, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock) are already available and You can also easily create your own custom preset with the multi band Equalizer controller. equalizer app comes the ability to convert a normal music song into full DJ optimized song.

    best multimedia apps for Android

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  • What is your favorite music player and equalizer for Android? Tell us in the comments and your feedback is important for us.

    best contact management app for android & iPhone

    the best password manager 2017
    humans natural tendency to make connection with other people and every connection create a new contact. according to the simple calculation "more people connecting is equal to more contact" Your contacts are the most important data in your phone, but If you are small-business owners, politician or a extrovert person then you has a long list of contact and mobile number.

    you need a best contact manger app which helps you to organize all your contacts with eyes catching graphic and instantly display when you need. It will be create a strong nexus with your friends, family, coworkers, business partner and customers. Here is a list of the best contact manger app for android & iPhone devices.

    best contact manager android and iphone


    best contact manager app for mobile

    The drupe is a best contact management app for android and iPhone with 5 million installs on playstore. This app comes a refresh Swipe user interface, the app allows you calling, texting, but you can also record calls. Simply Get back to your missed calls via call, SMS or whatsapp, Snooze for later or set reminders. This contact app solve the duplicate Google contacts issues, Plus it support all popular languages.

    Download : Android, iPhone

    Sync.ME –Caller ID & Block

    contact manager app for mobile

    Sync.ME is an iconic contacts app for iphone and android. The app help you to easily communicate with your friends or family member. It is Excellent app for syncing your contacts with social media profile pictures and Keep your contacts up to date & synchronize their latest photo. This easy to use contact app Identify unknown caller ID, blocking incoming calls and unwanted calls. It provides beautiful view of the complete contact ID of your contacts list including mobile number, name, and updated data from facebook.

    Download : Android, iPhone


    FullContact Address Book

    FullContact is an another best contact organizer software for your IPhone(IOS) and Android smartphone. It simply Combine Google Contacts, Phone Contacts, and social media accounts to get a complete view of your contacts. This app Automatically merge duplicate contacts and provide a correct contact list. Fullcontact allows you to Import and sync contact details with iCloud & Gmail accounts, also provide online cloud support for your contact.

    Download : Android, iPhone

    Contacts Optimizer

    what is the best app for android

    It is a ultimate contact manager app for mobile because of both its free price tag and its quality performance. Contact optimizer comes all basic features to manage your all contact in one place and add a new contact with all of their info to make it easily find later. One of the other cool features of this Contacts is the ability to find and remove duplicates contacts. A user also move your contacts between accounts.

    Download : iOS, playstore

    best android contact manager

    Truedialer - Phone & Contacts

    what is the best app for android

    Truedialer is a most popular android contact app and Best alternative solution of your boring stock contact app. Truedialer is brought by Truecaller and More than 110 million people world wide use Truecaller app. The app gives you instant access to relevant information about people and also provide a powerful search which helps you to find more about unknown numbers and Spam call. This fast and easy to use app comes with Truecaller integration.

    Download : Truedialer


    unique contact application for android

    The Contacts+(plus) is more powerful true all-in-one contacts, sms, call log and dialer app for android. This phone book comes full contact management system with all basic task like - create new contact, add address, edit or modify old contacts and connect with relative peoples. It also powered with caller ID, spam call protection and contacts backup.
    With this You can choose Grid or List contacts view as you love and customize with over 80 themes. The contact management software gives you a comprehensive 360-degree view of your contacts.

    Download : Contacts+

    Essential features for Contact manager app

  • ability to delete duplicate contacts
  • create, edit, change contacts
  • provide contact backup via online or offline
  • Email integration
  • add address with map location
  • Fetch social media profiles
  • best contact search results

  • Do You Need a advance Contact Management application?

    The stock contact app comes with many limitations and make a hidden wall between you and your relatives. In other side, a full featured contact manger app enables you to maintain your relationship with peoples, and not limited you to call and message but also enable you to add pinpoint address, fetch facebook profile picture, bock spam call, communication history.... and more. A best Android & iPhone contact manager app comes with enhance graphics and colors.

    top 10 connectivity apps for Android

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  • best download manager app for Android
  • best password manager app for Android
  • business card scanner apk android

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