7 best free antivirus apps for Android 2018 (Updated)

best antivirus app for hacking
If you search an antivirus and Anti-Spyware app on your Android phone then here is the right place. An antivirus software provides extra security and many other security features. It always protects against worms, trojans, viruses and other malware that can slow or even damage your smartphone. we decided to accommodate a list of best android antivirus apps 2018(updated).
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  • 360 Security – best malware protection

    360 security is most popular antivirus apps with over 100 million downloads, 200 million trusted users and 10.4 people ratings, with 4.6 overall rating this is highly rated antivirus Android apps on Android market.
    This Android antivirus apps comes with thousands of premium features like - Junk File Cleaner, phone and SDcard scanner, Scan installed apps and provide Real time protection. This antivirus app keeping your device safe from virus, malware, and vulnerabilities. Another cool features of Memory Boost that's all you One Tap Clean feature and boost mobile health.

    Download : 360 security (free)

    CM Security

    best android antivirus app

    CM is a free antivirus app that provides best virus protection for the smartphone. This antivirus app wins many awards and ranked 1 by the AV-TEST many times, this app comes tons of features like- cloud-based antivirus engines, Scan pre-installed and installed apps, keep your phone safe. CM Security app also comes a cool AppLock feature with fingerprint sensor support. this app takes selfies of people trying to nose around in your business and privacy.

    Download : CM Security (free)

    AVAST Mobile Security

    best free antivirus app for android

    Avast is a big Brand of antivirus market and everyone recognize avast because this is very trusted antivirus on windows PC. Avast is another best antivirus on Android with 100 million installs and 4.4 overall rating. This antivirus app comes with many premium features like - in case of theft - Remote lock and memory wipe features. largest Antivirus Engine that secures against unwanted privacy phishing, spyware, virus, and also scan SDcard content. If you go pro, you’ll get more features including remote data recovery, geofencing, and app locking.

    Download : Avast (free)

    Avira Antivirus Security

    free android antivirus apps

    Avira is a one of oldest security brand on windows platform but on Android platform, Avira mobile Security is a relatively newer. Avira antivirus comes with the basic tool, real-time protection, Scan external storage and installed apps. This app also comes same extraordinary features like ANTI-THEFT tools, safe Browsing, Blacklist, and Stagefright Advisor to help you work around that particular vulnerability.

    Download : Avira Antivirus tool (free)

    Bitdefender Antivirus Free

    top free antivirus app for android

    Bitdefender is an emerging antivirus company and provide award-winning product. Bitdefender Antivirus is a lightest Android app that offers basic as well as advanced safety features. It can scan device with cloud scanning technology and catches more than 99% of all viruses. This antivirus app also comes zero configuration which runs as light as this one does. This antivirus app runs Without slowing down your Android or draining your battery.

    Download : Bitdefender (free)

    AVG Antivirus

    free virus protection for Android platform

    AVG AntiVirus app is most powerful antivirus app available on google play with Over 100 million people already installed AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps. The features include the usual device scanning, app scanning, remove malicious content and real-time protection. Also, if you lose your device then you can block or wipe your information and locate your device on maps via Google Maps. Pay for the Premium Version, and you get a lot more features, such as App Backup, app locking, call and message blocking and more.

    Download : AVG Antivirus protection (free)

    Dr.Web Security

    best antivirus, security apps

    This antivirus application is working as a doctor for infected smartphones, even though malicious programs, Ranosware Trojan. The Security App has made this place for the first time in this "best antivirus app list" because its performance is fantastic. This app filter URL and Blocking of websites that distribute viruses. Overall Dr.Web Antivirus is a great software that needs more security.

    Download : Dr.Web antivirus (free)

    Kaspersky Internet Security

    best virus protection for Android OS

    Kaspersky is an international security group and Kaspersky lab ranks fourth in the global ranking of antivirus. On Android Kaspersky free version offers all the standard Advanced Anti-Theft Protection, and Antivirus Scanner. while the paid version ( $9.99 per year) gets Anti-Phishing, real-time protection, and Privacy Protection when you surf on the internet. This antivirus app is quite heavy so old smartphone face some problem by using the full version of this app.

    Download : Kaspersky Internet Security (free)

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    best Anti-Spyware apps for Android phone

    Malwarebytes built its reputation as one of the most lightweight PC protection application. And also built a reputation on Android OS with 4.2 overall rating on play store. This antivirus has enough features for protecting your smartphone or tablet. The main focus of this app provides best antivirus protection, malware scanning, and real-time protection. Overall Malwarebytes Antivirus app comes with effective antivirus tools in lowest megabytes Size & interface is easy to use.

    Download : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Quick Heal security

    advance virus killer apps for android mobile

    Quick heal is best virus killer app for Android, this virus-doctor app enable you to scan all types of harmful virus from your smartphone, The antivirus engine scans the entire device to delete silent spy, autorun virus and other malicious programs. it also allows you an automatic Schedule Scan options that are full customized and flexible. When you lost your phone then Anti-Theft prevents your device from being misused by allowing remote lock and data wipe. Overall it is a stress-free antivirus app on Android market.

    Download : quickheal total security

    Nokia 11 price, specification: upcoming Nokia android smartphone 2018

    We are known Nokia was the legendary smartphone manufacturing company but it still has the same value. Nokia fans always like "Nokia devices" because the company uses latest technology with ultra durable components in our smartphone. The life of Nokia mobiles is also longer compared to other companies smartphone like iPhone, Samsung etc.

    Nokia 11 upcoming smartphone trailer

    In the year 2017, the company made a comeback in the smartphone market with Nokia 6, which worked well to reestablish Nokia. According to latest sources, Nokia started work on next flagship device which will return his prestige. The name of this Samsung killer device will be Nokia 11 and it is confirmed that phone run on Android platform. This smartphone will debut in market next year with Nokia R10 phone, it will be the best Nokia smartphone for attractiveness as well as performance aspect.

    Nokia 11X specification

    According to the news source, the Nokia 11 will come with a 5.7 inch 4K super IPS display with geo-color technology. It powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU with 12GB DDR4 RAM. The Nokia 11 will be featured 42-megapixel camera at the back. Nokia also added light equalize feature Which helps to easily see phone notifications. This smartphone will be a music-centric device, for which Nokia is known

    Nokia 11 price

  • Nokia 11 price in India - Rs 42,999
  • Nokia 11 price in USA - $650
  • Nokia 11 price in Pakistan- Rs 43,199
  • Nokia 11 price in UK- £629
  • Nokia 11 price in UAE- 2295 Dirham
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    Nokia R10 upcoming phone in 2018

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    Best DDR4 RAM for ryzen(AMD) and intel PC 2018

    best ddr4 ram for ryzen, Intel

    If you are building a new PC or upgrade your system, then selection of right RAM is very important because RAM is a essential of computer and This has a direct effect on PC performance. Today DDR4 is the newly launched technology and we are recommending you to go with latest. we decided to accommodate a list of best DDR4 RAM for Gamers, and And also categories into the budget and high end range

    Best mid-range DDR4 RAM

    Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400Mhz

    best DDR4 RAM for PC gamers

    Corsair has produced both budget RAM as well as premium RAM for gamers. This RAM allows you to smooth multitasking and best gaming experience in this price. It will easily overclock up to 2400Mhz. The design of RAM is very unique and 100% aluminum headsprint keeps the electronic component cool. This is a dual channel RAM, & available in either dark Red and black. This RAM is available in 4GB(minimum), 8GB, and 16GB(maximum) variants.

    HyperX Fury DDR4

    best ddr4 memory RAM for ryzen PC

    HyperX fury is one of the best RAM at the cheapest price. This memory stick manufactured by Kingston which is well known for their quality memory products. HyperX Fury available in three versions and the 2133Mhz variant is the entry level of DDR4 RAM. This allows you to overclock automatically, while large heat sinks help keep RAM cool and this memory only available on in black color.

    G.Skill Ripjaws V

    best ddr4 random access memory for PC

    G.Skill Ripjaws V series RAM is one of the fastest and affordable Random Access Memory. G.Skill only use top of the line Samsung IC chips that offer the best performance. Every memory stick of G.Skill has face rigorous test before it leaves the factory, so it gives you best stability and smoothest performance. you can choose between red and black, it is the second generation of DDR4 RAM and company redesign the style of the heat spreader, which gives sexy look as well as reduce the temperature.

    Best high end DDR4 RAM

    Corsair Dominator Platinum

    top ddr4 ram for fastest performance

    Corsair Dominator Platinum is an ultimate top-rated DDR4 RAM in the market. It is designed for top of line Ryzen and skylake custom built. This memory comes with the highest grade sorted ICs, which performs brilliantly and works fine at high temperatures. This RAM is made for extreme use and when you need it, it automatically overlocks without any trouble. It will balance itself in such a way that the system can function at the fastest speed. black brushed aluminum heat spreaders, as well as the naming on the top edge, gives a premium design.

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    G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series

    G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series is very popular among professional games because of tempting lighting. It is one of the cheapest ways to get a beautiful RGB DDR4 RAM, with the stick coming in at just $12.5 per gigabyte. This is a 16GB(8GBx2) kit that runs at 3200MHz. altogether it is the best RAM for attractiveness as well as performance aspect.

    DDR4 RAM at a Glance(DDR3 vs DDR4 RAM)

    As we know ddr4 random access memory is the newest and fastest technology compared to previous ddr3 RAM. The DDR3 memory runs between 800 MHz and 2133 MHz, while the DDR4 memory runs 2133 MHz and above. Ddr4 uses less power(1.35V) then the older ddr3 version consumes more energy. DDR3 RAM has used a 240-pin package, which has been expanded to 288-pin in DDR4 RAM.

    Best 5 QR code and bar code scanner apps for Android & iPhone

    best qr code reader, scanner android

    QR Code is a new technology which is converted your website links, numbers and long alphabets list in a readable tiny dotted black and white image. both QR code and Bar code system is very responsible & fast technology. When we search QR scanner on play store I am surprised because a large list of QR or Barcode reader apps are available then we decided to accommodate a short list of best QR/Bar code scanner for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices.

    Best QR/Bar code reader for Android & iPhone

    Your smartphone’s camera will not be able to scan the QR by itself, then You need a software that enables them to translate the information in the actual form. Few smartphone is already equipped with a pre-installed QR code scanner apps.

    Please read below article if your device's camera isn't able to read QR code and Barcode.


    best bar code scanner apps android, iPhone

    i-nigma is a most powerful QR code reader app and it’s available on all popular operating systems. This app developed by 3gvision LTD and You can realize its fame with the fact that over 5 million downloads on the PlayStore. I am personally like this free QR reader application because it offers a lot of features in the just 3.5MB package.
    This code reader app supports the all-important code types. it has an overall user rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on iOS and google's AppStore. It also provides "i-nigma Shopper" feature that allows You to compare prices of various products at popular online retailer sites such as eBay & Amazon.

    Download : Android, iPhone

    Barcode Scanner

    free best bar and qr code scanner apps android

    the overall best-liked Reader app for both iPhone and Android as it scans QR-Codes as well as barcodes. It comes with a very simple user interface and Doesn't request a bunch of weird permissions. This application allows you to share apps, contacts, and bookmarks in a QR Code. This scanner app available for almost all mobile Operating System but works well especially on the Google's Android platform.

    Download : Android


    best QR code scanner apps for Android, iPhone

    The NeoReader an excellent app for converting your mobile phone into a QR Reader and works with the most mobile platform like iOS, android, windows etc. This app only occupying approximately 4 MB space on internal storage memory.

    The software allows you to scan almost every type of QR/Barcodes like one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and QR, Data Matrix, Aztec, PDF, etc. With this scanner, you can Create your own QR codes in few seconds. It is a very user-friendly app and The accuracy of this QR-code scanner is impressive.

    Download : Android, iPhone

    QR Droid Scanner

    top qr code reader Android, iPhone

    QR Droid is an another top-rated scanner app on play store. With this app, you can decode almost every type of QR code, matrix, and barcode Data. This app takes approximately 12 MB of your mobile device’s internal storage. It will also turn your mobile device into a powerful QR code generator.
    Another good feature of this app is that it is AD-free and you will not have to pay any fee for it.

    Download : Android

    best Bar code scanner for Android

    1. Barcode Scanner Pro

    As its name suggests, this is a complete suite of Bar & QR code Recognize tool. It also offers QR code generator feature for your smartphones. This scanner app quickly & successfully uses the mobile’s camera to recognize barCodes. You can download this app from play store free of cost.

    2. QR & Barcode Scanner

    This is the fastest bar/QR code scanner app from all others. With this app, You can simply Scan barcode or QR code in one step. It also facilitates creating barcodes and QR codes of various different formats like Geographic Locations, Email Addresses, Contact Records, URLs, Phone Numbers, Text, SMS etc.

    What's your favorite QR code reader app? please Leave us a comment below.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price and release date in india, USA, UK

    Samsung Galaxy note 9 specification, price

    The Samsung is a one of the largest smartphone manufacturing company on the Galaxy and Samsung itself makes all part of its smartphone, It is also world biggest IC maker company. When we look at Samsung Mobile, the first thing is that there is innovation along with quality as well. Samsung will use the new technology to make its next Note 9 smartphone better than the previous note. It will definitely defeat the iPhone 9 in the case of revolution and specifications, while Galaxy S8 edge has already beaten the iPhone 8 Plus.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 feature video

    according to rumors, Galaxy Note 9 will completely change the smartphone scenario. It is assumed to come up with breakthrough technology product which never existed in any market. We already know that the Note smartphone series is extremely popular among creative people and is widely used by the businessman or the productive person.

    Galaxy Note 9 price, Specifications, release date

    Know everything about Galaxy Note 9 phones, specifications, release date, price, concept video, features, wallpapers and pictures etc.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 concept video

    Galaxy Note 9 specification

    Samsung has always been ahead of time and use best cutting edge technology in all products. According to rumors samsung note 9 will be comes a 4K super AMOLED 6.4inch infinity screen with best color reproduction in the world. It will be has 4500mAh battery with fast & wireless charging support, 16MP dual rear camera setup which is best low light camera in all smartphone. It would be having 10nm Exynos 8910 or Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 3.4 GHz processor couple with 8GB RAM. The Galaxy Note 9 will come with 128 GB internal memory with expandable memory options.

    Note 9: key features

  • display- 6.4inch Super AMOLED display
  • RAM - 8GB DDR4
  • Processor- Exynos 8910
  • battery - 4500mAh
  • security- iris scanner, DNA security
  • camera- 12MP dual rear
  • 5G network CAT Plus

  • Galaxy Note 9 release date - UK, India & USA

    Traditionally Samsung unveils a new device of Note series every year at the IFA show, which takes place in end of August, Where the iPhone unveiled in end of October. The most accurate release date of Samsung Note 9 will be 18 to 29 August. Last year, the company unveiled Galaxy Note 8 in New York City on 23 August. so it is likely that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 9 in New York or London.

    Samsung Note 9 price india, USA & UK

    Price of any product or phone depends on many factors like government tax policy, import & export due also production cost of Galaxy note 9. Samsung has made its market credibility through offering the best products in the market. Their product is quite reliable and cheaper than the apple's iPhone. The estimated price of Samsung Note 9 is given below

  • price in USA- $959
  • price in Canada - $910
  • price in india- 69,999 rupees
  • price in UK - €780

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price and specifications
  • Samsung Galaxy note 8 price, release date in USA, India and UK

    Samsung is a one of the largest smartphone manufacturing company on the galaxy and now company launched a new note device, which is Galaxy Note 8 and it comes with many improvements that makes more impressive than previous galaxy note 7. This new note 8 is more secure because the company has made a thorough investigation of every part of the smartphone.

    Galaxy note 9 edge concept video

    Galaxy Note 8 Highlights

    The dual 12MP camera sensor setup with dual Optical Image Stabilisation and f/1.7 are the highlight of the Galaxy Note 8. Another surprises feature of this phone is a large 6.3inch QHD+ AMOLED Infinity display with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio.

    Galaxy Note 8 feature

    Samsung Galaxy note 8 specification and price

    Samsung comes with Exynos 8895 octa-core mobile processor which is world first 10nm mobile CPU and Samsung made this processor itself. While CPU couple with 6GB RAM. It has 64GB built-in storage, which can be expanded up to 256 GB via the built-in microSD card slot. There is also a 3,300 mAh battery, and Samsung has been claiming that each battery has passed a rigorous test and there is no possibility of an explosion.
    Phone comes with new-and-improved S Pen which supports a better pressure sensitivity. The S Pen also comes with a new 'Live Message' feature that lets users to scribble animated doodles and easily turn into a GIF.

    Note 8: key Specification

  • 6.3inch 1440x2160 Super AMOLED curved Infinity Display
  • RAM - 6GB
  • Samsung Exynos 8895 10nm CPU,
  • battery - 3,300mAh
  • security- Iris scanner/fingerprint scanner
  • 12MP dual rear camera, 8MP front-facing camera
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistance certification
  • 163mmx75mmx8.6mm

  • Galaxy Note 8 release date - UK, USA and india

    Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 on 23 August in New York and now started pre-orders in worldwide. Samsung Note 8 went on sale in the USA and UK just moment after its unveiling & will start shipping on September 15. While it will arrived in India last of September or beginning of October. this time you can choose between Midnight Black or Maple Gold colours.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price USA, UK and india

  • price in USA- 1099 US Dollar
  • price in Canada - $1050 dollar
  • price in india- 69,999 rupees
  • price in UK - £869

  • Samsung Galaxy note 9 edge video

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 edge Price and release date
  • Samsung Galaxy note 8 wallpaper & theme download
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features and price

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    Samsung Galaxy note 8 /note 9 wallpapers and theme

    Samsung is a world's best smartphone make and manufacturing company. Samsung is top smartphone seller in present, the Galaxy note series has many records like - world's highest phone selling is one and only galaxy note series , Samsung also started trend of big screen smartphone by Not series. This series also started the S stylus trend that's helpful in business work, picture editing, cool funny works for children and panting. Samsung Galaxy note comes totally different and unique features which makes galaxy note superphone. It also win the title of "smartphone of the year " because of the power, style, quality, performance, fan and lovers, a different world or people want galaxy note who creative and think different. Every Galaxy Note phone always comes new creative and animated theme and wallpaper.

    galaxy Note 8 animated wallpaper

    Samsung Galaxy note 8, 9 animated theme
    download latest Samsung Galaxy note 8, 9 wallpaper

    Today every smartphone company launch a big screen Note like Redmi Note, coolpad Note, lenovo K Note, meizu M3 Note, because of the popularity of Samsung Galaxy note. Samsung is only one company that decreased selling of Iphone and also decreased share Of iPhone in smartphone market. Why apply increase iPhone display only one reason the Galaxy note. We hope that in feature the innovative Samsung Galaxy note 8, note 9, note 10 change the world with his creative S stylus, super power, unique features, theme and UI.

    galaxy Note 9 & Note8 creative wallpaper

    Samsung Galaxy note 8 creative theme
    download full HD galaxy note 8,9 theme

    galaxy Note 9 new wallpaper

    Galaxy note 9  concept theme
    download new creative animated note9 wallpaper

    Galaxy Note 9 edge concept video

    samsung galaxy Note 8 wallpaper

    Samsung Galaxy note 8 note9 wallpaper
    Samsung Galaxy note 9 wallpaper

    samsung galaxy Note 8/ note 9 panting wallpaper

    Samsung Galaxy note9, 8 panting wallpaper
    Galaxy note 9 wallpaper color themes

    samsung galaxy Note wallpaper

    Samsung Galaxy note 9 art

    samsung galaxy Note 9 wallpapers

    Samsung Galaxy note 9 concept
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price in USA and India
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 edge Price and specification
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price in USA and India