How to improve fingerprint sensor accuracy and speed

these days fingerprint sensor is very popular biometric technology for security purposes. it appears in every mid-range smartphone and few budget phone like- Samsung Galaxy nxt. If your smartphone's fingerprint sensor doesn't work, or slow speed of fingerprint sensor then we collect three useful tips for you. These tips help you to improve fingerprint sensor accuracy and fix slow speed problem.

best way to increase fingerprint sensor speed

how to improve fingerprint sensor speed

clean your smartphone surface

This is one of the major cause of slow speed of fingerprint sensor. When the dust sticks to the surface of a smartphone, then the dust sticks to the fingerprint sensor through your hand oil, so that the fingerprint sensor can not read your fingerprint properly and decrease the speed of your fingerprint sensor.

This problem worsens even more when the fingerprint sensor come in the back side of the phone. Because when you keep your phone in a dusted place, the dust sticks easily on the fingerprint sensor.

Scan the Same Finger Multiple Times

increase fingerprint sensor speed
This tips actually helps you when you get the "No Match" message while trying to unlock the phone. If you scan the same finger two or more time then you would probably never get this problem again. These days all smartphone support more than four fingerprints, then you can scan both hands fingers twice and that would also work. with this method you will also notice that the unlocking speed of fingerprint scanner will be increased extremely.

position of thumb on fingerprint sensor

right methodology of fingerprint sensor
Every device works fine if and only if your methodology is correct. In other words, if you touch the finger in the right place, then the function of your smartphone's fingerprint sensor will be ideal. With the help of graphic image, we show both correct and wrong ways for fingerprint sensor. If you follow the right technique then you can unlock your smartphone at once and there will not be any trouble related to fingerprint sensor.

file extension of all mobile OS(android, iOS, windows) application

Leo dictionary application download

Every Operating System supports different file format. Android Operation system supports its own application format such as “.apk" (Android application format), whereas Tizen Operation system supports its own application format such as “.tpk”. You cannot install .apk file in Tizen-based devices.

what is file extension

A file extension is the ending of a file that helps identify the type of file in operating systems and file extension is the group of characters, usually 3 or 4 in length, In Microsoft Windows, the file extension is a period that is often followed by three characters, For example, the file name "PhDresults.DOC" has an extension of ".DOC", which is a file name extension associated with Microsoft Word.

What is the file extension of iOS/iPhone apps?

.ipa file extension is used for Apple iOS application file and Each ".ipa" file includes a binary for the ARM architecture and can only be installed on an iPhone or iOS-device. Full form of .ipa file is iOS application archive file and It is usually encrypted with Apple's FairPlay DRM technology. I already know that this is a zip file, so you can be uncompressed all .ipa extension file by changing the extension to .zip and unzipping.

What is the file extension of Android apps?

Android is the world's most popular and open source mobile OS. Android users download more than 1.5 billion apps from Google Play each month. We already know that the file extension name of google's Android OS is .apk(Android application package). APK is the package file format used by the Android OS for distribution and installation of smartphone apps. APK files are a type of archive file, specifically in ZIP format based on the JAR file format.

What is the file extension of windows mobile OS apps

Microsoft windows mobile OS based on XAP files and Appx files extension. AppX file approach is particularly effective for distributing application suited for multiple devices, including personal computers, mobile and tablets. Where XAP is the file format used to distribute & install application and middleware onto Microsoft’s Windows smartphone 7/8/8.1/10 OS.

list of File extensions related to mobile OS and mobile application

  • sis- Symbian installation file
  • obb- Google Android opaque binary blob file
  • nbu- Nokia PC Suite 6.82+ backup file
  • vsm- Blackberry data file
  • cdb - Symbian OS contact database file
  • min- Minute Maker file
  • vcf- vCard file
  • crypt8- WhatsApp Messenger message database file
  • pkpass- Apple Passbook pass file
  • npf- Samsung PC Studio phone book backup file
  • sisx- Symbian OS program installation executable file
  • pit- Samsung firmware file
  • oap- Samsung bada signed installation package file
  • n3a- Nokia 3D screensaver
  • tpk- Tizen application package
  • mobileconfig- Apple iPhone mobile configuration profile
  • pbb- Mobile phonebook file

  • important file extension of daily use application and software

  • mp3 MPEG player 3
  • GIF graphics interchange format
  • PNG portable network graphics
  • JPEG joint photo graphic expert group
  • XIS excel file
  • PDF portable document format
  • doc world file
  • mp4 MPEG PLAYER 4
  • AAC Advanced Audio Coding
  • Leo dictionary apk app download (old & latest version)

    Leo dictionary application download
    Free download Leo privacy Guard apk
  • Version-LEO dictionary APK V7.0.0
  • Add date- May 19, 2017
  • Category- Books & Reference
  • size- 4MB
  • developer- Leo GmbH
  • official website-
  • download latest Leo dictionary app

    download latest leo dictionary android app apk

    download latest leo guard applock apk

    Old version of Leo dictionary application

    LEO dictionary old app

    What is new in Leo privacy Guard

  • Online language course (Chinese)
  • new Layout and improve user interface
  • updated international word-means added

  • Leo dictionary Review/description

    The LEO dictionary is one of the best dictionary application on Google App Store. This app is developed by LEO GmbH and it is a leading provider of online dictionaries for the many international language pairs. This app very useful to learn other languages. The Leo app supports ten highest speaking languages of the world( English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese). The app gives you online access to all LEO dictionaries, lets you participate in the LEO forums & use the vocab trainer (both online and offline).

    language pairs support by Leo dictionary

  • English ⇔ German
  • French ⇔ German
  • Spanish ⇔ German
  • Italian ⇔ German
  • Chinese ⇔ German
  • Russian ⇔ German
  • Portuguese ⇔ German
  • Polish ⇔ German
  • Also see : download leo privacy guard apk application

    The LEO dictionary is very popular in German and it will make very easy to learn Germany language. This dictionary translates English, French, Chinese, Russian into Germany language words. If you want to learn German language, then it definitely helps you. Leo app is a well-rated software on playstore with overall 4.3 rating.

    Note: all the apps and mobile games are personal and home use. The leo dictionary is developing by Leo GmbH. If any apps or apk download infringe your copyright, please contact us for apk file remove.

    best budget AM4 b350 motherboards for Ryzen 5 and 7 CPU

    best am4 b350 ryzen motherboard

    best AM4 B350 motherboards for new Ryzen CPU

    If you want to upgrade your old PC or want to built a new computer, and thinking about the ryzen CPU, which has recently been launched and offers more core and performance. The new Reason platform comes with great improvements and it will easily support 2 to 3 years in the future, while Intel changes the socket of its motherboard every year. The new Zen architecture (Ryzen) is best for gamers, edition, graphic designers, and those who want to assemble a new good PC for the future. AMD CPU is known for overclocking and aggressive pricing. If you select a suitable Ryzen processor, you need a compatible AM4 motherboard. Here is the list of AM7 b350 motherboards for AMD's Ryzen CPU.7

    Note: the AM4 motherboards are Supports AMD Ryzen CPU, but also compatible with 7 Generation A-series/Athlon Processors. All motherboards comes with cutting edge ddr4 technology.

    Best AM4 B350(ATX) motherboards for Ryzen 7 & Ryzen 5

    Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3 for ryzen

    best am4 motherboards for ryzen

    Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3 is one of the best am4 B350 socket motherboard with high-end tools. It has all essential features to utilize the power of CPU at a low price point. This board has four DDR4 RAM slots, your can increase RAM size up to 64GB and Overclock RAM at 3200 MHz Frequencies. You even get a couple of RGB LED light for atheistic gamers. It has M.2 Connector, 3 SATA, 2xUSB 3.1 Type-A, 6xUSB 3.0, 4xUSB 2.0 port for storage and DVI, HDMI (max resolution 4096x2160) port for display output. It Supports AMD CrossFire Technology which is Another good part of the B350 motherboard.
    Overall this motherboard offers latest features and gives the ability to overclock ryzen 5 and ryzen 7 CPU.

    Buy : Amazon, newegg

    Asus Prime B350-Plus motherboard

    Prime B350 plus is another best motherboard which developed on the AM4 platform and manufactured by Asus. It is very close to "Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3" in terms of specifications and features. This board allow you CrossFire technology support, but can not support SLI technology. The Asus Prime B350-Plus ryzen CPU will have the ability to overclock, but over as much as the processor will allow itself to overclock. With this am4 b350 motherboard you can use four ddr4 RAM sticks And the maximum bandwidth can not exceed 64 GB.

    Asus prime B350-Plus has 2 PCIE e 3.0 x16, M.2 support, 6 SATA options, and a total of 10 USB ports(2xUSB 3.1, 4xUSB 3.0, and 2xUSB 2.0). Both Asus b350 plus and gigabyte 350 gaming motherboards are great, but I am personally recommended gigabyte.

    Buy : Amazon, newegg

    MSI B350 Tomahawk

    best amd am4 gaming motherboards

    MSI is a leading PC parts manufacture company and known for quality products. The B350 tomahawk is designed for extreme use and high-end gaming. It has Heavy plated metal heatsinks for maximum cooling. There are some BIOS problems with MSI B350 and MSI has released a ton BOS, but each one of them has a special problem. This board includes Turbo fast M.2 NVMe SSD support, Realtek ALC892 audio chipset, USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C, support up to DDR4-3200 MHz in its OC mode, & other features that make it a fairly decent board for its price. My verdict, this board has great overclocking potential but is not budget friendly.

    Buy : Amazon, newegg

    best AM4 B350M mATX motherboards under $100

    If you want a powerful PC in small size that is demand of time, then you find a micro-ATX board which ideal size for normal users. Here are two micro size board that we recommend.

    Gigabyte GA-AB350M-D3H or GA-AB350M-Gaming 3

    best am4 motherboards for ryzen

    The Gigabit GA-AB350M-D3H is a micro-ATX motherboard, for those looking for all the awesome features of a large size board. Gigabytes do not compromise memory, so you can increase RAM size up to 64 GB with four DDRM DIMM 288-pin RAM slots. This board has RealTech ALC 887 High Definition Sound, 6 x SATA, USB 3.1 Jen2, USB 3.1 Jen 1 + USB2.0 and M2 Socket. This is the excellent AM4 M-ATX board, if you want to put the line at the top of the motherboard in the micro-ATX class, then in that situation we are recommending Gigabit GA-AB350M-Gaming 3. But you will have to pay more for this.

    Buy : Amazon, newegg

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    Do you have any problem about ryzen b350 motherboard? Must share with us using the comment box below.

    xiaomi mi7 specification, release date, price in USA & India

    Xiaomi Mi7 feature, release date, price

    Xiaomi is a big Brand in China now expanding business with this device and today become the fourth largest leading brand of Android smartphone producer today. Xiaomi jump in every field of electronic devices like - Xiaomi laptop, flagship smartphone(Mi6), Xiaomi LED TV and drone. Now company is working on his next flagship device that is Mi7.

    Xiaomi Mi7 with MIUI9

    MIUI 9 xiaomi mi7 and specifications release date
    According to rumors, Xiaomi will be launch Mi7 in the end of March 2018 and hope This time company give some extraordinary feature in the mi6 device. Recently news comes that company did a pact with a IT(software developer) based company and also take action for improving MIUI 9 custom user interface.

    Xiaomi Mi7 full feature video

    Xiaomi will feature a full metallic body for premium look, where company also launch a high end Ceramic version. One feature is confirmed that xiaomi mi7 comes with a dual rear camera at the back. Feature of Mi7- latest snapdragon 840 ultra fast processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM for fastest multitasking. 5.3 inch 4k display with gorilla glass protection 6 protection at the top, it is expected that Xiaomi Mi6 is going to has 21 Megapixel dual rear camera and 16 Megapixel front facing camera, There was some leak out the mi7 as this phone will come with 4050mAh battery capacity with Qualcomm fast charge 5 technology and jointly integrated wireless charging, which is you get 70% of your phone charged in less than 50minutes.

    Xiaomi Mi7 specifications

  • Display- 5.3 inch 4K super AMOLED
  • Processor- snapdragon 840 processor
  • RAM- 8GB DDR5
  • Camera Rear- 21MP dual camera
  • Camera front - 16 Megapixel
  • Battery- 4050 mAh large battery
  • metallic or Ceramic body
  • 3D Fingerprint sensor
  • Storage - 256GB internal memory
  • OS - MIUI9 based on Android 8.0

  • Xiaomi Mi7 price

    The company's top marketing executive will be sell the Xiaomi Mi7 with the price tag of Rs 42,000 in India, and USD $499 in international markets.

    Xiaomi Mi7 price index

  • mi6 price in USA - $499
  • mi6 price in UK- 420 pounds
  • mi6 price in sir Lanka - Rs 42,999
  • mi6 price in India - Rs 42,000

  • Xiaomi Mi7 release date

    The Xiaomi Mi7 will be Launching soon in India on Flipkart, Amazon, but firstly launch in China and then launch international markets like USA, Japan, united Kingdom.

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  • Xiaomi mi5 full specification and review

  • we hope that you have successfully understood about the Upcoming xiaomi Mi7 2018, Friends I'm also waiting for Xiaomi next flagship Mi7 for what significant changes do in Mi7 and hope Xiaomi Mi7 will be the best phone in 2018 because of its great design and Xiaomi also think about phone price, that can be easily afforded by the customers. When Xiaomi Mi7 officially launched we will compare with xiaomi mi6.

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    Xiaomi Next flagship Mi6 specification, price in USA, UK & India

    Xiaomi Mi6 Specifications, price, review

    Xiaomi is an emerging electronic Brand in China & today become the fourth largest leading brand of smartphone producer. The xiaomi unveiled his latest flagship device Mi6 on Wednesday 19 April 2017 at the capital of China and stopped all rumors. Phone looks very stunning, where front is very similar to the Mi5 with a narrow border design. Xiaomi mi6 launched with some cool features and we make a list of smartphone specifications.


    The xiaomi mi6 comes with a 5.15 inch full-HD (1920x1080) screen with four-sided curved glass. It Offers 16:9 screen ratio that's perfect for viewing of movies, picture and playing games. Viewing angle of this phone also impressive at first look.

    xiaomi mi6 hardware

    Xiaomi mi6 powdered by new 2.45GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 quad-core ultra fast processor with 6GB DDR4 RAM for better multitasking. It also has Adreno 540 GPU for high graphic gaming, this time company increase memory from 4GB to 6GB. it has 12MP 2x optical zoom, 4-axis OIS Megapixel dual rear camera and 8 Megapixel front facing camera.

    Xiaomi Mi6 feature, release date, price

    connectivity and battery

    The Mi6 smartphone come with a 3,350mAh non-removable battery which gives one day backup on normal use and it also support fast charging technology. Phone support all basic band like - FDD-LTE B1/B3/B5/B7/B8, TD-LTE B38/B39/B40/41, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

    Xiaomi Mi6 specifications

  • Display- 5.15in full-HD (1920x1080)
  • Processor- 2.45GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 quad-core
  • RAM- 6GB DDR4
  • Camera Rear- 12MP Autofocus dual camera
  • Camera front - 8 Megapixel with wide angle lens
  • Battery- 3,350mAh non-removable
  • full metallic body
  • 3D Fingerprint sensor
  • LTE 4G Dual SIM
  • Storage - 64/128GB internal memory
  • OS - MIUI 8 base on Android 7.0
  • Dimensions- 145.1x70.4x7.5mm
  • Weight- 168g

  • Xiaomi Mi6 price

    There are three versions of the Mi6 phone, & all three versions come with 6GB RAM. entry level Xiaomi Mi6(64GB) and high end Mi6(128GB) cost are respectively 2499 RMB($599) & 2899 RMB($725), wherever extra premium Ceramic version priced at $790.

    Xiaomi Mi6 price index

  • mi6 price in USA - $599
  • mi6 price in UK- 489 pounds
  • mi6 price in India - Rs 39,000

  • what is new(improve) in xiaomi Mi6

  • brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 quad-core processor
  • xiaomi increase 2GB random access memory
  • phone featured a 12MP dual rear camera setup

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    Fastest torrent downloader apps for android phones in 2017

    best torrent downloader apps for android mobile
    The Torrent is a type of largest file sharing platform that can download large files from the internet. Below is a simple list of the best torrent downloader apps that let you download torrents files and everything you want, for example - TV show, songs videos, full HD movies, game, and premium software of windows, mac, android. If you are bibliophile or bookworm don't worry you can download e-books, PDF note, e-magazine and lots more.

    Top torrent downloader apps for all android devices

    We all have used Torrent to download piracy or illegal copying kind of stuff. But you need a torrent client application To download any file from Torrent.


    best mobile torrent downloader apps for android

    The BitTorrent is the best torrent downloader for windows PC and now it is also available for android mobile. This torrent downloader(Torrent client) is free of cost and no limit for downloading files, also support Wi-Fi network. This app comes with an integrated music player which allows you to access audio or music files directly from the app.
    BitTorrent is an easy-to-use app with soft and beautiful user interface. when you select downloading path of the file you have both options- internal and SDcard.

    best torrent downloader apps for android, windows, mac


    best torrent downloader apps for android free

    aTorrent is a complete solution for torrent file downloading, it is the fastest BitTorrent downloader with light graphics UI that's helpful in battery saving. this torrent app comes search dialog box option where you can search your torrent files without the use of any browser. You can set downloading speed, multi download support and pause or start any file anytime. it is based on libtorrent, P2P protocol, and use OpenSSL. It also supports magnet links and some vital protocols Advanced DHT Bootstrap, BitTorrent, HTTP & UDP trackers.

    best torrent downloader apps for android apk

    Flud- mtorrent client

    Flud is a new client app for the torrent, But do not take this app lightly. This is the best torrent client apk Android app and it has quickly become one of the most popular choices with its easy, nice color combinations and super speed. This app comes with all basic features- display real-time speed, multiple parallel downloading.
    The flud app support µTP (µTorrent Transport Protocol), PeX (Peer Exchange), Wi-Fi and RRS feed, totally free of cost.

    fastest torrent downloader apps for smartphone apk


    best torrent for Android smartphone to download

    Vuze The Most Powerful BitTorrent Software on Android Google playstore, this m-torrent client is a Complete torrent file management that brings the joyful torrent experience directly to your smartphone or tablet. This app has many advanced features like - Control torrent download & upload speed, Task completion alerts, multitask manager. This provides Ad-free nice user experience, if you buy vuze pro version. it is very light weight and easy to use app.

    best Complete torrent file management

    tTorrent Lite - Torrent Client

    fastest ttorrent downloader for Android phone

    tTorrent is another torrent client that you should use as torrent downloader in mobile. This app feature is same as PC application and it helps you to fast download large HD movies, mp3 songs, mac, and windows software, it also supports RSS which means - automatically download torrents published in feeds. For better performance (internet speed) High-Speed Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 4G) necessary.

    best tTorrent for flagship device

    amazing internet booster apps of Android in 2017

  • fastest internet browser for android
  • best download manager app for android
  • best antivirus app for mobile Security
  • torrent at a glance

    Torrent is a different type of file sharing that can download or upload large files from the internet. a torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed with a list of the network locations of trackers. Torrent file extension name is .torrent and if you want to download this file you need a torrent client. The torrent system works by dividing the target file into small chunks of information. This way, users can download large files quickly.

    If we talk about torrent sites then, Recently many of the Torrent websites like KickAss and PirateBay etc has been shut down forever, but there are some torrent websites like extratorrent and IsoHunt which are still active.
    Note: On Android KitKat (Android 4.4), Google has removed the ability for apps to write to external SD card.

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