Samsung Galaxy X 360- Price, Specs, Release Date [Story Of Foldable Phone]


Samsung is one of the best company which innovate the smartphone world. Samsung reveal two or three flagship phones every year with revolutionary features. After launching the iPhone 11 Pro, there are many rumors come from different sources and according to these rumours Samsung is working on new category of  foldable smartphones device that would be Galaxy X. Now it seems that we are closer to the Samsung X than before because Samsung has finally unveiled its foldable phone demo. the new leaks suggest that the Galaxy X will appear in end of 2020. This phone will be the best rival of iPhone 11.


Samsung Galaxy X introduction video


Samsung is taking this device seriously and will try to change the entire smartphone scenario. We are inspired by the dedication of Samsung to the Galaxy X device.


Foldable smartphone Photos

Samsung Galaxy X foldable Price specifications

Samsung galaxy x Price with images

Samsung Galaxy X Design

Coming to the display and design, As you can see The first one is a 6.4-inch ultra HD display that works on a folded mode and in this mode the user can easily use the Samsung Galaxy X as a normal smartphone. The second & 3rd both are 6.5 inch QHD display that can be revealed on unfolding it, and use the Galaxy X as a Laptop. You can unfold it at 360 degrees on laptop mode, it has a fully functional keypad which helps the smartphone to behave like a proper laptop and provides a complete laptop experience. When you turn on the laptop mode of Samsung Galaxy X which is runs on light version of windows 10 then the whole UI is changed into Samsung Dex.


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Samsung galaxy X Price and specs

Samsung Galaxy X Display

The Samsung X phone will comes with 6.4 inch ultra HD super AMOLED display and two foldable 6.5 inch QHD display both protected by gorilla glass. Samsung would be use quantum dots technology to deliver better color and improve viewing experience of this Galaxy Phone’s infinity display.

Samsung Galaxy X foldable Phone Features

Taking about the specification of This Samsung Galaxy X will features 12MP + 16MP dual rear camera setup with super slow motion video capture ability and f/1.5 + f/2.4 dual aperture, while the rear camera work as a front-facing camera for great selfies(How it works You can see in the video below). The Galaxy phone will be powered by latest Exynos chipset paired with 8/12GB of RAM. this samsung foldable phone need more power to operate large three display so it feature a 5000mAh battery in very thin shape.

Galaxy X Specifications


  • Display- 6.4 inches & 6.5 inche dual curved display
  • Processor- Exynos CPU
  • RAM- 8GB/12GB DDR4
  • Camera- (16MP+12MP) rear
  • Battery- 5000mAh
  • Storage- 128GB/256GB


Samsung Galaxy X Price detail

Leaked information indicates that the cost of Galaxy X will be higher than the iPhone XS. This will take the next level of price of flagship smartphone in the future, but it can not be confirmed how much will increase in price. The expected price of Galaxy X is given below.

Expected Price list of Galaxy X Phone


  • Samsung Galaxy X Price in USA- $1169
  • The Galaxy X expected Price in UK- £999
  • Samsung X phone price in India- Rs 125,999
  • Galaxy X price in dubai(UAE)- AED 4,699


Release date for the new Galaxy X

We hope Galaxy X will be unveiled in the end of year 2020 but it is not completely clear. We know that Samsung has a usual habit of launching a new flagship Galaxy phone in every World mobile Congress, but Samsung S20 will launch at WMC 2020, so we expected that the Galaxy X will be launched in third or fourth quarter of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy F – First Real Foldable Phone Specs, Price, Release Date

Samsung Galaxy F price, specification

Samsung gave the first glimpse of its upcoming foldable phone on Wednesday, and stopped all rumours about Samsung Galaxy X and F. Samsung said it will be mass produced in the coming months. now it seems that we are closer to the Phone than before, the foldable smartphone will release in the starting of 2019. according to rumors samsung upcoming foldable device would be galaxy F, where F stand for foldable or flexible. There is no doubt that it also represents the future mobile. In this article you will know everything about Galaxy F Phone design, flexible display, features, price and date of release.

  1. Samsung Galaxy F Design?
  2. Samsung Galaxy F Infinity Flex Display?
  3. Samsung Galaxy F Specification?
  4. What will be the Galaxy F Cost?
  5. whai will be the Release Date?
  6. Samsung Galaxy F Trailer Video

Samsung Galaxy f foldable Price specifications
Samsung galaxy f Price with images

Samsung Galaxy F Design

As you can see, Samsung has shown the upcoming foldable phone concept, which is a smartphone when it’s closed and goes to the tablet when it is fully opened. It has two separate display, the first one is a ordinary flat screen that works on a folded mode and in this mode you can use phone as a normal device. while second is a flexible display that can be disclose on unwrapping it, and you can use it as a tablet device. You can unfold it from 0 degrees to 180 degrees without any disruption or crack in screen.

Samsung galaxy f foldable specs

Galaxy F Phone- Display

Samsung is uncover key specification of its foldable phone in the SDC tech event, so we are start talking about display, It uses a new display technology called Infinity Flex Display and company claims that we have been using very strong flexible polymer in the display, Which lets you open and close the device without any degradation. The galaxy F phone will comes with 4.58 inch cover screen with 840×1960 resolution and 7.3 inch large flex display with 1536×2152 resolution.
But device shown in the show is not the last product. It seems that this phone of Samsung will improve the small bezel and screen-to-body ratio compared to the concept of the final product, released at the show.

Samsung Galaxy F foldable Phone Specification

Taking about the features of Samsung Galaxy F, it will be powered by Exynos 10 series 7nm chipset paired with 10GB of RAM. this foldable phone need more power to operate two large display so it is expected to feature more than 6000mah battery. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Galaxy F will packs a 12-megapixel primary camera and a 16-megapixel secondary camera on the rear and a 8 MP front shooter for selfies.

Samsung galaxy f foldable phone
Samsung galaxy f

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Phone Price detail

top Smartphones giant such as Apple, Google Pixel, Samsung have increased the price of their high-end flagship device from 30% to 40% over the past two years. all these companies offer additional premium features such as more RAM, 512GB Storage, you pay more than fourteen hundred dollars for it. Now the foldable phone is a reality and it is done by Samsung, now we have to see what Samsung has to pay for it. But flexible display technology is a groundbreaking so the expected price of Galaxy F Smartphone is $1699. The expected price of Galaxy F is given below.

Expected Price list of Galaxy F Phone


  • Samsung Galaxy F Price in USA- $1699
  • Galaxy F expected Price in UK- £1649
  • Samsung F phone price in India- Rs 1,29,999
  • Galaxy F price in China- 11,826 yuan


Release date for the Upcoming Galaxy F

Samsung officially said that it will start mass production of phones in the next months. We hope the phone will be unveiled in 2020 but exact release date is not clear. According to the leaked information, Samsung will launch its Galaxy F Mobile in the end of 2020, with Samsung Galaxy Note ultra.

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Samsung Galaxy F introduction video


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