How to stop cell phone addiction

5 Simple Tips to Spend less Time on Phone and Stop its Addiction

It is said that the average person checks his or her phone 47 times a day and spends about 4 hours a day staring at the phone screen. Now, this is a whole lot of time to be spent on the phone and there has been a rising concern over the relationship we have with our phones. Many people are attached to their phones: they take them everywhere, are always chatting online with friends and miss most or all of what is going on right in front of them.

While phones are a great addition to modern life and have undeniably helpful uses, it becomes a problem when you can’t go ten seconds without reaching your phone or you always get distracted in social gatherings because you are constantly scrolling through your texts or social media feeds. To change your relationship with your phone into a more positive one, here are some tips that will help you.

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1. Find out the amount of time you currently spend on your phone

This is an important step as it will help you identify just how much time you spend on your phone daily. While the number you get may be shocking at first, it’s good that you get this out of the way so that you can actively start tracking your progress.


2. Discover your hobbies

What are the things you enjoy doing? You’d need to figure them out as spending less time with your phone opens you up to free time. It can be playing sports, reading a book or even taking a stroll. Whatever the hobby is, allocate time for it and ensure that your environment is such that you won’t be easily tempted to pick up your phone. For example, you can put your phone on silent to reduce your awareness of incoming chats.


3. Create a reminder

It is easy to lose track of time with your phone so crating a reminder helps you remember that you have a goal to achieve. When this reminder pops up, you remember to put your phone away and do something more productive. As a fail safe, you can put a lock screen after the reminder-something you’d have to physically remove to gain access to your phone again.


4. Use airplane mode more often

Because it is easy to do, the airplane mode is a stress free way to curb the amount of time spent on the phone. That way, you won’t constantly get notifications you’d feel you have to reply or use social media which turns out to be one of the biggest reasons why people spend so much time on their phones.


5. Delete social media apps

remove facebook for stop addiction

Social media apps are the most time-consuming suckers, they force us to watch our phones from time to time and if you are doing any other work, their notifications will send you a message to open the app again. It would be best if you remove social media apps from your phone and you can see these sites by opening the browser once or twice a day via browser, you will not get any notifications on the browser.

6. Use an app to stop using other apps

There are apps that have been specially designed to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone. When these apps are installed, you can set your preferences as to how you want to use other apps and how much time overall, you want to spend on your phone.

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stop smartphone addiction

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Final Words

Hope that you will be able to get rid of your phone addiction with the help of our article. If you have any suggestions to overcome this habit, you can comment below.