Best Teachers & Employees Attendance Tracker Apps for Android 2020

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if you running a small business, college, or school then tracking attendance of every single employee or teacher is very difficult task, and it is the right place if you searching for alternative of Biometric time attendance machine. For properly manager you organization you need an attendance tracking application for android smartphone.

If start finding a perfect attendance app on android’s playstore, you see hundreds of attendance track tools and suddenly grow a question in your mind – which is the best attendance app for android? don’t worry we’ve compiled a list of the best attendance Tracker app for all Android smartphone and tablets.

Best Teacher and Employee Attendance App for Android

1. Attendance Tracker

It is a best attendance tracking software for android phone. The Attendance Tracker app make easy to Tracking students or teacher attendance without any paper and pen. With this app you can virtually track and Export attendance overviews to Excel, allows you to Import contacts from your contact list or from Google Docs Spreadsheet. Another cool features of this is – Backup and restore attendance data from your SD card.

Download : Attendance Tracker

2. Attendance

Attendance best apps on android
Attendance is an another best app for college or school teachers that want to take attendances in their classes using their android devices. This time and attendance tracking software of Android allows you to create groups of students with different schedules. You can Export attendance data to CSV & HTML. Attendance status can be configured for each occurrence and are Present, Absent and Late by default.

Download : Attendance

3. Attendance Taker

best attendance taker apps on android

The Attendance Taker is an app for academicians, instructors and school teachers to Easily take attendances. It is a user friendly and open source software. Look at statistics and weekly attendance percentage of students in cool graphics. You may also import students list from an xls (Excel) file and Keep history of all your students or teachers.

  • Keep history of all your attendances
  • Look at statistics and weekly attendance percentage of students in graphics
  • Get the whole attendance list in Excel format.

Download : Attendance Taker(free)

4. Attendance Master

Attendance Master is an another best attendance tracking app for android and iOS platform and ideal for small business owners, Either you run a small business or you are a house wife, this app makes your work easy. With this app you can Add all your Employees and mark their Attendance Daily. Also Send Notifications to one, multiple or all employees instantly and Reporting Employee Attendance Data on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. Attendance Master also support Cloud Data Storage feature.

Download : Attendance Master

5. Employee Time

Employee Time is a premium App for tracking your employees with 100% accuracy even in offline mode or poor Internet Connectivity. With this app, you can track your employee in four ways which include User ID, Time, Selfie, Location. Track field staff visits with photo, time and location. Even construction site, factory workers can easily punch Time in & Time out.

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Best Free Business Card Scanner Apps For Android [2020]

These days internet user increase too fast and everything is going online. We are buying or selling products online, definitely it gives new direction to business, it is only possible by mobile, internet and technology. but today’s topic is business cards reader. A normal business card made by paper or cardboard with printed information of a concerned person. It is very difficult to learn each and every detail about someone without a business card.

But it is an old fashioned practice to carry business card in wallet where modern world really isn’t made for paper business cards. so many app of Android phone should be replace paper business cards. The business cards scanner allow you to scan and save business cards in your phone. Don’t worry we’ve compiled a list of the best business cards reader for all Android devices.

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Best free Business Card Scanner for Android

1. CamCard Free

best business cards app app for mobile

The camcard is best business card mobile app for android and iPhone. This app is much convenient for scanning and saving your business card contact. you can take a picture of a paper business card & all details will be scanned into a contact folder. the perfect fit for entrepreneurs, business developers or marketing experts, with this app you can Access contact information across multiple devices.
The popularity of this free business card app can be understood by the fact that it has more than 100 million installs.

Download : CamCard Free

2. Business Card Reader- free

free business cards app for mobile

As its name suggests, this is a business card reader apps for Android OS based mobile. This app allows you to convert your old paper cards into digital contacts. This business card app is ideal for entrepreneurs and corporate world. It increases you working efficacy with lots of cool features and easy to use UI. The apk application supports more than 60 languages.

Download : Business Card Reader (free) 

3. ABBYY Business Card Reader

It is most popular android business cards scanner software. As you would expect, this app comes with the standard scanning & storing of business cards info. It also allows you to option to annotate notes for each card, you can Sync cards details across different platforms via ABBYY’s cloud storage which also help in backup. The ABBYY business cards scanner app work in 25 worldwide languages.

Download : ABBYY Business Card Reader (Free)

4. Business Card Reader Sugar CRM

unique business card Reader app for phone

This is a unique business card Reader app on Android platform. It has Simple and intuitive interface for unlocking features. Business Card Reader allows scanning and reading of cards but also instantly exports them to your SugarCRM account. You can Add text and even voice notes for each business card. So this business app allows you to store more additional information like company name, Position, Address and Social network profiles(Linkedln).

Download : Business Card Reader SugarCRM

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5. Business Cards Info

business card Reader android

It is another business card Reader app which helps you to manage all your business card electronic format. Business Cards Info (BCi) app doesn’t offer much features like the above mentioned card Reader apps but a unique feature of this app is the ability to search for stored cars via an interactive map.

Download : Business Cards Info (BCi)

6. QR Droid Code Scanner

tricks for business card app for android

QR Droid Code Scanner is a free android scanning app that can scan QR codes, bar codes and data matrixes. This is a unique business card Reader app because you can store your business card with privacy or encryption via QR codes. It’s work with you smartphone device’s camera or mobile browser or SD card. The app allows Auto-sync your data on your own Google Drive account. It also utilize in other day today tasks which is magazine.

Download : QR DroidCode Scanner

7. EverCard

best business card Reader free

EverCard is yet another free business card scanner app with no limitations of card scanning, evercard allows you business standard of accuracy. It is a nice app to digitize and manage all your business cards in one place.
This card scanner app Supports four international languages- English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. Minimum requirement for scanner tool is Android 2.2 and up.

Download : EverCard

8. Business Card Reader Highrise

best strong password manager app for mobile

The app makers is same as Business Card Reader SugarCRM and another free business card Reader app for android but free version has limited number of business cards recognitions. business owner can choose $99.99 per year plan for 1000 business cards recognitions for corporate account. If you are a small business owner then free version offers much features.
This dedicated business card app work with all popular international language like – Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and more.

Download : Business Card Reader Highrise

9. Card Scanner

best strong password manager app for mobile

The Card Scanner is paid business card Reader for android phone and made by Zoho Corporation. It take a Snap of a business card using your Android camera, lets you save the extracted information to Zoho CRM as a Contact. The app is localized in French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portugal and Russian.

Download : Zoho Corporation(paid)

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Best 11+ Android Apps for Small Business (2020)

You working 365 days for running a small business, but smart work is better than hard work, if you are an entrepreneur and want to Maximize Your Business Productivity then you need to adopt the latest technology. How we use our resources is important in a business, so Our smartphone apps have the power of doing daily workload of office. using your smartphone(Android) for business purposes is very helpful for to grow your business. Here is a list of best android business apps to Run Your Business Smarter Way.

Best Apps for Small Business Qwners on Android

1. OneNote

best apps for business owners on android


The Microsoft’s oneNote app is a good deal for instant note an idea on your phonebook. This business app has few advantages like – easy to use graphic design plus the OneNote integration because it works with your existing free Microsoft account, so there’s no need to create a new account and OneNote syncs your notes across all devices. It automatically syncs all your notes to OneDrive so backup your data when you want. This app fully compatible with stylus pen so Samsung Galaxy Note user extends your business with creative ideas.

Download : OneNote

2. Microsoft office(word, exel, PowerPoint)

best Android apps for business man

The Microsoft office is the best business software from a decade and it’s mobile and tablets portable version equally preform on Android. You can easily access, read and edit your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Microsoft office mobile has many cool features- Email Attachments, animations and Smart graphics support for Presentation Views. You can upload business files on OneDrive or SharePoint.

Download : Microsoft office mobile


3. Google Docs, sheets and slide

Google offers many free apps which are best for productivity. This app is a combination of word processor Docs, spreadsheet, small-presentation maker. Google Docs is easy to use, responsive interface and the good alternative of Microsoft office mobile app. The google’s docs app also working with Microsoft Word documents file. It comes with all basic features to add text, pictures, insert table, graphic business chart and much other complex stuff into your document.

Download : Google Docs

4. Business Calendar

Akon’s song line Time is money and money is time is perfectly fit in the corporate world. On Android market there are many business calendars application available, this particular business calendar app comes with both textual and graphical presentation. it has the multi-day view for Events & Appointments with high customization. The calendar app will occupy only 2MB memory space of storage disk.

Download : Business Calendar

5. CamCard Free

best business cards app for mobile

The camcard is one of the most popular business card mobile app for android gadgets with more than 100 million installs, The app is much convenient for scanning and saving your business card contact. With camcard you can easily take a picture of a paper business card & all details will be scanned into a contact folder. the perfect fit for traders, entrepreneurs, business developers and marketing experts, this app allows you to Access all contact information across multiple devices.

Download : CamCard Free

6. Microsoft Outlook

best free android apps for business owners


The Microsoft Outlook is the best android apps for business. Microsoft is known for valuable quality software, significantly used in office or corporate work. so It is Microsoft flagship email software and outlook works with not only Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, but also other top e-mail service provider Gmail and Yahoo. you can swipe gesture to archive, delete, or schedule emails to return to your inbox at a later time and linked files from OneDrive, Dropbox.

Download : Microsoft Outlook

7. Attendance Master

The Attendance Master is the best attendance tracking app for android platform and ideal for business owners, Either you run a small business or you are a housewife, this employee attendance tracker app makes your work simple. this app allows you to Add all your Employees & mark their Attendance Daily. Also Send Notifications to one or all employees instantly. Attendance Master also supports Cloud Data Storage service.

Download : Attendance Master

8. Microsoft Remote Desktop

top desktop remote business app for android

If you are a small-business owner then Microsoft’s remote desktop is a decent app for you. With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can safely connect remotely to your work PC from your Android devices. It is very convenient to use your Windows software on the go. In other words, a business person who can’t leave his important file and application which is installed on the desktop then it helps you to access application form anywhere.

Download : Microsoft Remote Desktop

9. Square Register

what is the best business app for android

Merchant, restaurant and hotel owners need to take payments frequently and for business’s growth, pick a simple way to take payment. The Square Register is the free Android POS(point-of-sale) app that Accepts debit and credit cards with a Square magstripe reader. This app also allows you to enter credit card info manually. But the app is not totally free, Square takes a commission (service fee) of every payment.

Download : Square Register

10. Skype

best Android apps for business free

Skype is another free business standard app for android, iOS, and PC. Since nowadays businesses are no longer limited to one particular place, This video conferencing app allows people to meet remotely with employees, customers, and colleagues. This app also provides group video chat for up to 25 people globally.

Download : Skype

11. XE Currency Pro

The currency conversion apps are very beneficial for the people who has to trade in the abroad country. Convert every country currency with XE Currency Pro. This app comes easy-to-use & free of the ad, it offers live proprietary currency rates and precious metals updated rates, XE currency is One of the best web’s currency sites, the app based on for accurate and fast information. With The app, You can Add a cool widget to your home screen.

Download : XE currency converter


Online data storage solution for business

Dropbox, google Drive & OneDrive

Dropbox, google Drive & OneDrive are the best online storage apps with advanced safety.

  1. Dropbox: this online drive app offer 3GB of free space and you can update photo, videos, document and all types of files. It also allows you to Edit Microsoft Office files, Play videos from your phone or tablet online and is possible to share any file publicly. If 3GB is not enough for your business then you choose business account.
  2. OneDrive: it offers 5GB of storage space, OneDrive by Microsoft is a newbie in the cloud storage market but it integrated with Microsoft Office so this app allow you to quickly edit, open and save office files.
  3. Google Drive: the Google Drive is an another online storage apps with 5 GB free storage option. You can upload videos, photo, and documents files.

Download : dropbox, google Drive, onedrive

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why we need an tech support via smartphone for small business

Every small business needs tech support but we look at the modern machine, innovative hardware, mechanical sector and ignore IT sector. Where IT support is also playing an equal role in the development of business. Whether you need new update software, computer security, computer network management and social network management, you also need an Educated expert to maintain your systems and your limited budget.

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