Best Password Manager Apps for Android [2020]

In a digital and online world every one have thousands of online accounts and password like social-media, Email, online banking, e-wallet and e-commerce password and lots more, it is impossible to remember or learn all passwords, which is directly linked to your personal life and bank money. Now question is how to manage all important password on your smartphone or tablet?. do not worry we are accumulate a list of best password manager apps for android Phone, so stay with us.

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Best Password Manager Apps for Android Devices

1. LastPass Password Manager

best strong password manager app for mobile

As its name suggests, it is a password manager and generator tool. The lastpass stores all your passwords in a online vault, so you never forget them and you only need to remember the password to open the vault. You can also use the fingerprint password activation feature for unique biological security, LastPass autofills web browser and app logins for you, the password generator features makes it easy to create hack-proof passwords.
Your vault is encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption, which is more powerful. Vault keeps health insurance, legal paper, credit card details and other important office document more safe.

Download : lastpass

2. Dashlane

	 Dashlane - Password Manager android

Dashlane is a best password manager app for android and iPhone, app’s Mobile Wallet offers the best in password security and makes it simple to keep secure in apps and websites. It Manage all of your safe passwords, security codes and Autofill passwords for all your apps and websites. This password management application help in Backup your passport, identification, credit card wallet and secure password vault to the cloud, where powerful Encrypt to secure your data with backup to the cloud or local storage. It next best feature is password generator which generates new unique and secure passwords instantly.

Download : dashlane

3. Keepass

Keepass is a most powerful password manager app. This app based on essay to you user interface, KeePass differs from all of the other password managers because it is an open source password manager application so it doesn’t store your credit card or bank information like the others do. open source software means that anyone can examine the code and be sure that it’s not falling into the hacker hands. Over all Keepass is good password management app if we ignore few Security issues.

Download : KeePass2Android


what is the best password manager app for android

Keeper is an one of the best Password Manager & Secure Digital Vault for businesses and individuals on Android OS, it Protect and manage your passwords, documents, private photos and other secret codes. You can share account and login credentials with family and employees without any leakage. Also Login with your Android Wear device(Android watch) or Sync instantly between devices, computers and browsers. Keeperfill feature help in Auto-fill Passwords in apps and websites. This android app Store password with ultra-powerful AES-256 and PBKDF2 encryption.

Download : Keeper

Best alternative solution of password manager

  1. you can save all of your Password in your favorite browser (Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome) and then sync your passwords between PC and android smartphone.
  2. Next trick is very simple and most popular, you can choose a strong password and using the same password for everywhere.

Password manager at a glance? Or what is a password manager?

As password manager name suggests, They’re applications that securely stores all your passwords in a Encrypted online vault, that you only need to remember one password; that of the password manager. When you forget the password and then it takes a lot of time to recover, then it is a good idea to avoid this unusual problems.

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Best Contact Management App for Android & iPhone (2020)

humans natural tendency to make connection with other people and every connection create a new contact. according to the simple calculation “more people connecting is equal to more contact” Your contacts are the most important data in your phone, but If you are small-business owners, politician or a extrovert person then you has a long list of contact and mobile number.

you need a best contact manger app which helps you to organize all your contacts with eyes catching graphic and instantly display when you need. It will be create a strong nexus with your friends, family, coworkers, business partner and customers. Here is a list of the best contact manger app for android & iPhone devices.

Best Contact Manager Android and iPhone (2020)

1. Drupe- Contact manager

best contact manager app for mobile
The drupe is a best contact management app for android and iPhone with 5 million installs on playstore. This app comes a refresh Swipe user interface, the app allows you calling, texting, but you can also record calls. Simply Get back to your missed calls via call, SMS or whatsapp, Snooze for later or set reminders. This contact app solve the duplicate Google contacts issues, Plus it support all popular languages.

Download : Android, iPhone

2. Sync.ME –Caller ID & Block

contact app for mobile android
Sync.ME is an iconic contacts app for iphone and android. The app help you to easily communicate with your friends or family member. It is Excellent app for syncing your contacts with social media profile pictures and Keep your contacts up to date & synchronize their latest photo. This easy to use contact app Identify unknown caller ID, blocking incoming calls and unwanted calls. It provides beautiful view of the complete contact ID of your contacts list including mobile number, name, and updated data from facebook.

Download : Android, iPhone




3. FullContact Address Book

FullContact is an another best contact organizer software for your IPhone(IOS) and Android smartphone. It simply Combine Google Contacts, Phone Contacts, and social media accounts to get a complete view of your contacts. This app Automatically merge duplicate contacts and provide a correct contact list. Fullcontact allows you to Import and sync contact details with iCloud & Gmail accounts, also provide online cloud support for your contact.

Download : Android, iPhone

4. Contacts Optimizer

best contact app for android
It is an ultimate contact manager app for mobile because of both its free price tag and its great performance. Contact optimizer comes all basic features to manage your all contact in one place and add a new contact with all of their info to make it easily find later. One of the other cool features of this Contacts app is the ability to find and remove duplicates contacts. A user also move your contacts between two accounts.

Download : iOS, playstore

Best Dialer & Contact Manager Apps

5. Truedialer – Phone & Contacts

best contact app for androidTruedialer is a most popular android contact app and Best alternative solution of your boring stock contact app. the Truedialer is brought by Truecaller and More than 110 million people world wide use this app. The app gives you instant access to relevant information about people and also provide a powerful search which helps you to find more about unknown numbers and Spam call. This fast and easy to use app comes with Truecaller integration.

Download : Truedialer

6. Contacts+

unique contact application for androidThe Contacts+(plus) is an amazing all-in-one contact and dialer app for android. This phone book comes full contact management system with all basic task as well as the advance tools such as create new contact, add address, edit or modify old contacts and connect with relative peoples. It also powered with caller ID, spam call protection and contacts backup.
With this You can choose Grid or List contacts view as you love and customize with over 80 themes. The contact management software gives you a comprehensive 360-degree view of your contacts.

Download : Contacts+

The stock contact app comes with many limitations and make a hidden wall between you and your relatives. In other side, a full featured contact manger app enables you to maintain your relationship with peoples, and not limited you to call and message but also enable you to add pinpoint address, fetch facebook profile picture, bock spam call, communication history…. and more. A best Android & iPhone contact manager app comes with enhance graphics and colors.

Essential features for Contact app

  • ability to delete duplicate contacts
  • create, edit, change contacts
  • provide contact backup via online or offline
  • Email integration
  • add address with map location
  • best contact search results

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7+ Best Photo Editor Apps for Tizen Phone (Samsung Z4, Z3, Z2)

Photos Editing is like applying finishing touch to a painting, we know that Pictures often don’t look as good as they could unless you apply that last finishing touch. If you are looking for a best photo editing app for tizen phone such as Samsung Z4, Z3, Z2, then here is the right place for you. We accumulate a list of best photo editor apps for all tizen phones.

The Tizen Store now have more choices to download your favorite editing apps on the device. These apps will improve your visibility on social media websites. we are also included best camera apps, which allows you to enhance photographs in real-time. you can edit contrast, colour and sharpness of image in the smartphone app.

Best Photo Editor App For Samsung Z4, Z3 and Z2

best image editing apps for tizen

Note– All tizen editor apps are now available for Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4 smartphones and you can download from tizen Store.

1. CameraAce

CameraAce is a another powerful photography application for Samsung Tizen Phones, this app allows users to transform ordinary photos into eye-catching picture and share these images and slideshows with your friends. with 36 photo filters including vignette effects and different HDR effect, CameraAce makes photo editing easy and enjoyable.

2. InstantPro Photo Editor

InstantPro is a complete photo editor for Samsung Z4 and Samsung Z3. it featured a bunch of pretty tools which will transform your photos into amazing one. The App is easy to use and come with photo editing tools to apply filters, adjust colors, and more.

3. Selfie Cool

The app is a camera app for Samsung Z2, Z3, Z4. like its name suggests it is a selfie focus app which helps you to take cool pictures. this selfie app has a collection of beautifully frames including love text, birthday, heart, hat, glasses. you can also take selfies with its beautification mode.

4. PIP Camera – Photo Editor

PIP Camera app is the best photo editing apps on tizen store, Talking about the features, this apps have many unique features such as 20+ frames, automatic blur and more. More than 40 collage frames your can create awesome collage with grid layouts and frames. If you are crazy about photo editing then this app must be in your Samsung Z4 or Z3 phones.

5. Photo Filter

the photo filter is an another application for re-style image with its cool filters. The Photo filter app is mainly offers stunning filter which helps you to gloss your image.

6. Image Editor

The Image editor is a powerful application for photo editing, it have the ability to create high dramatic photographs from normal pictures. This app has bunch of advanced tools like – RGB color channels in your images to easily colorize your photos, or Quick White Balance correction for improved color accuracy.

7. Candy Camera

The Candy Camera is an amazing Photo editor application with lots of filters and beautifying selfies. it is a selfie center tool that lets you take beautiful selfies and also add effect in real-time processing. Almost all apps have essential features to change stock camera images into memorable albums. The app offers 100+ filter which allows you to make a good appearance on social media. its also comes with excellent stickers that will add additional touch-up in your pictures.

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