12 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android 2022 [Updated]

If you searching an antivirus and Anti-Spyware app for your Android phone then here is the right place. An antivirus software provides extra security and privacy features as well as improve android smartphone security. It always protects against worms, trojans, viruses and other malware that can slow or even damage your smartphone. we decided to accommodate a list of best android antivirus apps 2022 [updated].

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Best Free Android Antivirus Apps

1. Safe Security – best malware protection

tob 10 antivirus apps android

The Safe security is most popular antivirus apps with over 100 million downloads and 200 million trusted users, with 4.6 overall rating this is highly rated antivirus Android apps on Android market.

This Android antivirus apps comes with thousands of premium features such as Junk File Cleaner, phone and SDcard scanner, Scan installed apps and provide Real time protection. This antivirus app keeping your device safe from virus, malware, and vulnerabilities. Another cool features is Memory Boost that’s all you One Tap Clean feature and boost mobile health.

Download : Safe security (free)

2. Security Master

best android antivirus app

Security Master is a free antivirus app that provides the best virus protection for smartphones. This antivirus application has been developed by Cheetah Mobile and earlier it is known as CM Security. This antivirus app wins many awards and ranked 1 by the AV-TEST many times. this app comes with tons of features to keep your phone safe. It has a cloud-based antivirus engines which Scan installed apps as well as the pre-installed apps. Security Master app also comes a cool AppLock feature with fingerprint sensor support. this app takes selfies of people trying to nose around in your business and privacy.

Download : Security Master (free)

3. AVAST Mobile Security

best free antivirus app for android

Avast is a big Brand of antivirus market and everyone recognize avast because this is very trusted antivirus on windows PC.  The Avast is another best antivirus on Android with 200 million installs and 4.4 overall rating. The antivirus app comes with many premium features like – in case of theft – Remote lock and memory wipe features. This lets you get rid of junk files like thumbnails and unwanted cache.
It has largest Antivirus Engine that secures against privacy phishing, spyware, and also scan SD card content. If you go pro, you’ll get more features including remote data recovery, geofencing, and app locking.

Download : Avast (free)

4. Quick Heal security

top security apps for android mobile

Quick heal is best virus killer app for Android, this app enable you to scan all types of harmful virus from your smartphone, The antivirus engine scans the entire device to delete silent spy, autorun virus and other malicious programs. it also allows you an automatic Schedule Scan options that are full customized and flexible. When you lost your phone then Anti-Theft prevents your device from being misused by allowing remote lock and data wipe. Overall it is a stress-free antivirus app on Android’s appstore.

Download : quickheal total security

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5. Bitdefender

top free antivirus app for android

The Bitdefender is an emerging security company and provide award-winning product. Bitdefender Antivirus is a lightest Android app that offers basic as well as advanced safety features. It can scan device with cloud scanning technology and catches more than 99% of viruses. This antivirus app also comes zero configuration which runs as light as this one does. This antivirus app runs Without slowing down your Android or draining your battery.

Download : Bitdefender (Paid/free)


6. Dr.Web Security

best antivirus apps for phones
This antivirus application is working as a doctor for infected smartphones, even though malicious programs, Ranosware Trojan. The Security App has made this place for the first time in this “best antivirus app list” because its performance is fantastic. This app filter URL and Blocking of websites that distribute viruses. Overall Dr.Web Antivirus is a great software that needs security.

Download : Dr.Web antivirus (free)


7. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

best security apps for Android phone
Malwarebytes built its reputation as one of the most lightweight PC protection application. And also built a reputation on Android OS with 4.2 overall rating on play store. This antivirus has enough features for protecting your smartphone or tablet. The main focus of this app provides best antivirus protection, malware scanning, and real-time protection. Overall Malwarebytes comes with effective antivirus tools in lowest Size & easy to use interface.

Download : Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

8. ESET Mobile Antivirus

The Eset is an up-and-coming antivirus app, that is hoping to be the major applications used for devices. The program is also available on computers and iOS. Now, this program is free to use, but there are extra features that can be buy with the Paid version, it is fairly cheap and has quite a few interesting features. meanwhile its premium version, will ensure that your device have more features and that your will be better protected. You can see all the pro features in the list below.

  • All freemium features
  • App Lock (PIN and Fingerprint)
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Proactive Anti-Theft
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Automatic update of virus database

Download : ESET

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9. AVG Antivirus

10 free virus protection for Android
AVG AntiVirus app is most powerful antivirus app available on google play with Over 100 million people already installed AVG’s mobile security apps. The features include the usual device scanning, app scanning, remove malicious content and real-time protection. Also, if you lose your device then you can block or wipe your information and locate your device on maps via Google Maps. Pay for the Premium Version, and you get a lot more features, such as App Backup, app locking and more.
When anyone fails 3 times to unlock your device, it will take a secret picture of them & then mail that picture to you.

Download : AVG protection (paid/free)


10. Kaspersky Internet Security

best virus protection for Android
Kaspersky is an international security group and Kaspersky lab ranks fourth in the global ranking of antivirus. On Android Kaspersky free version offers all the standard Anti-Theft Protection, and Antivirus Scanner, while the paid version ($9.99 per year) gets Anti-Phishing, real-time protection, and Privacy Protection when you surf on the internet. This antivirus app is quite heavy so old smartphone face some problem by using the full version of this app.

Download : Kaspersky Internet Security (paid/free)


11. Norton Mobile Antivirus

top 10 free antivirus apps android

The Norton is an award winning security app on android mobile, It gives you all types of security from offline to online, due to which you do not have to worry. Here, in addition to providing you safe search while surfing the net, it protects you by keeping away from malicious and phishing sites. Although Norton app advisor have ability to automatically checks apps for privacy risks, high battery and suspicious data usage.

Download : Norton (paid/free)


12. Avira Antivirus Security

free android antivirus apps

Avira is a one of oldest security brand on windows platform but on Android platform, Avira mobile Security is a relatively newer. its free version comes with the all basic security tool such as real-time protection, Scan external storage and installed apps where the paid version offers advance safety features. This app also embedding same extraordinary features like ANTI-THEFT tools, safe Browsing, Blacklist, and Stagefright Advisor to help you work around that particular vulnerability.

Download : Avira Antivirus (paid/free)

Best Password Manager Apps for Android [2020]

In a digital and online world every one have thousands of online accounts and password like social-media, Email, online banking, e-wallet and e-commerce password and lots more, it is impossible to remember or learn all passwords, which is directly linked to your personal life and bank money. Now question is how to manage all important password on your smartphone or tablet?. do not worry we are accumulate a list of best password manager apps for android Phone, so stay with us.

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Best Password Manager Apps for Android Devices

1. LastPass Password Manager

best strong password manager app for mobile

As its name suggests, it is a password manager and generator tool. The lastpass stores all your passwords in a online vault, so you never forget them and you only need to remember the password to open the vault. You can also use the fingerprint password activation feature for unique biological security, LastPass autofills web browser and app logins for you, the password generator features makes it easy to create hack-proof passwords.
Your vault is encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption, which is more powerful. Vault keeps health insurance, legal paper, credit card details and other important office document more safe.

Download : lastpass

2. Dashlane

	 Dashlane - Password Manager android

Dashlane is a best password manager app for android and iPhone, app’s Mobile Wallet offers the best in password security and makes it simple to keep secure in apps and websites. It Manage all of your safe passwords, security codes and Autofill passwords for all your apps and websites. This password management application help in Backup your passport, identification, credit card wallet and secure password vault to the cloud, where powerful Encrypt to secure your data with backup to the cloud or local storage. It next best feature is password generator which generates new unique and secure passwords instantly.

Download : dashlane

3. Keepass

Keepass is a most powerful password manager app. This app based on essay to you user interface, KeePass differs from all of the other password managers because it is an open source password manager application so it doesn’t store your credit card or bank information like the others do. open source software means that anyone can examine the code and be sure that it’s not falling into the hacker hands. Over all Keepass is good password management app if we ignore few Security issues.

Download : KeePass2Android


what is the best password manager app for android

Keeper is an one of the best Password Manager & Secure Digital Vault for businesses and individuals on Android OS, it Protect and manage your passwords, documents, private photos and other secret codes. You can share account and login credentials with family and employees without any leakage. Also Login with your Android Wear device(Android watch) or Sync instantly between devices, computers and browsers. Keeperfill feature help in Auto-fill Passwords in apps and websites. This android app Store password with ultra-powerful AES-256 and PBKDF2 encryption.

Download : Keeper

Best alternative solution of password manager

  1. you can save all of your Password in your favorite browser (Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome) and then sync your passwords between PC and android smartphone.
  2. Next trick is very simple and most popular, you can choose a strong password and using the same password for everywhere.

Password manager at a glance? Or what is a password manager?

As password manager name suggests, They’re applications that securely stores all your passwords in a Encrypted online vault, that you only need to remember one password; that of the password manager. When you forget the password and then it takes a lot of time to recover, then it is a good idea to avoid this unusual problems.

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10 Helpful Tips to Prevent Smartphone Cybercrime in 2020

With the era of technology upon us, smartphones are one of the must-have item’s on the list of most people. From using them to stay productive at work to connecting socially with friends and family, smartphones are versatile and important tools for anyone.
Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been an increase in the rate of cybercrime and smartphones have become an easy target. This is because many people minimize the importance of protecting the data stored on their phones or worse still, don’t even recognize that there is an importance in protecting their phones. Note that no one is immune to hacking attacks, however, people can protect themselves from such attacks with some effort.

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How To Prevent Smartphone Cybercrime with Simple Protection Tips

Cybercriminals have adopted a number of means to hack phones and they include: sending email and text attachments to introduce malware to your phone, embedding viruses in sites you visit and so on, you have to take steps to prevent cybercrime. Some steps you can take are:

  1. Stay up to date:-

    The first and very important step is to install software updates immediately they are made available to make sure your phone is always protected. both Android and iOS periodically provide security updates of the operating system which are available for free.

  2. Lock your screen:-

    It is important you use a PIN, password or fingerprint security to lock the screen of your phone as this helps to defend your device from being hacked.

  3. Do regular backups

    It is not strange to store personal data on your smartphone but you should backup any personal information to a location that is secure and you can access. we are recommended you to create a backup on your personal computer and you can also make an online backup on Google Drive and OneDrive.

  4. Be careful what you install

    Before you install an app to your phone, make sure the source you are getting the app from is a trusted one. Also, don’t download anything from a site you are unfamiliar with. never download an app through a link or by a link provided by social media, this is one of the main reasons for cybercrime.

  5. Review the apps on your phone

    Once in a while, go through the apps on your phone and see what permissions they are using. This helps you to identify if there is any strange thing going on. If you feel that a particular mobile aap does not need this permission, then close that permission. For example, a calculator app does not require your location permission.

  6. Be able to track your phone

    In the event that your phone gets stolen, you’d want to ensure that your data is safe. You can turn on the ‘find my device’ option on your phone to make it easy to locate your phone on a map.

  7. Lock individual apps

    You can lock each app separately to ensure that if by chance your phone is snatched while it is unlocked, a hacker would not be able to open your apps without a password.

  8. Be wary of open wifi

    An open wireless network always poses a risk as anyone around can easily find out what you are doing online. To protect yourself, don’t connect to networks you don’t trust.

  9. Install trusted security software

    This will help in detecting and preventing harmful files from accessing information on your smartphone. You should install mobile antivirus in your phone, because it will protect you from spam app and also protect you from cheating internet content.

  10. Be careful with the links you open

    Don’t open emails or attachments from unknown sources. Be certain that you trust the source a link is coming from before opening it.