How to Increase Android Smartphone Security

Safety is an essential part of life and you can not imagine your home without locker, When security equipment works properly we will feel secure, so we do not ignore your smartphone security because it is directly related to your privacy, data files, social media accounts and more. Don’t worry, here are the best tips for improve android smartphone security and remove smartphone safety issues.

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Best Android Smartphone Safety Tips

Here are the best four safety tips which helps you to protect your Android powered smartphone and tablets.

1) Never Root your Phone

Do not root smartphone because it breaks your smartphone’s firewall and decreases your operating system’s security level. You give all kinds of permissions to your apps which are another disadvantage of root mobile.


2) Check Apps Permissions

This in this fast world no one see app permission before installing application, Today too much apps are available on Google playstore that acquire unacceptable permissions then First of all check apps permissions, and then disable unwanted permissions.


3) Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager is useful security tool on the Google phones which works with the help of Google Maps and GPS, If your Android phone is lost then you can track your phone with the help of this feature. Also, allow you to remotely wipe out smartphone data.


4) Smart storage management

If you have very sensitive files or information that you do not want to share with others, then we recommend you store files in internal storage, Because it is very easy to steal data from SD card. If for some reason your phone is stolen and you have turned on the pattern lock on the smartphone then the thief can not steal the data even by factory reset
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how to secure my phone from hackers: advance safety tips

If you wants extra safety because of hacker attacks then you need an antivirus or security app which protect your phone from spying and other dangerous activities. Also update smartphone antivirus because company will added same security features and remove risky security holes. Most read below post for best security apps and more cautious tips.

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