Is it necessary to update every app on Android [Playstore]

Everyone officially recommends that the apps installed in your Android phone should be updated so that the new features that can be gained with the update to the app as well as it are suggested from the security point of view.

It will not always be correct that we should always update every app installed in our android phone on google’ Playstore. This is not a clear example of yes or no which can be explained in few words it is not possible because it depends on each app.

Updating the apps on Playstore is not a difficult task where you get many options in which you can update any app separately as well as implement automatic update inside Settings>General>Auto-update app in playstore. After that each app will automatically update on the network you have selected.

How to stop update apps in android

The image guide above also shows how to automatic updates can be implemented and also stop automatic-updates as well as select your network preference, If you look at the official description, then new features can be adopted here, where old bugs have been removed, the app has been made more user friendly in which nothing seems to be wrong and to provide a good experience. But it is also necessary to pay attention to another point of view. Although, it is not always necessary to update every single apps and here are some reasons where certain categories of applications may not be updated. If you go, it can be beneficial, which you can run on the same version without any issue even during the life span of the phone.

Everyone looks for new features and there are some categories in smartphone apps, and there is a need for new features like Browser, Maps, security etc. We are broadly referring to the Internet based applications such as the previously mentioned browser applications which are available with new features in a short time, here it is necessary to update your browser for security also.  In such a situation, you can update the app that runs on internet with certain time frame.

New specifications are also given from time to time on the social media apps installed in the Android phone, which do not seem to be needed in such a short time. For which you can update social media apps like whatsapp, twitter, facebook, instagram, YouTube, pinterest at a large time interval.

There is a category of very essential apps in the phone which is used every day which is also called tool application, it can include music player, calculator etc. If you are missing something somewhere it is facing some bug then that particular app must be updated by visiting android’s playstore. And there is hardly any need to update these apps throughout the life time of the Android device.

Finally before coming to the main decision, decide for yourself why you need to keep updating every app, while we see so many apps frequently “updating” without actually changing in the functionality and However, some force it to update and the app will not stop running until the new version is implemented.

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Do You Really Need an Antivirus for Android Phone

According to the positive aspect, an antivirus help you to protect data from malicious programs and safe from theft, trojan, malware and virus. That’s why we makes every effort to keep their Windows PC and laptop safe, they use antivirus in it, some install pro version and some free version for more convenience. Now the question is bound to arise that we should use antivirus app on our android phone also and how safe is our android operating system.

Everyone is concerned about the security of the data stored in their phone and you are here to secure it and the answer to this question is not available in few words whether antivirus is necessary in an android phone or not. So you can decide by reading the article given below.

Firstly, Giving priority to security, we will describe the reason why antivirus should be installed in the phone.

  1. A good antivirus adds a layer of extra security to your phone so that any type of virus attack can be avoided, where you get many types of alerts available, the smart scanner option of antivirus can scan storage files as well as installed app in the system. and notices are available for harmful applications where changes are suggested by scanning the permissions given in the app.
  2. An antivirus is also helpful in hiding your online identity. Some well-known antiviruses also provide Weapon feature with their antivirus so that some information on your phone can be hidden and your real presence will not be available online.
  3. In the age of digital world where everything is based on internet then every information of yours can be misused. in addition, antivirus is able to provide help in many ways. if you don’t have much understanding of internet and technology then a security app is helpful in keeping away from online fraud and cybercrime to some extent.

here are the best reasons which helps you to decide that do not antivirus on my android phone.

  1. If you install an antivirus app on your Android devices then you feel response time of your mobile is increase, The app uses more resources which has a direct impact on the performance of the phone. Antivirus enjoys grand permission in the phone so that it runs independently on the phone at all times for the purpose of security,  and reducing the performance on a budget device can be seen clearly.
  2. If you keep the antivirus app in the phone then it continues to work even if your phone is turned off, it keeps running in the background, which consumes more battery. An antivirus app uses more CPU than any other normal app.
  3. In terms of security, a good antivirus will cost you money out of pocket as well as unnecessary notifications and security tips are provided from time to time which is a waste of time and money in general practice.

How much secure is android phone

Android operating system is developed by the Google and company add various security features in the latest OS to provide maximum protection. However, Android is by its very nature more secure than a windows desktop and laptop, this is biggest advantage of Android powered phones.

The Play Protect is built-in malware protection for Android. It was first introduced with Android 8.0 Oreo, and now comes with every Android powered devices that has latest Google Play Services. so you don’t need an antivirus, but I am not say it is truth In every condition. In this context, some such possibilities are given in the list below where you should use antivirus.

  • You install APKs from untrustworthy sources.
  • use a very old Android device that doesn’t have Google protection.
  • You visit websites of disgrace.
  • Doesn’t understand the difference between a trustworthy link and a dangerous link.

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How to increase security of Android devices

If you run your smartphone with same alertness or smartness then it not necessary to use a security(antivirus) app on smartphone. Today too much application are available on playstore that acquire unacceptable permissions then First of all check apps permissions, and disable unwanted.

Final verdict: Is antivirus necessary for android?

According to a survey, 5000 out of a few people using android device are victims of harmful virus even though android phone is quite safe. If you use android smartphone with cautions and remember same importance warning then is not necessary an antivirus for android.

What is the effect on Android Phone after Software Update?

Android operating system is the mobile OS used in most smartphones in the world, which is very popular in budget smartphones, due to which Android smartphones are cheap. when you buy a flagship device, the company usually promises to provide two major software updates which are very quick, whereas when buying a budget phone, it depends on the company after how much time the device will get updates.

Although all companies keep on giving small security updates from time to time, but in this article we will focus on the effects of major software updates on the phone, let’s say whenever you upgrade to the new version, here you will get some benefits or advantage at the same time have to bear some disadvantages which you can read about below.

1. Camera Quality

Whenever a new update is received on your device, here you expect that the quality of the camera will increase whereas nothing like this happens, unlike after the update, there is a decrease in the quality of the camera, although it depends on What brand are you using and what kind of service does the company want to provide to its users. For this, you can compare the recently clicked pictures from your smartphone with the picture even when you bought your smartphone in the past.

2. New Features and Improvements

With the upgrade to the new software version, you can enjoy the new features as well as the company eliminates the old problems thereby providing an improved and stable experience. We all know that Google brings a new Android update every year. In which some special features are included, you can read those features by going to the official website before the update, when you upgrade to the next version, it also increases the compatibility of your phone, Sometimes you need the latest Android OS to run certain apps, so this is also a reason to upgrade the operating system. it also help in wipe out the problem of frequent shutdown apps.

3. Fixed Bugs and Better Security

The company provides a stable update by removing all the bugs according to the feedback, which improves the functionality of the phone, as well as here you are given a new security shield so that You can avoid new viruses and apps that harm the phone, here those flaws are also removed that can shatter the security.

4. New User Interface

With the new update, you also get to see a change in the user interface, which makes your experience better, improves interaction with apps, more customizations. where you can easily access notifications and all other features. Simultaneously you get official stock wallpapers which give a new look to your device.

5. Battery issue

How long the battery of your gadget lasts is a very important point if it is to be drained before expected then you have to look at the charging port You never want your smartphone battery to run out quickly but it has been observed After the update, the mobile starts having battery issues.

6. Slowing down your phone

In some certain cases, Android smartphones slow down after the update, due to which the device does not work properly and there is also a issue in RAM management, this problem is usually seen with budget phones because here the chipset is not so much powerful and the size of the RAM is also less, while the flagship smartphone does not face any such difficulty even after two major software updates.

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Based on the advantages and disadvantages given above, you can decide whether to apply the update received by the company on the mobile or not, if you want the new features then you can improve the adaptability of the gadget through update and also enjoy other benefits. If you’re having issues after updating or wish I was more satisfied with the older version, you can jump back to your original Android version via a factory reset option. However, before doing anything, you must know whether the software update given on your phone is a stable version of Android or not.

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